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See No Evil 2 Is a 2015 Horror Thriller Film and Second part See No Evil 2006 Starring Dianna Agron and Kendall Schmidt


after 5 years jacob awake and need new victims when a group of young people who travel to the beach passing through that place now jacob steals alanna (Dianna Agron) a young woman who has now given religious tattoo nephew alanna together through their friends will have to rescue



  • Dianna Agron As Alanna  Evans/she is a girl who has a tattoo of a cross on his right arm is abducted by jacob
  • Kendall Schmidt As Dan Horn/Alanna's nephew having the idea of ​​entering the hotel is deserted his girlfriend gael
  • Victoria Justice As Gael Lopez/Dan's Girlfriend
  • Kat Graham As Nicky Simons/Alanna Best Friend
  • Moises Arias As Tommy Dalley/Dan Friend
  • Isabelle Furham As Erica Hall/Gael Friend and Tommy Girlfriend
  • Crystal Reed As Allie Hale/Dan Friend
  • Jaden Smith As Alonso Dormer/Dan Best Friend and this love with alanna but only wants to fuck
  • Crystal Lowe As Christina/Alanna Friend
  • Katherina Isabelle As Tina Wake/Alanna Friend
  • Christiana Serratos  As Nora Cyrus/Dan Friend
  • Holland Roden As Gaby Henderson/Gael Best friend
  • Devon Werkheiser As Eric Fansworth/Dan Friend
  • Meaghan Martin As Amy Rynho/Alanna Friend and Eric Girlfriend
  • Selena Gomez As Eden Sinclair (aka Envagelina Gayle)/friend alana and sister stolen jacob
  • Derek Mears As Jacob Goodninght


  • Alonso Dormer-when you try to abuse the alanna gets a hook through the back of the head 
  • Tina Wake-she tries to help alanna when jacob is wearing this throws the knife in between the eyes tina
  • Eric Fansworth-eyes were plucked with an ice pick
  • Nora Cyrus-ax in head
  • Christina-decapitated without eyes
  • Amy Rynho-hit by a ax
  • Erica Hall-Eyeless
  • Allie Hale-Impaled in Chest
  • Gaby and Tommy-double impalement
  • Eden Sinclair-kills with jacob she landed on the grass so broken neck
  • Jacob  Goodnight-when it falls from the height Eden lands on a tractor and then is crushed by Alanna


Alanna,Dan,Gael and Nicky

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