Scream 5 is a 2018 American slasher film and the fifth installment in the Scream series. The plot involves Sidney Prescott moving back to Woodsboro with her two adopted teenagers. As she arrives, Ghostface returns to make a remake sequel.


The film opens with Lillian Hamilton (Madisen Beaty) and her boyfriend, Evan Mills (Alex Saxon) having sex. When they finish, Evan goes downstairs to get a drink. Lillian gets a call from an unknown caller and answers. Lillian says hello. The caller asks "Who's this?". Lillian says "Look, if you're trying to reach someone. You have the wrong number." The caller says "I'm looking for you." "Let me guess, you're Ghostface and you're coming back to get revenge because the town's most famous final girl is coming back to town. Well, guess what? I don't have time for your stupid games," Lillian responds. "Now now, Lillian. No need to get feisty or that tongue of yours will get sliced off." "How do you know my name?" Lillian asks. "Because everyone knows who you are. You're the town's slut. I'm watching you right now." Lillian looks outside her window but finds no one there.

"Don't worry, Lillian. I'll make sure everyone remembers you forever." Lillian runs downstairs to find Evan and finds him taped to the couch with his throat slit open. She screams. The killer then burst out from the closet, chasing Lillian through the house. Lillian runs to the back door but the killer grabs her and throws her to the ground. He raises his knife and she screams.

The next day, Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) is dropping her two adopted teenagers, Taylor (Jessica Rothe) and CJ (Dacre Montgomery) off at school. Sidney is then greeted by Dewey Riley (David Arquette), who is just checking on Sidney. Dewey is radioed by Judy Hicks (Marley Shelton) about a murder. Sidney says "Not again." Taylor and CJ ask what's wrong but Sidney says she'll see them later. Dewey says "You can't come with, Sid." "Dewey, I need to know if the murders are going to happen again and if they do, I have every right to know. So, you better get your ass in that car and show me where the crime scene is. Okay?" Dewey is shocked but they drive off.

Dewey and Sidney arrive at the crime scene where Sidney is stopped by Shaun Morrison (Ian Somerhalder) and Bryson Hunt (Sean Faris) but Dewey lets her through. They find Evan's dead body and Lillian's body pinned to the closet door with a kitchen knife through her chest. Sidney asks "Does this look familiar to you?". Dewey doesn't realize but Sidney realizes it's from both versions of Halloween. "I thought you don't watch horror movies." Sidney says "If I'm a final girl. I gotta learn more about horror movies." Dewey realizes she makes a point.

Taylor and CJ are both informed of the deaths of Lillian and Evan by their friends, Avery Fuller (Bailee Madison), Zoey Hopkins (Marie Avgeropoulos), Grayson Field (Timothee Chalamet) and Jaxon Foster (Dylan Minnette). Jaxon says "Their deaths are exactly the same way it happened in both the original and remake of Halloween. How convenient is that?" The girls roll their eyes. Zoey says "Seriously Jaxon, two people were murdered and you're comparing their deaths to a slasher film." Jaxon shrugs and says "Evan was an ass and Lillian was a slut. They got what they deserved." Taylor disagrees with him by saying they were her friends and denies that Lillian was a slut. Grayson agrees with Jaxon. Taylor walks away and CJ says "Grow up, guys."

The group of friends enter Ms. Stephens' (Jessica Chastain) classroom. She is Woodsboro High's favorite teacher. She teaches Psychology. Ms. Stephens hands CJ a note and tells him to meet her after class.

Taylor asks Avery where her CJ is and she answers that she doesn't know. Taylor goes to find him and finds him having sex with Ms. Stephens and leaves the school. After finishing having sex, CJ and Ms. Stephens get dressed. CJ kisses her goodbye and exits the classroom. CJ finds Taylor outside and she asks "Did you think I wouldn't find out about you fucking Ms. Stephens?". CJ begs his sister not to tell their mother. "i won't tell. I'll leave that up to you."

