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Episode 301: Whistling in the Wind

Episode 302: A Lovely Perfect Afternoon

Episode 303: So Long, Lucky

Episode 304: Tolee's Uncommon Head Cold

Episode 305: Stone Solid Rintoo

Episode 306: Big Sister Kai-Lan

Episode 307: Kai-Lan Loses Her Voice

Episode 308: The Water Park

Episode 309: Kai-Lan's Movie Projector

Episode 310: Stompy Goes Invisible

Episode 311: Hoho's Hover Board

Episode 312: Rintoo's Comic Book Collection

Episode 313:Kai-Lan's Chicken Pox

Episode 314:Tolee's Super-Fast Ride

Episode 315: Football Power

Episode 316: A Very Snowy Day

Episode 317: Kai-Lan's Magical Gift

Episode 318: Kai-Lan's Whistling Techniques

Episode 319: Trevor the Red Frog

Episode 320: Tolee Pulls 3 Cards

Episode 321: The Legendary Tiger

Episode 322: Pool party

Episode 323: Pirate treasures!