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Scream 5 is a Horror Slasher Thriller Film Directed by Wes Craven and is Written by Kevin Williamson. The Film is about The Fifth Ghostface Killing Spree. A new killer strikes again and Sidney needs to stop the new killer before another person gets harmed.


The film opens with a couple, Christa and Kevin, going to the movie theater to watch Stab 8, and they get popcorn and sit down in their seats. Christa leaves to go the bathroom and gets a phone call from Ghostface, and threatens her before attacking her in the bathroom and she screams and runs, but Ghostface slits her throat in front of the bathroom entrance and manages to take her corpse and stuff her head in a toilet. He walks into the theater and Kevin believes that she is playing a stab prank on Kevin and Ghostface pulls out a knife and stabs him in the hand. He screams and runs out of his seat and Ghostface jumps on him and stabs him in the back, and he tries to crawl away. Ghostface takes him and bashes his head in a wall and then drops him and stabs him again, SCREAM appears on the screen and S turns into 5.

Sidney and Gale are now famous for the Woodsboro reboot murders, because Gale's new book "THE WOODSBORO REBOOT MURDERS" was turned into Stab 8, and Sidney now is trying to pull her life back together again. Kirby Reed and her boyfriend James Forrester arrives at the new college in Woodsboro called Woodsboro University, and they receive texts saying that Christa and Kevin were murdered yesterday, and they tell their friends and talk at the fountain in the park with Jake, Ryan, Jenna, Danielle, Sylvia, Ellie, Christine and Samuel. Kirby goes home and gets a phone call from Ghostface who jumps out of a closet and chases Kirby upstairs where she is thrown off the roof and lands in the yard, but she is still alive and calls Sidney, telling her she is hurt and Sidney comes and sees Kirby, and calls 911.

In the hospital, Sidney discovers that Danielle was killed by Ghostface that same night and tells Gale and Dewey that the new murders are based off of Stab 2, because Christa and Kevin were killed in a movie theater like Phil and Maureen, and Kirby and Cici were both blonde and fell from a high height, only thing was that Kirby survived and Cici didn't. Kirby's leg was sprained and had to stay in the hospital for three days and Ghostface appears and kills Deputies Blake Livington and Lance Adams, and no one notices they are dead. Kirby's leg heals quickly and she leaves the hospital, and Ghostface then comes up behind the doctor and kills him. She returns to the college but gets trapped inside and Ghostface attacks her in the hallways, but she hits Ghostface on the head with a chair and runs upstairs. Another Ghostface appears and she runs down, only to be stabbed in the stomach and Dewey comes and shoots the gun which causes Ghostface to run away. Kirby runs up to Dewey and hugs her, and she goes home with Sylvia and Ryan and watches Stab 6 and 7 on DVD with them. The next day, Ghostface follows Sylvia and Ellie to their house and calls them, before appearing and killing them both. He then goes to Dewey and Gale's house where he stabs Gale in the stomach and Dewey manages to grab a frying pan and hit Ghostface on the head, grab Gale, and they drive away.

After receiving more texts that Sylvia and Ellie were killed and that Gale was attacked by Ghostface, they get more nervous when Ghostface arrives after school and kills Jenna and Samuel, her boyfriend. Jake and Ryan plan a party in order to forget the murders and Kirby comes to the party with her friend Christine who goes upstairs to get her cell phone and is killed by Ghostface who sees her. Kirby gets a phone call saying that she will be killed and she swears at the killer, but Ghostface gets her attention after saying she will be gutted and have her organs sliced open. She cries in terror when Ghostface says it isn't even the best part, and the lights turn on to reveal Sidney and James bound and gagged to chairs. Kirby runs to them both and unties them, but they run to the door where Ghostface is and he kills James. Kirby punches the Ghostface in the head and his mask comes off to reveal Jake, who was obsessed with Kirby and wanted to kill everyone in her path. Ryan then comes in licking blood off a knife and reveals himself as the second killer, who plans on recording the murders they did into a movie, Stab 9.

Ryan attacks Sidney and tries to stab her, but Sidney punches Ryan and Ryan gets outraged, attacking her with the knife and stabbing her leg. Kirby comes up behind Ryan and strangles him, but she is shot in the back by Jake who has a gun he stole from Blake. Ryan then stabs Sidney in the heart and she collapses, but Jake betrays Ryan and stabs him in the back several times killing him. Dewey comes in with a gun and fires it, but Jake dodges it and shoots Dewey in the chest, but Kirby suddenly sits up and grabs Ryan's knife. She jumps behind Jake and stabs it deep in his stomach and stabs him again and he lies in a pool of blood. Gale comes in and asks what happened and Kirby pulled off her shirt revealing a bulletproof vest, and she says "Just like Judy says with the bulletproof vest". Gale rushes to Sidney and tries to wake her up, and Sidney suddenly opens her eyes and says that Kirby did it. Kirby replies that she sure did, and they hug, but Jake rises and stabs Kirby in the chest. He is suddenly shot through his head himself and he collapses revealing Dewey who was still alive. Gale then helps Dewey to a hospital and Sidney looks at Kirby with triumphant eyes thus ending the film.


Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott

David Arquette as Sherriff Dewey Riley

Courtney Arquette as Gale Riley

Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed

Matt Lanter as Jake Woodley

Thomas Dekker as Ryan Smith

Ryan Hansen as Deputy Blake Livington

Arlen Escarpeta as Deputy Lance Adams

Crystal Lowe as Jenna Jameson

Chelan Simmons as Danielle Williams

Steven R. McQueen as James Forrester

Jennifer Holland as Sylvia Reynolds

Meagan Tandy as Ellie Sorby

Kristen Bell as Christa Collins

Hunter Parrish as Kevin Richardson

Riley Steele as Christine Livington

Jesse Moss as Samuel "Sam" Collins

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