Secrets, Murder and Mystery is a 2014 American mystery thriller, it is directed by Rupert Sanders. This films stars Georgie Henley, Mark Wahlberg, Isabella Acres and Sean Bean


After the curator was murdered (it was seen in opening of the movie) and leaving a dying blood message saying "Find a serects of my murder in your mystery". A teenage girl who witness the curator's murder found out about the curator's sectets, he was murdered by his stalker. The CIA, her father who also a detective and the police must find her beofre she found out more of the curator's sectets and she must found a stalker who kill the curator.



  • Georgie Henley as Rachel Walker
  • Mark Wahlberg as Liam Walker/Rachel's father and detective
  • Isabella Acres as Elizabeth Meester/A 10 year old girl help Rachel to know the secrets of the curator
  • Sean Bean as Kevin Simmon/The curator's stalker
  • James McAvoy as Detective James Stein/John's friend
  • TBA as Kristen Walker/Rachel's mum and Liam's wife
  • TBA as TBA Messter/Elizabeth's dad
  • TBA as TBA Meester/Elizabeth's mum
  • TBA as TBA Walker/Rachel's brother
  • Donnie Wahlberg as TBA Walker/Rachel's uncle and Liam's brother
  • TBA as President TBA
  • TBA as First Lady TBA
  • TBA as James Albertson/The curator who was murder in opening of the movie
  • TBA as TBA
  • TBA as TBA
  • TBA as TBA
  • TBA as TBA
  • TBA as TBA
  • TBA as TBA


Rachel talk to Kristen about the night when a curator was murder, Kristen kick Rachel out of the house and the police chase Rachel

  • (Rachel open the door)
  • Rachel: Where Mum, Dad.
  • Liam: She don,t wanted to talk to you.
  • (Rachel walk to the kitchen)
  • Liam: Rachel.
  • (Rachel open the door)
  • Rachel: Hi Mum.
  • Kristen: That is bullshit.
  • Rachel: What is bullshit.
  • Kristen: This newspaper.
  • Kristen: They said, you kill the curator.
  • Rachel: You don,t know what the curator's name.
  • Kristen: James Albertson, a curator, was murder by a teenager, Rachel Walker.
  • Rachel: This is bullshit.
  • Kristen: No, you are bullshit to kill the curator.
  • Rachel: That so stupid.
  • Rachel: I was shot 3 time by the stalker.
  • Kristen: It said you was shot by a officer who you kill him too.
  • Rachel: What, it was the stalker not me.
  • Kristen: They found the gun who you shot at James.
  • Rachel: What.
  • Kristen: Get out, you goddamn killer.
  • Rachel: It was not me.
  • (Kristen hit in the window with the cup)
  • Rachel: It was not me.
  • Kristen: Liam, James, take her away to the police.
  • Rachel: You are kick me out.
  • James: Come on, Rachel.
  • (Rachel punch James and got James's gun)
  • Rachel: Listen to me.
  • (Liam hold the gun)
  • (Kristen grab Liam's gun)
  • Liam: Kristen.
  • Kristen: No, listen to me, you bitch.
  • James: Kristen, leave that to us.
  • (Rachel kick James)
  • Rachel: Shup up.
  • Kristen: I call the police.
  • Rachel: You did what.
  • Rachel: When.
  • Kristen: Before you come in.
  • Liam: Kristen, don,t do this.

Elizabeth tell Rachel, she was framed of the curator's murder

  • Elizabeth: Hey, Rachel Walker.
  • Rachel: Who an you.
  • Elizabeth: My name is Elizabeth Meester.
  • Rachel: Nice name.
  • Elizabeth: Hurry.
  • (Rachel run)
  • (Elizabeth lock the door)
  • Rachel: My family think I am a killer
  • Elizabeth: You was shot, 3 time.
  • Rachel: You are the girl who find me.
  • Elizabeth: Yes.
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