Scream Living L.A Is a Horror Thriller mystery film Starring Selena Gomez,Emma Belll,Jessica Alba,Eugenio Derbes,Paris hilton,Neil Patrick Harris,Neve Campbell,Jamie Chung,Crystal Lowe,Idina Menzel,Ashely Tisdale,Umma Turman,Lea Michele and Kerr Smith


alex hears that his sister was attacked by ghost face it with Sidney traveling angels when they alex discovers she has a twin sister and her family is not his real family now she will have to find out who is the murderer and quies she really



Selena Gomez As Alex Rider/Alexandra Simmer and Corine Smith

Emma Belll As Parker Rider

Jessica Alba As Daniella Rider

Eugenio Derbes As Ronal Rojas /Maximo Simmer

Paris hilton As Clarisa Britney

Neil Patrick Harris As Ikke Wishley

Neve Campbell As Sidney Prescott

Jamie Chung As Jessica Li

Crystal Lowe As Claire Crossver

Idina Menzel As Cordelia Simmer

Ashely Tisdale As Carrie Cannon

Umma Turman As Anna Smith

Lea Michele As Rachel Simmer

Kerr Smith As Official Craig


Corine Smith- She hates alex her because she lived as money and she and her daughter as poor

Anna Smith-alex hates it because if you just hate


Jessica Li-

Claire Crossver-

Carrie Cannon-

Ikke Watson-

Clarisa Breeley-

Daniella Rider-

Max Simmer-

Anna Smith-

Corine Smith-???


Alex Rider/Alexandra Simmer,Parker Rider,Cordelia Simmer,Rachel Simmer,Official Craig and Sidney Prescott

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