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Scream 7 is an American slasher film written by Kevin Williamson and Directed by Sam Raimi. It is the seventh movie of the Scream Saga. It's been four years since the last "Ghostface" killings and Sidney Prescott thinks it's finally over but she is about to find out that her two most dangerous enemies from the past have risen like the Phoenix and want revenge.


  • Neve Campbell -Sidney Prescott
  • Emma Bell - Fifi Mone
  • Carlo Marks as Henry Coop
  • Courteney Cox Arquette - Gale Weathers Riley
  • David Arquette - Dewey Riley
  • Emma Roberts - Jill Roberts
  • Hayden Panettiere - Kirby Reed
  • Patricia Arquette - Marcie Becker
  • Patrick Dempsey - Mark Kincaid
  • Marley Shelton - Judy Hicks
  • Matthew Lillard - Det Sam Macher/Stu Macher
  • Eric Roberts - Frank Roberts
  • Amber Heard - Rebecca Davis
  • Amber Benson - Jessie Hicks
  • Shay Mitchell - Lainey Haines
  • Steven R McQueen - Brandon Jones
  • Jensen Ackles - Randy Nichols
  • Rachel Melvin - Julie Morris
  • Julian McMahon - Wilson Fletcher


  • Fifi Mone
  • Kirby Reed
  • Gale Weathers-Riley
  • Judy Hicks
  • Sheriff Dewey Riley
  • Det Sam Macher


  • Jill Roberts - She wants revenge on Sidney
  • Stu Macher - He helps Jill kill Sidney


  • Marcie Becker - Stu gutted killed and gutted Marcie like he did to her cousin over 20 years ago
  • Mark Kincaid - Jill killed him because wanted Sidney to know it was happening again, she then wrote on the wall with his blood I'm back Sidney! BTW What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?
  • Frank Roberts - Jill stabbed him then she unmasked so he could see who was killing him. She killed him because he didn't see her very much after her parents got divorced, she stabbed him in the heart and took it out, then cut out his tongue for her the lies he told her.
  • Rebecca Davis - Stu killed her because she got a question about the orgininal Psycho question wrong.
  • Jessie Hicks - Jill Killed her because she was still mad with her older sister for saving Gale, she also was Kirby's new best friend which also angered her.
  • Lainey Haines - Stu chased her up to the roof of Woodboro High he stabbed her in the back then threw herr off the roof.
  • Brandon Jones - Stu killed him to hurt his brother Sam who thought of Brandon as his younger brother.
  • Randy Nichols - Jill killed him because he was afriend of Sidney's and she said who ever is a friend of Sidney's is a enemy of hers.
  • Julie Morris - Jill thought it would be cool for her to die gutted like her sister was.
  • Wilson Fletcher - Stu and Wilson got into a fight in Wilson's home Stu killed him and then hung him
  • Stu Macher - Sam killed his brother Stu in a struggle for his gun after he was unmasked.
  • Jill Roberts - Kirby Reed and Sidney Prescott,Kirby stabbed Jill in the right arm and Sidney shoots her 2 times after being stabbed by Jill in the chest during the fight..
  • Sidney Prescott - Jill Roberts she was stabbed very deeply in the chest by Jill during the fight,as she knew she wasn't going to make it but was able to shoot Jill twice, before she died she told Kirby to take care of herself because there would be psychos who will come after her because she of her connection to Jill.
  • Note - This was the first time the main killer Jill was unmasked early in the movie.She still wore her costume for the other kills but this time we saw her put on the costume before she made her kills.


Before Jill died she admitted to Sidney she killed her father Uncle Neil.


Sidney Prescott might be dead but Fifi and Kirby will find out that it isn't over yet because a new Ghostface will now target them because of their connection to Jill Roberts.

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