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Scream Queens is a 2015 American horror-comedy film and a remake of horror television series of the same name but has nothing to do with the plot. It stars Zendaya, Tom Holland, Katie Cassidy, Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Dave Franco, Jaime Campbell Bower, Jerry Trainor, Drake Bell, Jacob Batalon, Michael B. Jordan, Kristen Kreuk, Alan Ritchson, Josh Peck, and Brenton Thwaites. It also co-stars Austin Swift, Kristen Chenoworth, and Michael Ironside. It is rated R for bad language, murder, and inappropriate scenes.


4 years after a teenage girl killed her abusive and cheating ex, a killer starts stalking a group of high-schoolers and plans to kill them one by one.


In 2012, a high school senior named Dakota Laker (Katie Cassidy) finds her abusive boyfriend Bradford (Austin Swift) cheating on her by r****g Gemi Parker (Zendaya), Dakota's step-sister. However, she only sees Gemi having fun with it and decides to get revenge on her by kidnapping her and making her watch her having an affair with Gemi's boyfriend Andrew McCann (Dave Franco). However, Andrew r***s Dakota but a freshman named Alex McCoy (Tom Holland) saves Dakota and unties Gemi, who dumps Andrew. Gemi warns Dakota that Bradford actually r***d her and Dakota is remorseful over what she did. However, Alex comforts them and they reward him by sharing him. He gets in a three-way make out with him and they record it before sending it to Bradford. When Dakota is chopping wood at home, an angry Bradford confronts her but she stands up to him and dumps him. However, he starts assaulting her but she strikes him in groin, back, and face with an axe. She feels relieved but turns herself in and is sentenced to 3 years in prison for the murder of Bradford after she revealed his treatment towards her. She gives a promise to be with Alex and Gemi as they tearfully watch her get arrested.

(the film's title says "Scream Queens")

3 years later, a senior named Toby (Brenton Thwaites) is doing chores at the house but hears something outside. However, he gets annoyed by a cat and kicks it away but encounters a masked man. He fights the guy but loses and held down to the ground. The masked man takes out a knife and stabs Toby's heart with it.

Alex and Gemi are now seniors and their classmates are Andrew, Jarett (Jamie Campbell Bower), Mac (Jerry Trainor), Scott (Drake Bell), Craig (Jacob Batalon), Steve (Michael B. Jordan), Diana (Kristen Kreuk), Jimmy (Alan Ritchson), Nick (Josh Peck), and Toby. Gemi's father Tommy (Tom Welling) is their homeroom teacher.

After school, Alex and Gemi start hanging out and Gemi is excited to see her dad, who hugs both of them. Diana is revealed to be Alex's older foster sister and hugs him. However, Toby's death is revealed on the news.

At the cafeteria, Nick and Jimmy get in a fight. Alex tries to stop them but Jimmy hits him and causes Alex to fall on a table injured. An angry Gemi demands an apology but Jimmy brushes this off as getting in the way and tells Gemi to stay of this before offensively calling her a tomboy and making sexist remarks towards her. An offended Gemi kicks him in the groin and Tommy scolds Jimmy for his behavior but Jimmy disrespectfully flips him off. Angered by this, Tommy suspends him for 11 days. Gemi takes Alex to the nurse.

At night, Nick is doing farm work and collecting corn from the cornfield but sees a scarecrow and becomes suspicious. However, it's the killer and Nick tries to runaway but is stabbed from behind with a pitchfork. Jimmy was there to vandalize the property but saw what happened and starts fighting the killer. However, the killer picks up a rock and bludgeons Jimmy in the face with it. The killer breathes heavily from fighting and admires his handiwork before leaving.

