Scream 5 (stylized as 5CREAM) is an upcoming fake American slasher film and the fifth installment to the Scream series. The film is to be directed by Kevin Williamson(who stepped in Wes Craven's place for the film after dieing two years earlier), who was the writer for all films (except for the third film), the film stars an new ensemble cast, which includes Cara Buono, Charlie O'Connell, Tom Everett Scott, David Arquette, Hayden Panettiere and Aimme Carrero. The film marks the first to not feature movie mainstay's, Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox or their famous characters. Returning cast members only included David Arquette, Marley Shelton and Hayden Panettiere, Shelton and Panettiere were really on actresses from the fourth film. The plot involves a mother of two who moves to the small town of Woodsboro but as soon as she arrives, the famous Woodsboro Murders begin and soon, she and her family become a target by the masked killer.

Originally, the series was intended to be a trilogy, but a fourth film was released in 2011, a fifth film was announced in September 2017. Filming took place in and around Port Hope, Ontario from April 2019 to June 2019.

Scream 5 is to be released in theaters on September 15th 2019.


When a Iris,a mother of two moves into the town of Woodsboro, she soon discovers it dark past and when a new string of grisly murders begin, Iris realises she must play the game the killer has provided for her, his main target, in order to stop the crimes and end it, once and for all!


The film opens with a young woman named Kaylee (Aimme Carrero) who is shown to be staying in her forest house in a forest in Woodsboro. While awaiting the arrival of her parents for dinner, she then watches a documentary on Netflix when she thinks she hears a big bang outside her house only to continue watching her documentary when a woman covered in blood (Azura Skye) arrives banging on the door when she is swept away into the bushes by a figure in a black costume. Later on, while researching after watching the programme, Kaylee's power goes out and witnesses the dead body of the lady knocking at the window, being moved by a revealed to be Ghostface. Kaylee then locks herself in when she gets a phone call who's voice appears to be near her revealing to be Ghostface who then jumps through the glass window above her. When Kaylee runs out of the house, it is revealed she has been stabbed in the gut when Ghostface then finishes her by stabbing her in the chest while her parents find her body in the woods

In the next scene, Iris (Cara Buono), a mother of two, Rosie (Kerris Dorsey) and Pete (Dakota Goto) has just moved away from Indiana to Woodsboro after her husband cheated on her where she arrives at her house and meets her Joan (Cara Buono) who is shown to be a cat lover and gardener wo works as a teacher when her kids call her cooky. Later on, Iris drops a full steak on the mopped floor and is forced to go out for the night with her kids to a fast food restuarent.

After Iris leaves, Joan is in her garden shelter drinking red wine when she hears something from her polytunnel revealing to be the deceased bodies of two teenagers (Marina Squerciatai, Johnny Gorman) being stabbed repeatidly by a blood splattered Ghostface who then chases Joan around her house when she reaches Iris's house, banging on the door, she is then chased again when she jumps over the bushes, back into her garden when she breaks her ankle and is she is then picked up by Ghostface who then slashes her thorat and throws her on the floor while she gurgles her own blood when he kicks her body into her swimming pool.

That night, Iris arrives home just after Ghostface flees the scene to notices a flip-flop covered in red on the floor but ignores it. The next day, Iris meets a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Langdon (Danny Huston, Sharisse Baker) who gets Iris to sign a vote for an 8PM curfew, after Iris invites them in, Iris grows curious why when they tell her that they were Kaylee's parents and that there trying to put a stop to The Woodsboro Murders once and for all when Iris finally signs after feeling guilty for them. When the Langdons leave, Iris gets a strange phone call of someone breathing into the phone when it hangs up. Iris then notcies the Langdons walking off from Joan's house even though her belongings and her car are still there .

The next scene shows Iris's teenage daughter Rosie (Kerris Dorsey) who is shown to be very intelligent and studious who is shown to have already made new friends, Laine (Sabrina Carpenter) and Gretchen (Sidney Floyd). Rosie then attends class where a snobby and cruel teacher Mrs. Dimms (Brenda Whele) makes jokes of her after being incorrect on an answer. When class ends, Rosie then recalls her experience with the teacher as her friends tell her shes always like that, and that she may just haft to get used to it. Later on, when school ends for the week, Mrs. Dimms is shown writing down the school roll when her pen waists, when she goes into her desk droor when she finds a peculiar red photobook full of news articles of previous Woodsboro Murders and Sidney Presscott and when she reaches the end, the last page is a stuck in article on Kaylee's death reading "Young woman stabbed to death, could it be happening again?!" with a picture of Mrs. Dimms stuck in, Ghostface then looks up as Ghostface hits her across the head with a whiteboard eraser. Rosie then goes back into the school to get a book from her locker as we see Mrs. Dimms as Ghostface stuffs her body in a cuboard in her classroom.

That night, Rosie asks Iris if she can stay over at Laine's with Gretchen as a sceptical Iris says ok. Iris then drives Rosie and Gretchen down to Laine's house. A few hours later, Iris, now alone with both kids at sleepovers,sits down and watches a DVD of Orange Is The New Black when she gets a phone call and is revealed to be Ghostface, after hanging up twice, Ghostface then shouts that if she hangs up one more time that he will slash her throat when she hears Rosie screaming help. Iris then leaves when her car is unable to start and starts banging on Joan's door when she walks into her garden to find her now rotting corpse in the pool. Iris then leaves.

