Sealed In Blood is the sixth episode in the first season of Hunters (TV series).

Plot Summary

The vampire Doomheart kidnaps Jess while Dan and the others are tracking a ghost, and takes her to an abandoned gas station. The hunters immediately follow him there and discover he has killed the owners of the gas station. He promises to drain Jess' blood and "do some other things" to her as well, and Dan immediately reacts angrily by trying to shoot Doomheart. The vampire then forces the three hunters outside and locks the doors, beginning his "blood ceremony". Jess is almost converted when Will smashes through the windows and stabs him with a knife. Of course Doomheart is not destroyed but Will meant to distract him while Jess escaped and Will uses a stake on the vampire. Jess seems shellshocked and X'arn surfaces for a moment.


The sixth episode was mainly an answer to the fans' request for a vampire episode. It was the fourth episode to be written by Renon Schafer and Jason Holt directed the episode as usual.

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