The next day, the school reports Nick and Jimmy's deaths. Scott mourn for his best friend and Mac comforts him but no one mourned Jimmy's death, even Andrew admits that Jimmy was a scum bag and was glad that he's gone. However, Andrew starts tormenting Alex by torturing an innocent puppy named Alan and killing the puppy's parents and older siblings. An angry Tommy threatens to expel Andrew for animal cruelty but Andrew injures himself and frames Tommy for assault. Despite Andrew's bad reputation, Tommy is still suspended from teaching.

At Andrew's house, his guardian (Michael Ironside) gets a visit from Tommy but believes Andrew's story and doesn't believe Tommy's complaints about Andrew's behavior. As Tommy leaves, Andrew sadistically taunts him.

At Alex's house, Diana came home from work but gets a phone call from Alex. Before she can answer, the killer attacks her with a plastic bag. She starts struggling to break free but then suffocates from the bag. The killer then leaves as Alex, Gemi, Tommy, and Tina (Erica Durance) find her dead. Alex tearfully cradles Diana's body as Gemi and Tina comfort him and Tommy calls 911.

At Diana's funeral, Tommy and his family gain custody of Alex.

At Gemi's house, Alex confesses to her that after Bradford's death, his abusive father Adam (Jake Gyllenhaal) shot and killed his mother Sienna (Marisa Tomei) and tried to kill Alex but the boy shot him in self-defense. Gemi comforts Alex and sleeps with him.

At a parking lot, Tommy finds Andrew's car and trashes it in revenge for being framed.

At a restaurant, Steve is eating dinner with his family but the killer puts something in Steve's food that he's allergic to. He goes to the bathroom to get his inhaler but is strangled with a plug wire.

The next day, Tommy sits calmly in his class room as Andrew angrily barges in and accuses him of trashing the car. Tommy eagerly denies this and is just waiting for class to start. An officer (Bill Hader) is worried about this confrontation but Tommy assures him that Andrew was just leaving. Andrew angrily vows revenge.

At a hockey ring, Craig stands up for Alex and Gemi by reporting Andrew's actions but the killer disguises himself as a hockey player and slits Craig's throat with a roller blade.

At the school, Craig's death is not in vain as his complaints reaches the principal (Kristen Chenoworth) and she sympathetically expels Andrew. However, Andrew attacks her and sexually assaults her.

At the hospital, Tommy visits her and she reveals who did it.

At Gemi's house, Gemi and Tina are reunited with Dakota but the killer attacks them and blackmails Scott, Mac, and Jarrett into helping him. The killer reveals himself as Andrew and sadistically replies, "Surprise Gemi." in his voice changer. He then crosses the line by tying up Tina and sadistically r****g her, as the girls and boys look away in horror. He takes pictures of this and tells Jarrett to give them to Tommy.

At a restaurant, Tommy and Alex are getting to know each other and planning to prosecute Andrew but they see an upset Jarrett giving them the pictures. They are horrified and also find out that Andrew is the killer. Jarrett apologizes to them but they forgive him and let him help them.

In Andrew's car, the girls are bound and gagged as they glare at Andrew. An angry Mac claims that Andrew won't get away with this but Andrew just tells him to drive.

At Andrew's house, he puts the girls in a room and locks them in. He then warns Mac and Steve that if the heroes get in the house, then he'll kill them.

In the room, Gemi cries at this but Dakota rubs her head in comfort as Tina comforts them both. Andrew then comes into the room and completely torments them by r****g Gemi, as the girls look on in horror. Gemi sobs from what happens but still glares at abusive ex in hatred as he evily laughs at his horrible deed.

In the living room, the heroes arrive and see a guilt-ridden Scott. He tearfully apologizes for his actions and gives them the keys to the room but is grabbed from behind by Andrew and stabbed in the chest 7 times as they look on in shock and horror. However, Tommy locks Andrew out of the house but Andrew sadistically taunts them about r****g Gemi and yells at them to get out of his house.

