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See No Evil is a 2015 Horror Thriller Mystery Film and Remake  2006 Starring Derek Mears,Selena Gomez,Kat Graham,Chad Michael Murray,Chelam Simmons,Arlen Escarpeta,Danielle Panabaker,Michael Fassbender,Elijas Woods,Rhada Michele,Jane Lynch,Alex Russel,Joe David Moore And Ashley Greene

Plot Summary


Derek Mears As Jacob Goodnight

Selena Gomez As Kira Vanning

Kat Graham As Christine Zarate

Chad Michael Murray As Michael Motross

Chelam Simmons As Zoe Warner

Arlen Escarpeta As Tyson Simms

Danielle Panabaker As Melissa Beudrox

Michael Fassbender As Official Frank Williams

Elijas Woods As Official Blane

Rhada Michele As Hanna Anders

Jane Lynch As Margeret Gayne

Alex Russel As Richie Bernson

Joe David Moore As Russel Wolf

Ashley Greene As Eyeless Woman


Official Blane-Ax in Head

Richie Bernson-Hook in Chest/Hit By Wall/Eyes gouged out

Hanna Anders-Hit With All Parts Of  Room/Eyes gouged out

Frank Williams-Hook in Throat

Russel Wolf-Stabbed To Death(off screen)

Melissa Beudrox-wrist was broken and short with a glass/attacked by wild dogs

Zoe Warner-Her Phone Shoved Down Her Throat

Tyson Simms-Electrocuted by his taser and crushed with a vault

Margaret Gayne- Goodnight throws her into a large nail impaling her by accident

Jacob Goodninght-The last survivors will surprise and falls out the window/Impaled in eye


Kira,Christine and Michael

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