Scream 2 Is a Slasher Horror Thriller Mistery Film and Remake of Saga Scream Starring Selena Gomez,Lacey chambert,Tyler hoelinch,Stephen Lunsford,Jensen Ackles,Jennifer Tily,Kellan Lutz,Sean Faris,Alyssa Diaz,Katie Cassidy,Keke Palmer,Roshon Fegan,Brandon T. Jackson with Trevor Donovan And Peter Facinnely



Selena Gomez As Sidney Prescott

Lacey chambert As Gale Weathers

Tyler hoelinch As  Dwight "Dewey" Riley

Stephen Lunsford As Randy Meeks

Jensen Ackles As Mickey Altiery

Jennifer Tily As Debra Salt/Debbie Loomis

Kellan Lutz As Cotton weary

Sean Faris As Derek Feldman

Alyssa Diaz As Hallie McDaniel

Katie Cassidy As Cici Cooper

Keke Palmer As Mauren Evans

Roshon Fegan As Phil Stevens

Brandon T. Jackson As Joel the Cameraman

Trevor Donovan As Detective Andrews

Peter Facinnely As Detective Richards


Phil Stevens-Stabbed in head through the wall of a bathroom stall by Mickey

Maureen Evans- Stabbed once in stomach and seven times in back

Cici Cooper-Thrown through glass door, stabbed in back twice and thrown from third story balcony

Randy Meeks-Stabbed in chest 4 times, throat sliced in news van

Detective Andrew-Throat slashed in cop car

Detective Richerds-Head impaled on pole while on driving car

Hallie McDaniel-Stabbed 4 times in chest

Derek Feldman-Shot in chest with gun

Mickey Altieri- Shot to death

Debbie Salt/Debbie Loomis- Shot in throat and forehead


Sidney prescott,Gale Weaters,Dewt Riley and Cotton Weary

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