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Sephiroth is a playable character in the fighting video game, M.U.G.E.N Trilogy. He was confirmed on March 20, 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Toshiyuki Morikawa (who also serves as the voice actor for Charlie Nash, Hayato, Dante, Leon Kennedy, Tekkaman Blade and Naraku, Japanese) and Tyler Hoechlin (English) serve as the voice actors for Sephiroth in this fighting game. Toshiyuki Morikawa provides the voice clips for Sephiroth, which are recycled from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Sephiroth was created as part of a series of experiments led by Shinra known as the Jenova Project. The project made use of the cells of the extraterrestrial being known as Jenova, mistaking her for a member of the humanoid race known as the Cetra. Jenova's cell samples were injected into the fetuses of participating women working alongside the scientists, Gillian Hewley and Lucrecia Crescent. The project birthed three powerful swordsmen, with Gillian's contribution being that of Angeal Hewley and Genesis Rhapsodos, while Lucrecia was forced to participate thanks to Professor Hojo, giving birth to Sephiroth.

Sephiroth became an exceptional member of Shinra's military branch SOLDIER, taking part in a war with the nation of Wutai and being hailed as a hero. Sephiroth also took up missions alongside Angeal's pupil, Zack Fair, most notably in a campaign to hunt down a now renegade Genesis and his "father" Professor Hollander. During the campaign, Angeal was killed by Zack out of mercy for his friend and mentor.

A year later, Sephiroth and Zack were sent to check up on one of the Mako Reactors in Nibelheim, with a young Cloud working alongside them. However, the mission to Nibelheim led Sephiroth to learn the horrifying truth of his origin, and this discovery forever changed him from the foremost hero of SOLDIER to a living nightmare upon the people of the Planet. Zack attempted to get answers as to what Sephiroth was doing, to which the man in the black coat responded: "I'm going to see my mother..." In his wake to the reactor, Sephiroth set the entire town on fire, with Zack catching him standing in the flames with his back turned. Upon entry into the reactor's innermost chambers, Sephiroth finally made contact with Jenova. However, he was stabbed in the back by Cloud with Zack's Buster Sword, impaling him from behind through the abdomen. The severely wounded Sephiroth decapitated Jenova and stumbled across the room, and is again attacked by Cloud. Sephiroth stabbed him with his Masamune, but Cloud used it as a lever to hurl Sephiroth into a pool of mako below the reactor. Sephiroth vanished with Jenova's head still in his grasp, apparently falling to his death. This Nibelheim Incident would later be covered up by Shinra, rebuilding the town and planting actors to behave as if nothing had happened.

Five years later, Sephiroth's consciousness resurfaced after he had merged with the Planet's Lifestream, allowing him to control beings made of Jenova cells, including one sent in his form to murder the President of Shinra while Cloud and his party attempted to rescue their friend Aerith. During their adventure, Cloud's group learns of Sephiroth having sealed himself in a crystalline cocoon in the Northern Cave, initiating a reunion of all of Jenova's cells. The last component he needed was that of the Black Materia, which had been transformed into the Temple of the Ancients to keep it safe. While Cloud and his group went after Aerith who went to the Forgotten City to activate the White Materia, Sephiroth appeared and descended upon her while she prayed, killing her by impalement. But her prayers were enough to activate the White Materia, a catalyst to the ultimate White Magic Holy, a counter to the Black Materia's Meteor. The Black Materia ends up in Sephiroth's hands when he broke Cloud's mind by saying that he was a "Sephiroth clone" and that the SOLDIER present at the Nibelheim Incident had been Zack Fair.

Thanks to Tifa, Cloud was able to overcome his shattered mind and proceed to fight Sephiroth in a final battle. After two transformations, Sephiroth's consciousness attacked Cloud's mind where he was finally defeated though not for good as he will always come back as long as Jenova Cells still exist and he maintains his sense of self the lifestream can never claim him.

One year later in Advent Children, Sephiroth's remnants appeared upon the Planet's surface as three aspects of his personality; Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz. Coinciding with their arrival was an outbreak in Geostigma, a disease that began when Cloud defeated Sephiroth back in the Northern Cave. The white-haired men began their mission to resume the "reunion" by kidnapping several children infected with the disease, to use the Jenova cells within them to revive her. Cloud confronts the trio but is outmatched; he is rescued by Vincent, who reveals that Geostigma is a plague caused by Jenova cells.

How to Unlock

Scan Sephiroth's AR Icon from the M.U.G.E.N Trilogy website.

Assist Attacks

Set Name Cross-Over
α Gigaflare Hyper Gigaflare
β Shadow Flare
γ Blade Dash Blade Dash Rush