In the room, Gemi notices a lighter and crawls towards it. She tries to burn her bonds but it doesn't work because the lighter is faulty. She then notices Dakota's feet and crawls towards them. Dakota gets the message and uses her toes to get the tape off. Gemi bites down on the tape to free her step-sister but couldn't gives up. Dakota and Tina sigh sympathetically. However, Alex manages to get in and unties them. Gemi and Dakota hug him and kiss him as Tina happily hugs him and welcomes him to the family.

In the living room, Tommy and Jarrett sees Alan in a cage and free him. Alan goes to his old owner Dakota and reunites with her. They go to the garage.

In the garage, they find a car but Mac holds them at gunpoint. They try to talk him into helping them but Mac reveals that he's blackmailed. However, they hear a car coming and it crashes through the garage door, which pins Mac to another car and kills him. Andrew comes out and sarcastically congratulates them for surviving this long. Jarrett tries to shoot him but the gun is empty. Andrew pulls out a gun and shoots Jarrett in the forehead. A crying Alex hugs his best-friend's corpse before glaring at Andrew and calling him a monster. Andrew sadistically prepares to kill them but Alan stands up for them and bites Andrew's leg to distract him. Alex and the family escape as Andrew angrily slaps Alan and radically calls him a "f**king mutt", leaving the poor animal to cry.

At Andrew's generating tower, Alex has managed to call the police by having pulled the fire alarm at Andrew's house. Tommy praises him and welcomes him to the family, much to Alex's happiness. Alan reunites with them but gets scared when Andrew appears on the tower. He attacks the family and hangs Alex over the railing. Alex tries to hold on but Andrew abusively steps on Alex's fingers to make him fall and sadistically claims about taking good care of the girls. However, Alan rescues Alex and stands up to Andrew by biting him. As Andrew tries to shake him off, Alex climbs over the railing and pushes Andrew over it. As Alan and Alex wakes up the family, Andrew holds onto the railing and cowardly begs for mercy. Despite his evil actions, Alex agrees to save him but Andrew takes out a knife and cuts Alex while evily laughing about it. However, Gemi angrily yells "F**k you" to Andrew and kicks him in the face, causing the screaming sociopath to fall to his death. Tommy takes out a flashlight and grimaces at Andrew's bleeding corpse but Alan cheers the family up by barking about doing it. They smile at him and Dakota praises him for being brave. They then walk down the tower as Andrew's corpse is left bleeding from his head due to hitting it on the ground when he landed.

The next morning, police and ambulances clean up the crime scene as Alex and the family cuddle with each other and the spirits of their dead friends smile at them.

The end credits text reveals that adults have apologized to the family for not doing anything about Andrew's behavior. Alex got married to Gemi and Dakota in the future and had a family with them.


  • Zendaya as Gemi Parker - The Female Protagonist.
  • Tom Holland as Alex McCoy - The Male Protagonist.
  • Katie Cassidy as Dakota Parker - The Main Tritagonist.
  • Tom Welling as Tommy Parker - Gemi's father and The Male Deuteragonist
  • Erica Durance as Tina Laker - The Female Deuteragonist, Tommy's second wife, Gemi's step-mother, and Dakota's mother.
  • Dave Franco as Andrew McCann - The Main Antagonist. He is a sociopathic juvenile criminal who is secretly 23 and is the archenemy of Alex McCoy and the Parker/Laker family. However, his actor hates him for his horrible deeds and considers him the only villainous role that is pure evil.
  • Jamie Campbell-Bower as Jarrett - Alex's best-friend.
  • Jerry Trainor as Mac
  • Drake Bell as Scott
  • Jacob Batalon as Craig
  • Michael B. Jordan as Steve
  • Kristen Kreuk as Diana
  • Alan Ritchson as Jimmy - The Secondary Antagonist.
  • Josh Peck as Nick
  • Brenton Thwaites as Toby
  • Austin Swift as Bradford - A Posthumous Antagonist who dies in the beginning.
  • Michael Ironside as Andrew's guardian
  • Kristen Chenoworth as The Principal
  • Bill Hader as a Police Officer
  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Adam McCoy - A Posthumous Antagonist, Sienna's abusive husband, and Alex's abusive father.
  • Marisa Tomei as Sienna McCoy - Adam's abused wife and Alex's mother.