Ms. Stephens is preparing to leave school when she hears noises down the hall. Her phone rings. It's from an unknown number. She answers. "Hello Anna, how was it?" Ms. Stephens seems confused. "I don't know what you're talking about." The caller laughs. "Don't play games with me. That's my job. How was fucking your little student?" Ms. Stephens gets scared. "Tell me, Anna. Do you fuck all your students or does CJ do a really good job with his classwork?". "What do you want?" She asks. "I want you to confess what you did. At least, for me." Ms. Stephens says she doesn't know what he is talking about. "Oh, come on. I know what you did. You know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about Rodney Carter. Let's just say you were giving good ole Rodney extra credit. When he decided to end it and confess the truth to his parents. You struck him over the head with his baseball bat and bashed poor Rodney to death with his football helmet." She begs the caller not to tell them and she'll do whatever he wants. "I want you to start running for your life before I bash your brains!"

Ms. Stephens is running until she is struck in the head with an aluminum baseball bat. She starts to seize. The killer repeatedly strikes her in the head, killing her. CJ is sent pictures of Anna's body and starts to cry. Sidney finds her son crying and looks at his phone to find the pictures. Sidney comforts him and asks "Who sent these?". CJ says it's from an unknown number. Sidney storms out of the room. She gets call. The caller ID reads "Unknown". She answers. "I know your back but she had nothing to do with this. She was innocent. They all were. I'm not innocent so why don't you come fucking get me?" She says. "Oh Sidney, always wanting to be the victim. What are you suicidal?" He laughs. "Well, considering the fact that my friends and I killed every last one of those fucking psychotic bastards. I won't be afraid to kill you too." Ghostface says "You can try but I doubt you'll live to see another day. See you soon, Sid."

Sidney and CJ arrive at the police station. Sidney tells Judy that CJ got a text from the killer. Dewey exits his office. Sidney walks over to him. She gives him CJ's phone and tells him the killer murdered Ms. Stephens. Dewey takes CJ's phone for evidence.

Taylor is listening to music while doing homework when her boyfriend, Henry Baldwin (Beau Mirchoff) enters through her window, scaring her. Henry tells her he just got back to Woodsboro today to check on her. She is grateful that he checked up on her and they kiss. Taylor hears the door open. She thinks it's her mother and brother. She pushes Henry toward the window and gives him a kiss goodbye.

She finds no sign of her mother and brother. She gets a phone call from an unknown number. She answers. It's Ghostface. Ghostface tells her he has big plans for her but wants to play Hide and Seek. Taylor searches the house for Ghostface but no such luck. Ghostface tells her to turn on the laptop, which reveals live footage of both Avery and Zoey in their houses. He makes her choose. Taylor tells him not to hurt Avery. He says "Your call," before ending the call.

Taylor calls Avery to leave her house because the killer is inside. Avery runs out the front door but says no one is coming outside. Taylor realizes the killer is going after Zoey and rushes to her house. She finds Zoey alive but Ghostface appears from out of the closet. The two girls run but Zoey is hooked in her chest. Taylor screams. Ghostface grabs Taylor but she manages to escape by shoving him to the floor and Taylor escapes but not before Ghostface can slash her arm with the hook. The police arrive, along with Sidney and CJ.

Taylor is taken to the hospital. Taylor tells Sidney what Ghostface said to her about him having big plans for her and how her friends play a big part, including CJ. Sidney asks CJ if he has anything he wants to tell her but CJ says no. Henry comes to visit Taylor. Taylor asks him if he is hiding something from her but he declines. Henry asks why she would think that but Taylor says she was curious.

Dewey tells Sidney that Shaun and Bryce will be keeping watch on Taylor. Sidney says that she is not leaving Taylor but Dewey says she and CJ need some rest, which Sidney agrees. After Sidney and CJ leave, Taylor wakes up, only to find no sign of doctors, nurses or officers. She walks down the hall. She sees that the staff were killed. Shaun and Bryson appear and tell her she needs to run. Bryson is stabbed four times in his chest and has his throat slit. Shaun is then stabbed in his back and falls to the floor. Taylor escapes.

Taylor runs to the parking lot and is chased by Ghostface. He corners her but a car runs him over and Taylor jumps out of the way, the driver is revealed to be Shaun. Shaun asks Taylor if she is okay to which she responds with a nod. They look for Ghostface but he disappeared.

Taylor returns to school. She hugs her friends. Ella Freeman (Maika Monroe) walks up to her and says "Oh Taylor. I'm glad you're alive. No shocker there. I mean your mom is Sidney Prescott. How does it feel to have the Angel of Death as a mother?" Taylor smiles. "Wow Ella. You know, it feels great. At least, I know I will live, but sadly, I don't think you will." Ella walks away but not before flipping her middle finger at Taylor. Avery is proud of Taylor for changing her "good-girl attitude". The friends laugh.