The next scene then cuts to a girl and a boy (Madeline Cline, Parker Croft) who are making out in the boy's red car in the woods when he tells her that a killer used to kill teens in the town Woodsboro where they are when the girl stops and tells him she feels eerie when Ghostface appears behind the boy and stabs him in the neck, the girl then gets out and runs a few feet away and when she shoots him, he still walks towards her when she runs into the woods only to be pinned down by the killer as he stabs her to death, this whole scene is then revealed to be the opening from the newest Stab film "Stab 8: GHOSTface" which is shown to been watched by Laine, Rosie and Gretchen in Laine's room, Rosie then talks about how weird it is that she is living in a town where a film is based when the two laugh telling her that the whole franchise was based on actual events, The Woodsboro Murders when Laine's mother (Jennifer Enskat) walks in breaking the silence otherwise then Laine talking, giving them a jump. Downstairs, Laine's mother cleans dishes in the sink when she thinks she sees a shadow in the window across from her behind when she turns around and then turns back only for Ghostface, enfront of her in a window, to smash through the window as he drowns her in the sink full of boling hot water when the power goes out. Laine then goes downstairs when she discovers her mother's body beside the counter when Ghostface appears, Laine then successfully attacks him but is then stabbed in the shoulder and her head is slammed on the stair railings, killing her. Ghostface then goes upstairs where he grabs Gretchen threatening to kill her when Iris walks in and tells him to come to her when she runs off with Ghostface behind her, Iris then begins to walk backwards when she grabs him by the shoulders pushing him down the stairs as she goes to check on the girls, thinking hes unconscious and when she comes back hes gone.

Police officer Dewey Riley (David Arquette) then arrives at the scene asking for details when Iris is brought back to the police station with Rosie as the bodies of Laine and her mother are driven off by the paramedics.

The next day, after millions of news reports about the crime, Iris goes to a supermarket where she is stared at when she bumps into a young man named Michael (Charlie O'Connell) who tells her hes not interested and just asks how she is when he gives her his number and asks to call.

Rosie answers the door, while at home, then to a door to door salesman by the name of Dorothy Marsh (Kristen Schaal) who tries despratley to sell her easter eggs but Rosie refuses and asks to come back tommorrow when her mother is there after she hounds her, giving her millions of offers on them.

When Iris arrives home she then recieves another knock revealing to be her ex husband Richard (Tom Everett Scott) who asks him to leave before Pete or Julie will see him when he asks if she can go to dinner with him when she is forced when Rosie comes down and closes the door saying he'll pick her up at 8:00, Rosie then asks who that was when she replies no one.

That night, Iris asks Michael, the man from the supermarket to watch her children while she goes out. While at dinner, Richard asks why she left him when she tells him exactly that he slept with another woman when Richard asks why she stopped sleeping in bed with him and having sexual intercourse with him when she repeats why when he tells her he did it because of her avoidness with him in bed when Iris reveals that she did not think that there whole marrage was meant to be when she leaves going back to her house.

Iris then wakes up in the middle of the night and calls Deputy Dewey but is replaced by Deputy Judy Hicks (Marley Shelton) who tells her shes sending a cop car when she hears a noise revealing to be Ghostface who then shoots Hicks countless times in the stomach with a nail gun, this then awakens the lazy security guard (Pruitt Taylor Vince) who is slowly walked after by Ghostface who then throws the main against a notice board and then stabs him killing him. It is later revealed Judy survived with a safety vest

After hearing about the incident, Iris then accepts that The Woodsboro Murderer is now back and she may be a target when Michael arrives at her home asking how she is doing when she tells him she thinks she is the new Ghostface target as she decides to learn more about the case as Charlie agrees to help.

Iris and Michael then watch and read millions of articles and documentaries on the Woodsboro Murders learing about the killers as well as how they also took place outside of Woodsboro (as seen in Scream 3). Iris and Michael then find out that Kirby, a character from the fourth film who's fate was left unknown is still alive and is now a unfamous blogger who decides to meet up with Iris in a small town a few miles outside Woodsboro with her saying she dose not want anything to do with anymore.

The next day, Iris meets Kirby (Hayden Panettiere), who is shown to be wearing a black hoodie, black jeans and now has long blonde hair who recounts what it was like after she survived and that thousands of people were calling her another murderer and that a trial was put up for her and that everyone kept vandalising her home and eventually left her home to Massachusetts to become a normal blogger and has now changed her name to Angela to avoid haters, Iris tells her the news when Kirby tells her she knows that she heard and agrees to help her kill Ghostface and unmask who she or he is.

In the next scene, Dorothy comes over again for her money on the easter eggs as Rosie answers saying she still dose not have any money until her mother comes home when Dorothy leaves. TO BE CONTINUED..

Cast (In Order Of Appearance) and This is fake remember that and theres never going to be a SCREAM 5

  • Aimme Carrero as Kaylee Langdon
  • Neve Campbell bitch as Sidney Presscott (archive footage) (uncredited)
  • Azura Skye as Desperate Victim
  • Sharisse Baker as Mrs. Langdon
  • Cara Buono as Iris
  • Kerris Dorsey as Rosie
  • Dakota Goto as Pete
  • Cara Buono as Joan
  • Johnny Gorman as Deceased Teen #1 (uncredited)
  • Marina Squerciatai as Deceased Teen #2 (uncredited)
  • Danny Huston as Mr. Langdon
  • Sabrina Carpenter as Laine
  • Sidney Floyd as Gretchen
  • Jennifer Enskat as Laine's mom
  • Madeline Cline as Stab 8 Girl
  • Parker Croft as Stab 8 Boy
  • David Arquette as Dewey Riley
  • Charlie O'Connell as John (redirected from Michael)
  • Kristen Schaal as Dorothy Marsh
  • Marley Shelton as Deputy Judy Hicks
  • Pruitt Taylor Vince as Security Guard
  • Hayden Panettiere as Kirby / Angela Macey
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