  • Alex McCoy: Marries Gemi and Dakota.
  • Gemi Parker: Marries Alex.
  • Dakota Laker: Marries Alex.
  • Tommy Parker: Welcomes Alex into the family.
  • Tina Laker: Welcomes Alex into the family.
  • Alan the puppy: Gets adopted by the family.
  • Andrew's Guardian: It is unknown how he reacts to Andrew's death.
  • The Principal: Recovers and apologizes for not reporting Andrew to the police.


  • Andrew's Parents: Died in a car accident but most likely by Andrew. (off-screen, mentioned, and before the events of the film)
  • Dakota's Father: Died under unknown circumstances. (off-screen, mentioned, and before the events of the film)
  • Bradford: Hit in groin, back, and face with an axe by Dakota for cheating on her, r****g Gemi, and abusing Dakota. (seen in the beginning)
  • Sienna McCoy: Shot by her husband Adam. (seen in flashback and during the passage of time)
  • Adam McCoy: Shot in self-defense by his Alex. (seen in flashback and during the passage of time)
  • Toby: Stabbed in the heart with a knife by Andrew.
  • Nick: Stabbed in the back with a pitchfork by Andrew.
  • Jimmy: Bludgeoned in the face with a rock by Andrew and his death is not mourned because of his sexism and disrespect.
  • Alan's Parents and Older Siblings: Mutilated by Andrew. (off-screen and the only animal kills in the film)
  • Diana: Suffocated with a plastic bag by Andrew to torment Alex.
  • Steve: Poisoned with some food that he's allergic to and strangled with an electrical cord by Andrew.
  • Craig: Throat slit with a roller blade by Andrew.
  • Scott: Stabbed in the chest 7 times with a sharpened toothbrush by Andrew.
  • Mac: Pinned to a car with another car by Andrew.
  • Jarrett: Shot in the forehead by Andrew.
  • Andrew McCann: Falls to his death when Alex throws him over the railing of a generating tower and Gemi kicks him off the railing for killing their friends, abusing Alan, r****g the girls, threatening the family, and tormenting innocent people.

Killer Outfit

  • A black hoodie, a post-op surgical mask from MTV's Scream, and black gloves.


(after locking Andrew out of the house, he sadistically smirks at them)

  • Andrew: (smirking) "Things could've been different, Mr. Parker. You should've let nature take it's course but in the end, it happened anyway. (then he shows a villainous breakdown) SO GET THE F**K OUT OF MY F**KING HOUSE!"

(he then sadistically chuckles as he goes to find an entrance. Later when Alex is hanging onto a railing, Andrew smirks at him and starts mocking him)

  • Andrew: (smirking) "Look at everyone's favorite f**kboy now, you c**ksucking little s**t. (he then sadistically steps on Alex's left hand, making the poor boy scream in pain as Alan whines in fear) You've been their number one for too long, McCoy. Now your time is up and don't worry. (he then starts breaking the fingers by crushing them with his foot) I'll. Take. Good. Care. Of. The. Little. W****s!"

(Alan angrily glares at his abuser for that while Alex becomes worried)

  • Alex: (worried) "No!"

(however, Alan bravely jumped at Andrew and starts biting him and attacking him as he screams in pain and gets his foot off of the fingers. This gives Gemi some time to save Alex and he manages to climb to safety. Once Alan gets off of Andrew, Alex pushes Andrew over the railing. Andrew holds onto the railing for dear life as the family recover. Andrew starts begging)

  • Andrew: (begging) "Come on Alex, you know I'm just a stupid kid. I do dumb things all the time. (however, he is secretly taking out a knife) You can't just allow me to die."

