Seance at school is a horror film loosely based on the creepypasta "Emily's Facebook page."

Starring: Amanda Seyfirned, Teddy Dunn, Mark Salling, Matt Lanter and Holland Roden.


A year ago, a high school student named Emily, was murdered mysteriously. The killer was never caught. And he is on the loose. Emily's classmates decide to hold a seance to conjure up Emily's ghost. To tell them who killed her. But the ceremony goes wrong. And now Emily's spirit begins to kill people who might be involved in her murder.


  • Amanda Seyfried as Anya Langen - Emily's best friend.
  • Teddy Dunn as Stu Mcanzie - Anya's boyfriend.
  • Mark Salling as Andrew Tucker - Stu's best firned and Emily's boyferind. the real killer.
  • Holland Roden as Sarena Montgomery - Emily's rivel.
  • Matt Lanter as Kenny Colton - Serana's boyfriend.
  • Nina Dobrev as Emily Clark - the girl who killed last year.
  • Janel Parrish as Niah Mcholden - One of Emily's classmates.
  • Elizabeth Wihitson as Lisa Crashmon - One of Emily's classmates.
  • Tyler Posey as Nathan Polk - Emily's ex boyfriend.
  • Haley Lu Richardson as Tina Orbando - One of Emily's classmates.
  • Emma Roberts as Regina Morton - One of Emily's classmates.
  • Logan Lerman as Steve Corry - One of Emily's classmates.
  • Ian Somerhalder as Kai Shorts - One of Emily's classmates.
  • Chase Crawford as Tom O'hara - One of Emily's classmates.
  • Keegan Allen as Rio Cartwood - One of Emily's classmates.

Body Count

  • Emily Clark - Killed in flashback. While she argues with Andrew, he slaps her. She falls down the stairs and hit her head against the wall.
  • Rio Cartwood - Killed off screen. He was stabbed to death in the heart. Later killer (dressed as Emily) throws his body on Tom.
  • Tom O'hara - Tom tries to get away from the wind. But it falls down the stairs and breaks his leg. He crawls towards the exit of the school. But the killer catches up with him and stabs him in the back five times.
  • Kai Shorts - After he gets out of the shower, he opens his locker to get his clothes. The killer jumps out of the locker and stabs Kai twice in the stomach with.
  • Steve Corry - The killer appears behind him and stabs him behind the head.
  • Regina Morton - Regina chased by the killer into one of the classrooms. Where he gets her and stabs her in the stomach three times.
  • Tina Orbando - Tina gets to her phone a text message with a picture of the Regina's body. Immediately afterwards, the killer appears behind her and stabs her in the back with scissors.
  • Kenny Colton - The killer slits kenny's throat with scissors.
  • Nathan Polk - The iller stabs nathat in the eyes with scissors.
  • Lisa Crashmon - Killer throws her out the window of the third floor.
  • Niah Mcholden - After she found the bodies of Kenny, Nathan and Lisa, the killer appears behind her and strangles her to death with a rope.
  • Serena Montgomery - Probably killed off screen. The killer drag Serena's body on the floor. have no signs of blood or violence on serena. So it is possible than serena was unconscious but not dead.
  • Andrew Tucker - Andrew is revealed as the killer. He wore the clothes of Emily to get everyone to believe her spirit is killer. When he tries to kill Stu, Anya stabs him twice in the stomach. He is not dead. Stu then up the fire by flammable deodorant spray and a lighter.


  • Anya Langen - live with her mother and sister.
  • Stu Mcanzie - in the hospital
  • Serena Montgomery (if she was Unconscious) - because we dont know if she is dead, it possible she survived.

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