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Search for Paradise is a 2001 Canadian-American animated feature film jointly written and directed by Joe Brian and Peter Thompson. The film was produced by Seagull Pictures and released by Mike Nestle Pictures on June 8, 2001.

The film involves conflict between two classes of anthropomorphic animals living in a post-apocalyptic environment, the Wild, over-privileged animals led by the cruel dictator Otis Caesar, and the Tame, impoverished, underfed and overworked animals who are also forced into hard labor for the Wild. Tobias, the adopted grandson of the Tame Elder Markus, organizes a journey to a faraway land in order to bring both classes together to live in peace.


After an implied war which lead to the drastically small remaining population of humans but fairly significant population of animals, animals are sorted into two classes; The Wild, wealthy, powerful and spoiled animals led by Otis Fox, and the Tame, under-privileged and hardworking animals led by Markus. Many members of the Tame work as slaves for Otis Caesar and his subjects. In spite of all this, Markus still has control over his subjects yet many flee to work for or join the Wild as a last resort. Tobias, Markus' grandson, is convinced that a faraway magical land, as told in his grandfather's bedtime stories, really exists. When the time comes to relocate both classes to somewhere faraway, Otis Fox tries to stop the Tame from reaching the alleged faraway land.

When Tobias, Markus and their companions come across an old man rumored to be wizard, it turns out that the man isn't a wizard and the "faraway, magical land" doesn't exist. However, Tobias is taught that if he does good for others, defeat all evil that dares to cross their path and makes life better for his people, then their land will become magical (a reference to the goodwill of Tobias and Markus and the old man's belief that real magic is doing good for others). Remembering the advice that he was given, Tobias finally decides to continue his quest and band together with his friends to defeat Otis Caesar.

Voice Cast:

  • Haley Joel Osment as Tobias
  • Peter Fonda as Markus
  • Kirsten Dunst as Sara
  • Martin Short as Jakob
  • Malcom McDowell as Agathon
  • Ralph Fiennes as Otis Caesar
  • Tim Curry as Brutus
  • Susan Sarandon as Calpurnia (nicknamed Cal)
  • James Cromwell as The Old Man


The film score was composed by Hans Zimmer and John Powell. The film's soundtrack was released on CD by Michael Shires Records on June 5, 2001.