Scream 3 is a 2017 slasher horror and a sequel to Scream 2. It stars Anna Kendrick, Aimee Teegarden, Ansel Elgort, Abigail Breslin, Dylan O'brien, Diego Boneta, Nina Dobrev, Liz Gillies, Alexa Vega, Lily Rabe, Amber Riley, Emma Stone, Kate Todd, Finn Wittrock, Ariana Grande, Denis O'hare, Kay Panabaker and Logan Henderson.


3 years after Scream 2, with Lena (Alexa Vega) exiting her car while on the phone with someone. She hangs up angrily before entering a movie production studio, Sunrise Studios. She gets another call and it is a friend of hers and she explains how she is a producer for Stab 3 and is taking a flight to an island for filming that night. She gets another call and answers, the killer revealing himself. He demands to know where Tatum (Anna Kendrick) is but she denies and runs out the front of the studio, only to see ghostface standing at her car. He chases her back into the building into the costume shop, where he takes a sickle and stabs her in the back. He then stabs her repeatedly before leaving.

Later, Tatum is in her house when her phone rings. She answers to hear ghostface asking her horror trivia. He asks when she will die and she turns to see ghostface shove a knife into her stomach. She wakes up on a plane with Jay Clarkson, (Dylan O'brien) a college student and her new best friend. As they begin to land, he asks why she's tense and she doesn't reply.

Tatum runs into Billy (Ansel Elgort) and asks why he's there. He tells her he's a producer for 'Stab 3' as well as a journalist. Tatum enters the hotel to see the cast of 'Stab 3,' Melissa Parks, (Abigail Breslin) Lea Munro, (Amber Riley) Lana Banx, (Kate Todd) Danielle Kendrick, (Emma Stone) Dakota Benz, (Finn Wittrock) Ariana Grande and Jose Oberlin. (Diego Boneta) Dawn Flarrety (Liz Gillies) is also an actress in the movie as well.

The cast is vacationing outside, Ariana asking who Tatum was. Dawn tells her who she is and that Melissa is playing her. As the cast is speaking, the ghostface figure watches from the woods.

That night, Lana is on her pool float when ghostface approaches the pool. She laughs as she swims to the figure, thinking it's a friend of hers when he grabs her hair and stabs her. "CUT!" Marcus West (Denis O'hare) shouts, he is the director. Lana crawls out of the pool and hits the killer, saying that the hair actually hurt. She storms off to her room when she gets a text from an unknown number. When she enters her room, the killer calls, asking where Tatum was. Lana hangs up and gets a text, saying Bad Choice, Bitch. Her closet opens and the killer stabs her in the shoulder, then knocking her down, swinging to kill her.

Judy Hicks (Aimee Teegarden) has exited a boat, seeing Tatum and Billy. She discusses with them about Lena's disappearance. They make their way to the hotel.

Melissa, Lea and Jay meet at the bar, becoming good friends, and meet Kimberly, (Nina Dobrev) who appears to despise the group. Ariana and Jose come down as well, Tatum sitting in the back. Jose leaves as he feels sick and runs into the killer, who stabs him in the back twice, dragging his body away.

The next day, the cast is wondering where Jose, Lana and Olga (Lily Rabe) are. Marcus tells them they need to start filming and Ariana, Lea and Dakota get ready. Billy reads over the script and realizes that the cast had disappeared in the order they died. He reads that Dakota dies next and looks up as the killer exits the elevator. He tries warning them when Marcus silences him. The killer grabs Dakota and stabs him in the stomach. Lea and Ariana back away and tell Tatum she's supposed to be stabbed in the back. Tatum screams "THAT'S THE REAL KILLER!" Marcus walks to the killer as Dakota is gutted, then Marcus' throat is slit. The entire cast screams, fleeing as the cameraman is stabbed in the eye.

The six run across the courtyard as it rains, entering the pantry, where Kimberly confronts them. Kimberly leads them to the hotel where they enter Olga's office to find her dead and the radio destroyed. Judy and Jay approach and tell them they saw the killer. Jay tells Tatum of a tape in his bag that his friend, Martha, gave to him. They watch to see Randy (Logan Henderson) explain the rules for this movie, saying even Tatum could die.

As it gets dark, they all separate and Tatum, Billy, Ariana, Jay and Melissa see the killer and are chased upstairs, when Ariana and Melissa climb into the attic, the others unaware. The killer follows the two girls, who crawl out a window when Ariana is attacked and slips, sliding off the roof. Melissa screams for Ariana to run while she fights the killer. Melissa climbs into the hotel again, fleeing to the lobby.

Judy leads Kimberly, Dawn, Lea and Danielle to the docks when they hear Ariana screaming. They run to her and see the killer chasing Ariana. Danielle and Lea run to help her, Judy calling for them to stop. Danielle hits the killer with a shovel when he takes it, shoves her against a tree and stabs her in the neck, decapitating her. The group scream and run off.

Tatum, Billy and Jay keep walking through the hall when they hear a noise. As they turn a corner, Billy is stabbed in the neck. He turns and tells Tatum, who is sobbing, to run. Jay leads her away as Billy is stabbed repeatedly.

Tatum and Jay meet the others in the lobby when the pool doors open and they sneak to the kitchen. It is revealed to Melissa, but before they can get her, Ghostface jumps down from the cieling and stabs Lea in the stomach. Dawn screams as she is shoved back and stabbed five times in her torso. Ariana kicks the killer back and they all huddle together, backing away from the kitchen, Melissa joining them. Judy points her gun at him and demands to know who they are. He pulls the mask off, making Tatum gasp. "No fucking way."

