Serpo movie small

Directed by

Steven Spielberg

Produced by

Steven Spielberg
Tom Hanks
Robert Rodat

Screenplay by

Steven Spielberg

Story by

Steven Spielberg


Michael Fassbender
Bradley Cooper
Jessica Christiansen
Tom Holland
Nicholas Hoult
Alicia Vikander
Scoot McNairy
Michale Rooker
Michael Jai White
Andy Serkis
Steve Buscemi
Brendan Gleeson
Alan Rickman
Christopher Cousins
Bryan Cranston

Music by

Hans Zimer


Hoyte van Hoytema

Edited by

Michael Kahn

Production Company

Touchstone Pictures
DreamWorks Pictures
Participant Media
Reliance Entertainment
Amblin Entertainment

Distributed by

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (North America)
20th Century Fox (International)

Release date(s)

June 17, 2016


United States




$220 Million


Serpo is a 2016 epic science fiction film directed by written and directed by Steven Spielberg and featuring Michael Fassbender, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Christiansen, Tom Holland, Nicholas Hoult, Alicia Vikander,Scoot McNairy, Andy Serkis, Oliva Cooke, Steve Buscemi, Brendan Gleeson, Alan Rickman, and Bryan Cranston. Based on the famous alien conspricy, Set in the 1960's after the governement finds an alien who is willing to make contact with Earth the United States send 12 Astronauts to spend 10 years on the planet and decied if the planet is safe. Spielberg had been intrested in the theroy for a long time but due to his large worklaod it delayed his work on the film. Spielberg had began working on the screenplay in 2011 but stopped due to filiming Lincoln. 20th Century Fox co-financed the film.

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Michael Fassbender as Willy Gautier – Role: Leader – He is the leader of the mission and cares very much about it. He is a former World War 2 Veteran and is selected due to his mastery during the Battle of Atlantic and Okinawa. He has 3 Sons and a wife. He is a peaceful man and is good hearted and goes by a moral compass.

Bradley Cooper as Joseph Duane – Role: Scientist – He is the head scientist and second in demand of the Serpo project. He is a world renowned scientist credited with the invention of the Atomic Bomb alongside Albert Einstein and others. He is very rich due to his family’s Dynasty and has sex with a lot of women due to his wealth.

Jessica Christiansen as Rachel Neal – Role: Doctor – One of the most respected Doctors in her field and is the head doctor. Wife to one of the head scientist on the project. She is very curious about Space and strongly believes that mankind is greater than it thinks it is.

Tom Holland as Sam High – Role: Linguist – The youngest member of the Serpo group at only 16 years old. He is the most gifted Linguist in the US having the ability to speak in all most 30 different languages. He is son to a criminal, Jack, and has been bullied and has been in multiple fights in his community growing up an orphan.

Wes Bentley as Matthew Young – Role: Scientists – He is one of the smartest members and cares deeply for the mission. Putting a lot of his life into him and his secretly gay partner, Richard, are the first to hear about Serpo. He cares deeply for his fellow men and wants mankind to take this next step.

Alicia Vikander as Sarah Hall – Role: Linguist – A very gifted Linguist and longtime girlfriend Joe. She and Joe’s relationship are admired by everyone on their college campus but their relationship is struggling as she is losing love for him.

Nicholas Hoult as Joe Hale – Role: Pilots – One of the most gifted Pilots and longtime Boyfriend to Sarah. His and Sarah’s relationship are admired by everyone on their college campus but their relationship is struggling as she is losing love for him and he is struggling to keep up the image and the relationship as he wants a life with her.

Scoot McNairy as Jim Harrison – Role: Pilots – He is the most experienced pilot on the team and has a little bit of talent from every role. He is very opposed to the idea of alien life and is not very trusting of the society. He and his wife have just had a baby, hoping to fix their marriage but it has failed and he is very hiding of his feelings to other members.

Michael Rooker as Dallon Weisel – Role: Security – The most experienced fighting wise and is very skilled. He is a former a Marine and is very rude. He holds a prejudice towards Sam due to his race usually wanting to fight him.

Andrew Rothenberg as David Tye – Role: Scientists – One of the workers for NASA and one of the first to see the alien. He is on the edge with aliens as he thinks that they are evil by nature.

Christopher Cousins as Wilson Rowe– Role: Doctor – One of the workers for NASA. He does research and saves the alien from dying early.

Michael J White as Ed Roads – Role: Security – One of the strongest and most psychically gifted fighters in the Marine’s. He is discriminated against but shows no emotion since he does not want to white people to get satisfaction. He is close to Sam due to both of them being the odd ones out.   


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