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Serena 8181 (Series I-950)
Vital statistics
Homeworld: Earth
Species: Cyborg (Cybernetic Organism)
Gender: Female
Birthdate: December 10, 2088
Height: 5ft., 9in.
Hair Color: Blonde
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information
Era(s): Future War (c.2080's)
Affiliations: Human Resistance (Tech-Comm)
Enemies: Skynet Machine Empire

The Serena 8181 Anti-Terminator Series I-950 is a heavy combat Anti-Terminator sent from the future by General John Connor. (See Terminator 2: John Connor Chronicles)

System Basics

  • CREATION DATE: December 10, 2088
  • PLACE OF CREATION: Cyberdyne corporate central laboratories, Los Angeles, California.
  • CURRENT AGE (from time unit was activated and primary mission began): 3 years old.

Serena Basic Systems Specifications

  • SYSTEMS CLASS DESIGNATION: Serena 8181 Series Command Class TOK I-915-EDO-10000
  • HEIGHT: 6 ft. 4 in.
  • WEIGHT: 140 lbs.
  • MAXIMUM LIFT ABILITY: Equal tonnage to 1 1/2 semitrucks

Primary Weapons Systems

(On-Board Weapons) (Primary)

(On-Board Weapons) (Special)

  • ADMOR Bio-Blaster
  • Bio-Rail 32SR-9 (Modified)
  • Heavy EM emitters (Serena 8181 series has the advanced ability to use her own personal Electromagnetic defense shield as an extra weapon using controllable & directable currents of electromagnetic energy to either destroy or push away or drill through any enemy obstacle that is presented in front of her. (Also can be used as an anti-radiation shield and energy based grappling lines to swing from 1 high object to another.))
  • Multiple long range attack swords and blades. Including a 6 ft. long battle sword known as an a naginata (all of the blades are located within her internal bodily structure). The Serena series also can transform her hands into several forms of blades that can be thrown from her main arm structure.
  • Several kinds of semi-automatic basic projectile firing weapons (for smaller and easier to handle threats)
(also has an internal alloy generator that allows her to perpetually create a near unlimited personal supply of primitive ammunition.).
  • Nano-tech based mind control system used in order to create nano enhanced female human drones to create extra reinforcements or a bio-mechanical computer network in order to maximize her computing and attack efficiency
  • Similar Nano-tech techno-organic remote control system. Which when successfully utilized can be used to remotely control any machine including other Anti-Terminators if any stray units would go rogue.

Defense Systems (Primary)

  • The 8181 Series' main defense system is an full Tech-Comm Stelatarium Techno-Organic artificial Flesh structure Shell. This special and extremely durable synthetic skin can withstand up to an medium yield point blank atomic blast and suffer between little to no damage.
  • Heavy EM and particle energy shield
The Serena series combines the features of most previous Anti-Terminator models and also improves upon many of the features of all of the previous Anti-Terminator types and models.

Primary Mission Parameters

To not exactly protect John Connor but to be used as his ultimate soldier to be used to destroy any extreme or heavily armed threats to either John or to the human race as an whole.
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