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The Seireitei (せいれいてい, Seireitei) is the location for the HQ for the 13 Court Guard Squads, and is in the center of the Soul Society.


Seireitei is a circular shiro with four main entrances, ten days walk apart. These gates are collectively called the Four Great Heaven Gates (四大天門, Yondaiten-mon): these gates are made up of the Northern Heaven Gate (北天国の門, Kita tengoku no mon), the Eastern Heaven Gate (東天国の門, Azuma tengoku no mon), the Southern Red Hollow Gate (南天国の門, Minami tengoku no mon), and the Western Heaven Gate (西天国の門, Nishi tengoku no mon). Each of these gates are guarded by the Heaven Guards (天国ガード, Tengoku gādo). It is said these gates are so heavy, it took all the strength of Tengoku to lift the Southern Heaven Gate during the Konton-led assault on the Seireitei, and siege machines were needed to open the gates. But there are doors within the gates for Reapers to use to exit and enter the Seireitei.

The walls of the Seireitei are made of Tenkamiishi (天の神の石, "Stone of the God of Heaven"), a immensely rare and sacred stone that is known to neglect all forms of energy (spiritual, magical etc). The stone can also form a spherical barrier around the city, and can extend above and below. This barrier can stop almost all form of energy and matter, from sky to underground

Seireitei Locations

  • Tengoku tsumi (天国罪, "Heaven Crime")
  • Tengoku oshioki (天国のお仕置き, "Punishment of Heaven")

  • Central 46 Compound
  • Tamashī kumitate (魂の組立, Assembly of the soul)
  • Tengoku jūtaku chiku (天国住宅街, "Heaven residential district")
  • Tengoku raiburari (天国図書館, "Heaven Library")

  • Soul Academy (ソウルアカデミー, Souruakademī)
  • Swordsmanship Training Hall (剣術の道場, Kenjutsu dōjō
  • Reaper Classroom
  • Kidō Training Field

  • Squad 1 Headquarters & Barracks
  • Captain-Commander's office
  • Captains' Assembly Hall
  • Lieutenants's Assembly Hall
  • Captains' Office

  • 2nd Squad Headquarters & Barracks
  • 2nd Squad Courtyard
  • Takai Crest Room
  • Tamashī rōgoku
  • Captains' Office

  • 3rd Squad Headquarters &b Barracks
  • 3rd Squad Courtyard
  • Captains' Office

  • 4th Squad Headquarters & Barracks
  • Kenkō-eki (健康駅, Health Station)
  • Captains' Office

  • 5th Squad Headquarters & Barracks
  • 5th Squad Courtyard
  • Captains' Office

  • 6th Squad Headquarters & Barracks
  • Captains' Office

  • 7th Squad Headquarters & Barracks
  • 7th Squad Courtyard
  • Captains' Office

  • 8th Squad Headquarters & Barracks
  • 8th Squad Courtyard
  • Captains' Office

  • 9th Squad Headquarters & Barracks
  • 9th Squad Courtyard
  • Captains' Office

  • 10th Squad Headquarters & Barracks
  • 10th Courtyard
  • Captains' Office

  • 11th Squad Headquarters & Barracks
  • 11th Squad Courtyard
  • Captains' Office

  • 12th Squad Headquarters & Barracks
  • 12th Squad Courtyard
  • Reaper Research & Technological Development Department
  • Captains' Office

  • 13th Squad Headquarters & Barracks
  • 13th Squad Courtyard
  • Haihoshiame(ハイ干し雨, "High Dried Rain")

  • Eye Store
  • Yūbinbutsu Company
  • Reaper's Health Land
  • Tora Pharmacy

Heaven Guards

The Four Great Heaven Gates are guarded by the Four Heaven Guards. Thhey are all gigantic seraph-rank angels who have the strength to lift the gates made of Tenkamiishi.

Heaven Guard
Heaven Guard Gate Direction Gate Name
Tengoku West Western Heaven Gate (西天国の門, Nishi tengoku no mon)
Jigoku South Southern Heaven Gate (南天国の門, Minami tengoku no mon)
Rengoku North Northern Heaven Gate (北天国の門, Kita tengoku no mon)
Eden East Eastern Heaven Gate (東天国の門, Azuma tengoku no mon)


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