(Alex thinks about it and has to admit that he can't allow him to die. He reaches for Andrew but notices the knife and dodges it. Andrew evily laughs but Gemi glares at him)

  • Gemi: (glaring) "F**K YOU!"

(she kicks him in the face and the screaming monster falls to his death on the ground below. Once he lands, they all flinch)

  • Tommy: (flinching) "Jesus."

(he then shines a flashlight at the corpse and they all grimace at it but Alan cheers them up by barking about doing it. They smile at him and Dakota was proud of him)

  • Dakota: (proud) "That's right Alan, you did it. You beat that meanie."

(Alan cuddles into his owner. They walk down the tower as Andrew's corpse is last seen with his head covered in blood and bleeding from his head hitting the ground when landing)


  • Franco was given a black hair style to play the role of Andrew.
  • Jamie was given blonde hair and glasses to play the role of Jarrett.

T.V. Tropes

  • Absent Parent: Alex's foster parents left him and Diana when they were younger. Andrew doesn't have any real parents but it's possible that he killed them because they possibly knew about his behavior.
  • Abusive Parents: Alex's real father Adam hated him, Gemi's real mother was not caring, and Alex's foster parents only care about insurance.
  • A**hole Victim: Andrew McCann, Jimmy, Bradford, and Mr. McCoy.
  • Big Bad: Andrew McCann, the sociopathic juvenile criminal.
  • Big Good: Alex and the family.
  • Big Sister-Instinct: Dakota loves her younger sister Gemi so much that she helps protect her from Andrew.
  • Complete Monster: Andrew McCann is a sociopathic sexist and racist juvenile criminal who selfishly kills innocent people to get the girls that he doesn't even deserve. He r***d four females including Gemi, murdered an dog family, abused the youngest member Alan, murdered 9 teenagers, possibly killed his own parents, manipulated his own guardian, and framed Tommy for assault. Adam McCoy is also this as he abuses his family, kills his own wife, and attempts to kill his own son. Bradford is also this as he started the events by r****g Gemi to cheat on Dakota and attempted to r**e Dakota too for leaving him which led to his well-deserved death and the events of the film starting.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Despite that a few good people are dead, it is still a happy ending: Andrew is dead, Alex and the family are safe, the spirits of their friends are with them, and Alex marries Gemi and Dakota.
  • Even Evil Have Standards: Despite it not being a redeemable quality, even Andrew hates Jimmy and is glad he killed him.
  • Even Jerka** Has Standards: Despite being an unapologetic p***k, Jimmy is horrified by Nick's death and his first instinct is to fight the killer since murder is something he never does. The Principal also seems to hate Andrew too for his evil nature and wants evidence on him.
  • Freudian Excuse: It's possible that Andrew feels like he could do anything he wants and he doesn't kill his guardian because the adult doesn't see anything wrong with him.
  • Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse: Despite that his guardian is not doing anything about him, Andrew is still in control of his actions and is actually manipulating the man who's taking care of him.
  • Hate Sink: Andrew McCann has no redeeming qualities nor a tragic past. He's purely evil. Adam McCoy is also this as well since he abused his wife and son before killing his wife and attempting to kill their own son.
  • Jerka** Has A Point: The Principal might be unfair and very hostile towards Tommy but she's not wrong about him being suspicious of falsely attacking Andrew. She actually seems to believe him but there's no evidence that Tommy is innocent and she has to suspend him from his job.
  • Mama Bear: Tina is a hardworking mother to her daughter and step-daughter.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Andrew crosses this by killing innocent teenagers, turning an innocent puppy into an orphan, r****g four females, tormenting the orphaned puppy, and framing Tommy for assault. Adam crosses this too by abusing his family, killing his wife, and attempting to kill his own son.
  • Papa Bear: Tommy is a hardworking father to his daughter and step-daughter.
  • Yandere: Andrew is this to Gemi and Dakota but in a more abusive and offensive way.