Sidney is at home working on her new book until she hears a knock at the door. She opens it to find Dewey and Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox). She greets Gale. They talk about how the recent murders are related to the deaths of horror movies. Sidney says "He's not just making a reboot sequel. He's rebooting every other horror movie." Gale says "But he killed Bryson like Randy. That happened for real." "Stab was based off the Woodsboro Murders," Sidney says. "Then, what's his motive?" Dewey asks. "I don't know," Sidney responds.

At lunch, Taylor, CJ and their friends are discussing the murders. Taylor says "It just doesn't make sense. Why would the killer want me?" Jaxon says "Every horror film needs a final girl and if he plans on killing Sidney. Then, you're the next final girl." Grayson says "He makes a point. This killer is not only going after your mother but he's going after everyone around you. Sidney is no longer the star. It's you, Taylor." Taylor fears for everyone in her life. She's afraid they will be ripped away from her. She wonders if she can save them.

At the Fuller household, Avery arrives home from school. Avery gets a phone call from an unknown number. She answers. Ghostface asks her "What's your favorite scary movie?" Avery gets annoyed saying "Look. I know you're out there, Mister Ghostface. I'm not scared of you. Why don't you come after me?" Ghostface laughs. "You should be scared, Avery. Everyone should be scared. All of your friends will die very soon. Including you. Don't think you'll get out of this bloodbath alive because let me fucking tell you. You don't deserve to live. Especially after what you and Zoey did." Avery says "Zoey didn't deserve to die. I'm not innocent, So come and get me, motherfucker." "Gladly." Ghostface pops out from the pantry, chasing Avery through the house. Avery tries to open the front door but it's locked. Ghostface goes for the kill but Avery moves out of the way and he stabs the front door. Avery runs to the back door but Ghostface catches up to her and stabs her in her side. He then takes her away.

Taylor receives a call from Ghostface, which he tells her to turn on her computer. She sees a bound and gagged Avery and he tells her to come and rescue Avery and to bring Sidney. Taylor tells Sidney about Avery and they rush to find her. As soon as Sidney and Taylor arrive to save Avery, Ghostface calls Taylor questions her about her horror movie knowledge. She manages to answer all the questions, saving her friend. Dewey and Gale arrive at the scene. Avery tries to warn them to stay away but her mouth is gagged. Taylor trips over a wire, which causes several knives to impale Dewey, killing him. Sidney, Gale and Judy mourn his death.

Sidney lets Gale stay at her house, while Judy and Shaun keep watch. While keeping watch, Judy hears sees someone run into Sidney's backyard. She warns Shaun and they search the backyard. They warn Sidney but Ghostface appears behind Judy and stabs her in the back. He then knocks Shaun unconscious. Sidney and Gale slam the door on Ghostface and run to get CJ and Taylor. They realize it's quiet. They look in the backyard to see Judy hanging from a tree, gutted. They scream. Ghostface then kills Gale and Shaun shoots at him but misses. Ghostface flees.


Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott

David Arquette as Sheriff Dwight "Dewey" Riley

Courtney Cox as Gale Weathers

Jessica Rothe as Taylor Prescott

Dacre Montgomery as CJ Prescott

Marley Shelton as Judy Hicks

Bailee Madison as Avery Fuller

Maika Monroe as Ella Freeman

Marie Avgeropoulos as Zoey Hopkins

Timothee Chalamet as Grayson Field

Dylan Minnette as Jaxon Foster

Ian Somerhalder as Shaun Morrison

Sean Faris as Bryson Hunt

Jessica Chastain as Anna Stephens

Beau Mirchoff as Henry Baldwin

Madisen Beaty as Lillian Hamilton

Alex Saxon as Evan Mills


Evan Mills - Throat slit.

Lillian Hamilton - Pinned to closet door with kitchen knife.

Anna Stephens - Bashed in her head with a baseball bat.

Zoey Hopkins - Hooked in her chest.

Bryson Hunt - Stabbed four times in his chest and throat slit.

Dewey Riley - Impaled with several knives.

Judy Hicks - Gutted.

Gale Weathers - Stabbed in her heart.


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