Season One of Hunters (TV series) aired between June 20-August 29 2006. It focuses on the introduction of the primary cast and the battle against X'arn. It is followed by the second season.


The main plot of season one revolves around Dan, Will, and Tara as they travel across the USA to find and save Dan's girlfriend Jessica, who is possessed by the demon X'arn. Along the way they encounter various monsters and enemies, but in the end they confront X'arn in Anchorage, and Dan is supposedly killed. After being resurrected he manages to defeat X'arn and save Jess, but is it over?

Production credits

Show creators Jason Holt and Renon Schaefer penned majority of the episodes, with the exception of Devil's Mark, which was written by executive writer and director Jeff Cline. Holt wrote the pilot, The Church, Forest, Sealed In Blood and the three part series finale, while Schaefer wrote Bloody Revenge and Blizzard. Holt directed the series finale also, while Schaefer directed Bloody Revenge, which has been viewed as "his" episode.


The song "Closer" by American alternative/southern rock band Kings of Leon off their 2008 album Only By The Night was used in the pilot's credits, and has since become the show's theme song. The Type O Negative song She Burned Me Down off their 2007 album Dead Again appeared in the end credits of the series.


Hunters initially received moderate early reviews from TV critics. It averaged 3/5 stars in the New York Times, with the reviewer commenting:

"Though the similarities to this and Jensen Ackles' role in Supernatural are similar, he offers a much more personal and emotional character here. The supporting cast are young and fresh, but possess enough acting ability to make this believable, scary, and sometimes sexy. The show's soundtrack shows potential, with a good mix of moderns and classics thrown in. This show has potential, all it has to do is not go down the wrong path".

Later reviews were also mixed. TVFORNERDS said: "Though its attractive and energetic cast and clichés may detour some from this show, it has its potential and good parts. The writing lacks the cheese of so many shows nowadays, its serious, though Jensen employs humour on occasion and the cast are sometimes found in funny awkward situations. The music too is exceptionally well done, the creators know about atmosphere and where a certain song fits in. The choice of Kings of Leon as the opening song evokes an eerie and frightening feel. Once again, while the show has its small flaws, it is a highly entertaining and well-written drama that boasts some surprisingly good acting and writing, as well as imagery and design that offer gothic and dark feels as well as chillingly happy. Hunters is a show made by two Australians starring a cast of America's young upstarts, but it is a mature and emotive show that forsakes stunts and et cetera for emotional storytelling and primal fears of humanity. A show with potential, and some pleasing performances.


Season one was released on DVD and BluRay on September 15th 2006. It features all the episodes along with commentary from the cast and crew, the beginnings of the show, deleted scenes, and an alternate pilot episode.


  1.  Views  Title 1.    6.47 Pilot/Demon Within: A group of young adult paranormal hunters (Daniel Jones, William Riley and Tara Anderson) discover that Dan’s girlfriend Jess is being haunted by a demon called X’arn, who has imprisoned himself inside her. As Dan struggles to save his girlfriend Will and Tara travel the graveyard were the priest who exorcised X’arn from his previous host is buried, and they encounter the dead priest’s ghost. He tells them that the only way to banish X’arn is to cut of one of Jess’ fingers. When they return home Will and Tara try to get Dan to agree, while X’arn makes Jess more violent.  
  2. 2.      6.23 Bloody Revenge: Dan, Will and Tara embark on their hunt to kill X’arn, and begin to make their way to Alaska. They stop in Wisconsin, where a masked killer stalks people from the town of Grantsburg. They soon discover that the murderer is a phantom serial killer eager for revenge. 
  3.  3.        7.64. The Church: The hunters stop in St Paul, Minnesota when they hear about the murders of young men at a local church. While Tara visits the homes of the victims, Dan and Will discover that X’arn has been here. The culprit however is not him, but a succubus. 
  4.  4.          8.52 Devil's Mark: The hunt for X’arn continues, and this time the hunters stop at Devils Lake, North Dakota. People who visit late at night are dragged into the icy lake and found with a strange mark on their left hand. Is it X’arn’s doing, or something far worse?
  5.   5.        7.01 Forest: The hunters travel to Saskatchewan, Canada, in their journey to Alaska. When they arrive in the city of Saskatoon they learn about a wolf-like creature that kidnaps people and takes them into the forest. Could these be a traditional werewolf, or a new monster? 
  6.  6.          7.82Sealed in Blood: The vampire Doomheart kidnaps Tara and lures the boys to an abandoned gas stop in rural Calgary. He tells Dan the only way his girlfriend will go free is if he gives his soul for hers, but Will has other ideas on how to deal with the vampire.
  7.   7.          6.12Blizzard: On their way to Anchorage, Alaska, the hunters are sidetracked when a snow monster traps them on the road. As Dan tries to repair the car Will and Tara must fend off the monster.  
  8.  8.            5.12 Jessica: Dan learns that X’arn has taken Jess to an underground Inuit tomb and struggles to save his girlfriend. As Will and Tara seek the help of an Inuit elder, Dan finds himself betrayed by his own girlfriend. 
  9.  9.            7.61 Touch of Death: With Dan on the verge of death after Jess betrayed him, Will and Tara arrive just in time to banish X’arn from Jess’ body. But can they save Dan, or will he resist death himself? 
  10.  10.          8.12 Judgement Day: The final battle between X’arn and a revitalised Dan takes place in a high school gym. Will, Tara and Jess along with the Inuit elder muster a army of locals to best X’arn, but the demon has an army of his own.
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