Scream 6 Is a American horror movie written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wes Craven. It's been 16 years and everyone thought he died when Sidney Prescott pushed a TV on him but Stu Macher is alive and he wants revenge, he knows Sidney is focused on stopping her evil and psychotic teenage cousin Jill Roberts so he uses that to his advantage he starts to kill the people close to her, Det Sam Macher Stu's twin brother comes to town to visit his friends and he gets caught up in the mystery. Will Sidney, Dewey, Kyle, Annie, Brenda, Edward and Sam realise that an old emeny is back or will Stu get his revenge? Hayley begins to stalk Kirby..


Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott - Survior of 5 massacres.

George Clooney as Richard Reed - He is Kirby Reed's father.

Meg Ryan as Lucy Reed - She is Kirby Reed's mother.

David Arquette as Dewey Riley - He is the sheriff. He is divorced from Gale, he stills loves despite the fact he is now dating Judy Hicks.

Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers - She is now divorced from Dewey but she still loves him despite the fact that he is with Judy Hicks, she has custody of their baby daughter. She is also the lead news anchor at one of the news channels.

Marley Shelton - She is dating Dewey and is also his top deputy.

Robert Downey Jr as Cliff Russell - He is a teacher at Woodsboro High, he also would like to date Sidney Prescott

Hayden Pantierre as Kirby Reed - She has a new job she is Sidney's new personal assistant, she also being stalked by Hayley McDonald.

Nick Palatas as Kyle Randall - He is Annie Adams' boyfriend, Jenny Randall's older brother, best friend of Edward Johnson and a friend of Kirby Reed.

Daniella Monet as Annie Adams - She is Kyle Randall's girlfriend.

Matthew Lillard as Stu Macher/Det Sam Macher - He is Stu's twin brother he is a cop in LA but is back in Woodsboro to see his old friends.

Rebecca De Mornay as Lisa Russell - She is Cliff's ex wife and is jealous of Sidney.

A.J. Cook as Linda Thompson - She is one of Sidney's best friends

Brandon Routh as Matt Kingston - He is a teacher at Woodsboro high and also the principal's nephew.

Danielle Panabaker as Brenda Cates - She is cheerleader at Woodsboro High she is a senior, she also a lesbian she has a crush on the notrious serial killer Jill Roberts, then later has a crush on Edward Johnson and starts to date him.

Daniel Radcliffe as Edward Johnson - He is a student at Woodsboro High, he is a senior, he is Kyle Randall's best friend since childhood, he dates Brenda Cates after she kills Danielle Young for calling her a deviant.

Dylan McDermott as Austin Harrison = He is a friend of Sidney's and is dating Gale Weathers

Georgie Henley as Hayley McDonald - She is a Woodsboro High Student and a a killer

Brandon Smith as Deputy James Perkins - He is dep Anthony Perkins' brother

Kurt Fuller as Adam Cooper = He is the the principal at Woodsboro High and Cici Cooper's father, he is also Matt Kingston's uncle.

Shay Mitchell as Danielle Young - She is a cheerleader who hates Brenda.

Brittany Snow as Lindsey Jones - She is a student at the local community college

Jason Cook as Robert Andrews - He is Lindsey's boyfriend.


Emma Roberts as Jill Roberts - She calls Sidney at the end of the movie to taunt her, Kyle and Kirby.


Sidney Prescott

Dewey Riley

Sam Macher

Kyle Randall

Annie Adams

Judy Hicks

Kirby Reed

Lucy Reed

Brenda Cates

Edward Johnson

Hayley McDonald

Cliff Russell

James Perkins


Stu Macher


Robert Andrews - He is on his way to his girl friend dressed as Ghostface, Suddenly a knife is trust into his back then he is dragged behind a bush and stabbed 4 or 5 more times.

Lindsay Jones = She is waiting for Robert when she gets a phonecall,the person wants to play a game she thinks it's Robert and plays along until the call starts to get creepy, she asks Robert is this you? The caller says open the door and find out she does and she has throat slashed, she stumbles back and then Ghostface then stabs her in the chest repeatly, Ghostface then unmasks it's Stu Macher he's alive!

Richard Reed - He is in his house having dinner while Kirby and Lucy are a the movies when Ghostface breaks in, Richard fights with him and pulls off the mask and is shocked to see Stu, he says hello Mr Reed it's been along time he then stabs him in the forehead to make it look like Jill Roberts killed him..

Danielle Young - She is in the lockerroom whe she hears a noise she goes to check it out but hears a noise, she encounters Ghostface who then chases her and then tackles her then stabs her leg she tries to crawl away but the killer grabs her turns over and then stabs in the stomach then cuts her stomach open and guts her, afterward Ghostface stuffs her body into a locker.The killer here is not Stu but Brenda Cates she did it because Danielle was always picking on her and calling her a deviant because she is a lesbian. Danielle was at school at 6:00 because she had just finshed running laps around the school's track.

Adam Cooper - He is in his office when he hears someone knocks on the door when he opens Stu pushs him into his office and then smashes his head into the wall he then takes a stake out of the costume and thrusts into the principal body.He then wraps Cooper's body and takes it to the football field and hangs him like Billy hung Principal Himbly, Cooper's murder happens at the same time Damielle is being killed by Brenda around 6:00

Linda Thompson - She is chased by Stu to the top of the buliding whrere she works he grabs her and carries her to the ledge of the roof, she is screaming and trying to grab his mask while she is struggling to get loose to no avail he then throws her off the building she screams all the way down.

Matt Kingston - He is taking his trash out when suddenly he is attacked by Ghostface him and Stu fight intill Stu gets the upper hand and stbs him in the heart, he then throws Matt body in the trash dumper..

Lisa Russell - She is at home drunk because she is upset that Cliff took the kids to Sidney's party she is about to pour herself another drink when suddenly her head is slammed on to the table she is cut open her head then she she has her faced dragged on the table, Stu then gets the bottle of vodka she was drinking and forces the vodka down her throat and holds her mouth close so she will not be able to spit it up.

Austin Harrison - He is with Gale in Sidney's guest bed room when suddenly Ghostface comes through the window he takes an axe and forces it into Austin's head

Gale Weathers - She goes to her purse to get her gun but Ghostface is too fast for her and grabs her he says let's go downstairs and say hi to everyone, she says OMG she knows that voice but it can't be Stu just laughs underneath the mask.They go down stairs and everyone stops when they see Gale being held hostage by Ghostface who has his hunting knife against her throat. He says hello Sidney it's been a very long time and unmasks Sidney says No it's not possible she dumped a TV on his head your dead he said nope he only went into a coma and it's nice to have parents who can afford to pay off doctors and say someone is dead and a twin brother who was gulliable to believe he had changed.when he came out of the coma.Gale called him a sick fuck and he said you always had a big mouth and never liked it, he grabbed her tongue and then cut it out in fron of everyone he then slit her throat, she died in Dewey's arms

Stu Macher - He is gloating when suddenly he is shot by an enraged Dewey 5 times and by his brother Sam 5 times, Sidney, Kyle and Edward then shot him in the head to make sure saying just to make sure.

Gales' death

I know it was shocking but I thought it would be more intresting if one of the trio died and i figured Gale would be the one to die because of her mouth. I had thought about having Jill do it but they really didn't have any interaction so I decided to make it Stu one of the original killers instead.

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