Scream Kit & Kate Gilbert Is a horror thriller mystery and new part of The Saga of Scream and Following natalie cooper starring  Georgie Henley,Ariana Grande,Phoebe Tokkin,Kirsten Prout,Danielle Panabaker,Lauren McKnight,Matthew Knight,Elisha culbert,Ryan Merriman,Texas Battle,Sophie Monk,Jason Dolley,Thommas Dekker and Kristin Davis




Georgie Henley As Kit Gilbert

Ariana Grande As Kate Gilbert

Phoebe Tonkin As Camilla Jones

Kirsten Prout As Jenna Marshall

Danielle Panabaker As Violet Class

Lauren McKnight As Ronny

Matthew Knight As Ross

Elisha Culbert As Kelly

Ryan Merriman As Logan

Texas Battle As Carl

Sophie Monk As Izzy

Jason Dolley As Benny

Thommas Dekker As Danny

Kristin Davis As Mrs.Katherina Gilbert


Kate Gilbert-


Benny-Stabbed in Throat

Ronny-Stabbed in back several times

Carl-Skull smashed with a Car

Izzy-Stabbed in neck with an Knife

Danny-was severely stabbed chest and beheaded

Logan-I was hit in the neck with blade

Kelly-blade face

Camilla Jones-Stabbed in eyes

Jenna Marshall-Stabbed in back

Ross-Stabbed in chest

Kate Gilbert-Stabbed in chest by katherina gilbert(No Dead)


Kit Gilbert,Violet Class,Mrs.Katherina Gilbert and Kate Gilbert??

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