The killer is revealed to be Sidney (Kay Panabaker) who explains how she convinced Gale and Dewey to fake kill her, then got Mickey to get Ethan to join him and Joel. Tatum can't make sense of how she got everything together here when Jay pulls a knife out and stabs Ariana in the back of the head. He then stabs Judy in the side, stepping to Sidney. Sidney and Jay make the four go to the pool, where Jay takes some weights and begins tying them to Kimberly's ankles when Tatum kicks him in the face. The four fight the two killer, Tatum bashing Jay with the weight six times, killing him almost instantly. Melissa, Kimberly and Sidney are fighting while Judy finds a gun. Sidney stabs Kimberly then pins Melissa down and tries stabbing her when Judy shoots her in the shoulder. Tatum takes the gun and considers shooting Sidney but knocks her out instead.

Tatum, Kimberly, Melissa and Judy go to the prison, where Tatum visits Sidney. Sidney tells her she has more people willing to kill her. Tatum whispers, "Bring it on, bitch." Before leaving Sidney screaming for her to come back.

A gloved hand is placing a knife, a phone and a mask on a table before the screen flashes to black.


  • Anna Kendrick as Tatum Riley, survivor for five years, Tatum is trying to get her life together. She has a new best friend who is taking her to an island for a vacation.
  • Aimee Teegarden as Judy Hicks, Cop of Woodsboro who ventures to the island to protect Tatum, Billy and the cast of the movie.
  • Ansel Elgort as Billy Loomis, a producer for the movie and old friend of Tatum. He is interested in Judy Hicks.
  • Abigail Breslin as Melissa Parks, an up and coming actress, known for her horror comedy show, "Sorority Massacre" and is playing Judy in Stab 3.
  • Dylan O'brien as Jay Clarkson, a college student, and Tatum's new best friend. He is a psychology major and is trying to help Tatum.
  • Diego Boneta as Jose Oberlin, an actor who is trying to fix his image after drug use.
  • Nina Dobrev as Kimberly, a waitress in the bar who is bitchy and hates the movie stars.
  • Liz Gillies as Dawn Flarrety, Tatum's college bud who moved to hollywood to be an actress. This is her first big role and she is highly excited.
  • Alexa Vega as Lena, A former sorority sister.
  • Lily Rabe as Olga, a worker in the hotel, wanting to keep the stars happy.
  • Amber Riley as Lea Munro, a singer and actress, known for her musical tv show and her album that completely flopped.
  • Emma Stone as Danielle Kendrick, the A-List celeb who is smart and sassy, knowing how to keep herself alive.
  • Kate Todd as Lana Banx, a snarky primadonna.
  • Finn Wittrock as Dakota Benz, a rude actor who bullies the other actors and the staff of the hotel.
  • Ariana Grande as Ariana Grande, a singer and actress who wants to get back into acting after being on a horror show. As a horror fan, she will do whatever it takes to survive.
  • Denis O'hare as Marcus West, the director that wants to 'Murder all the actors.'
  • Kay Panabaker as Sidney Presscott, Tatum's dead best friend and Billy's ex. She makes a special appearance, revealed as the mastermind behind the killers.
  • Logan Henderson as Randy Meeks, A deceased friend who made videos to say what happens in the next chapters of the films.


  1. Lena - As she enters Sunrise studios, she gets a call from the killer, asking where Tatum is. She runs to her car but Ghostface is already there and chases her back inside. He takes a sickle from the costume shot and stabs her in the back, making her fall. He turns her over before stabbing her with the knife repeatidly. He takes her plane ticket.
  2. Lana - After being killed off the movie, she storms to her room where the killer calls her. She panics when the killer emerges from the closet, stabbing her shoulder. She falls and the killer stabs her in the stomach, blood coming from her mouth. She is then stabbed again.
  3. Jose - He leaves the bar and on his way to the hotel, the killer runs from the darkness and stabs him in the back twice before dragging the body off.
  4. Dakota - As they are filming, Dakota is stabbed by the killer in the stomach. Assuming it's apart of filming, Marcus continues. Dakota is then gutted, Tatum screaming for the others to run.
  5. Marcus - After Dakota's death, Marcus is then killed when the killer slashes his throat.
  6. Cameraman - While filming, the killer stabs him in the eye.
  7. Olga - Her body is found with stab wounds over her head and stomach and a knife in her chest.
  8. Danielle - Ariana is attacked and she fights the killer with a shovel. The killer snatches it and shoves her against a tree before placing it against her neck and slamming it into her. Her head rolls off as the others scream.
  9. Billy - While fleeing, the killer attacks him, stabbing him in the throat. To let Tatum and Jay escape, he continues fighting, getting stabbed in the stomach seven times.
  10. Lea - Melissa calls for the others when the killer attacks, stabbing Lea in the stomach and twisting the knife.
  11. Dawn - The killer then shoves Dawn against the counter, stabbing her five times in the torso.
  12. Ariana Grande - When Sidney reveals everything, Jay reveals himself as the killer as well, and he stabs Ariana in the back of her head. She gasps as blood pours out and her body is shoved down on her face.
  13. Jay - He and Tatum fight when she is shoved down. She takes a weight and hits him in the face, making him whimper and beg for his life when she hits him again. His cheek is torn as she hits him a few more times, killing him after six hits.


  • Tatum Riley
  • Sidney Presscott
  • Judy Hicks
  • Melissa Parks
  • Kimberly


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