This is a remake to Scream 4(2011).Scream 4 a sequel to Scream 3(Remake by MonkeyBoy) and 2023 horror thriller movie.


Sidney moves back to Woodsboro to live with her cousin who is also a huge horror movie. She finds out that 2 of her cousin's class mates are killed. she is trying to protect her before she get's killed.


Lily Collins as Sidney Prescott, Main protagonist

Peyton List as Jill Roberts, Sidney's cousin

Chris Pine as Sheriff Dwight "Dewey" Riley

Kaitlyn Black as Gale Weathers Riley

Sasha Pietrese as Kirby Reed, Close friend of Jill

Spencer Boldman as Charlie Walker , Boyfriend of Kirby

Anna Kendrick as Deputy Judy Hicks

Shaun Fleming as Trevor

Ariana Grande as Chloe

Emily Browning as Rachel

Katija Pevec as Trudie

Tyler Posey as Deputy Hoss

Maia Mitchell as Sherri

Allison Janney as Kate Roberts, Jill's mother/Sidney's aunt/Maaureen's sister

Debby Ryan as Olivia, Close friend of Jill

Madison Riley as Marine Cooper

Olivia Holt as Jenny Randal

Mila Kunis as Rebecca, Sidney's agent

Eddie Murphy as Deputy Perkins

Linda Hamilton as Maureen Roberts Prescott

Mark Hamill as Postman guy

Roger L. Jackson as Voice of Ghostface

Who Played Ghostface

Jill(She has heard Sidney's fame all her life and she wants her fame and sympathy)

Charlie(The same thing as Jill)


Trudie-Stabbed 2 times in the chest(Unknown Ghostface)

Sherri-Slit in the throat(Unknown Ghostface)

Rachel-Stabbed in the stomach by the kitchen knife 3 times(Chole)

Marnie-Stabbed in the chest 5 times then thrown in a window(Charlie)

Jenny-Stabbed in the back, back crushed with a garage door, then stabbed off screen(Jill)

Rebecca - Stabbed several times then thrown off a roof and landed on the roof of a van(Charlie)

Olivia - Stabbed to death (Jill and Charlie)

Deputy Hoss-Slit in the throat(Jill)

Deputy Perkins-Stabbed in the forehead(Jill)

Kate-Impaled through the door with a bowie knife(Charlie)

Trevor-Stabbed in the chest and stomach several times(Jill)

Kirby-Stabbed in the stomach 3 times(Charlie)

Charlie-Stabbed in the stomach(Jill)







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