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Scream 2 is a 2019 Horror-Thriller-Drama film that will be a sequel to the 2017 Horror film, Scream and will be a sequel to the 1997 horror film of the same name. This film will have a different plot and different killers but will have some of the same characters. This film stars Lily Collins, Kaitlyn Black, Jake Gyllenhaal, KeKe Palmer, Cody Longo, Bobby Campo, Michael B. Jordan, Dennis Quiad, Taissa Farmiga, Dane Farewell, Richard Burgi, Portia Doubleday, Ansel Elgort, Chris Hemsworth, Roger L. Jackson, Danielle Panabaker, Jensen Ackles, Christina Ricci, and Alex Pettyfer.


2 years later, Sidney Prescott is in a college miles away from Woodsboro, California where the murders happen and is the author of a number one bestelling autobiography novel called The Life of Sidney Prescott . The person who was framed for Maureen's death, Cotton Weary was released from jail for false imprisonment. From there, their have been no reports of murders or attacks lately so she feels safe but she won't feel safe for long. One morning, Sidney finds on the news that two of her classmates at college were found murdered and the only evidence of the murder a Ghostface mask laying by the crime scene. Then Sidney gets a call from an anymous source that asks asks her if she wants to die. Meanwhile, Sidney reunites with her friends Dewey and Gale who are interviewing the murders of the two college students. Sidney along with Randy, her new boyfriend Trevor and her new best friend Stefany helps Dewey and Gale find out who is the new murder and who else wants to take Sidney out.


Lily Collins as Sidney Prescott - Sidney has been working hard these past two years to put her life back together after discovering that all of her friends were brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend Billy Loomis and Stu Macher at Woodsboro High School. She is also an accomplished author who wrote a bestselling autobiography book about her life experiences, the life she had to go through and how all of the disaster caused at her hometown back in 2017 was a result of her friends, family and classmates being murdered and she calls it The Life of Sidney Prescott. Sidney now strives to help people dealing with dark issues in their lives and, most importantly, to help others diagnosed with svere traumas to get their problems under proper control in order to prevent another national disaster from occurring. Sidney is now in college called Worthington Univeristy miles away from Woodsboro where she has a new boyfriend, new friends and safety. Sidney feels if she moves far away from her hometown, no one will attempt to murder her but soon she realizes that she was completely wrong. One morning, Sidney and her friends find on the news that two of their classmates at college were found brutally murdered in a truck and the only evidence was a Ghostface mask nearby. Things start getting worse when Sidney gets an anyomous call asking her if she wants to die and she stole someone's life from them. The good part is that Sidney and Randy reunite with their old friends, Dewey and Gale because they are on search for the murderers and Sidney, Randy, Stefany and Trevor will help them. Sidney doesn't no who else has a vendetta or grudge against her and she'll get some clues, evidence and answers on who else wants to take her out and why. Whenever she is not writing a book or doing homework, she spends time with her friends going on car rides, eating at fast-food restaraunts, partying or playing games with them. Many fans and critics love the book, The Life of Sidney Prescott because it explains in the book to stay positive, never give up something and all the pain she had to go through. Due to many fans and positive reviews from critics around the world, Sidney's book has made it to international fame across North America, Asia, Australia and Europe. She may still have violent mannerisms but stays loyal and big-hearted towards those she loves.

Kaitlyn Black as Gale Weathers - She is a former news reporter, Film director and the fiancée of Dewey Riley. Gale was a self-centered, greedy and fame-seeking famous news reporter in California but gave up her career as a news reporter and is now a film director where she is making Sideny's book, The Life of Sidney Prescott into a horror film that she will called The Woodsboro Massacre. Gale is shooting the film in Hollywood, California where she is also Dewey's fiancée and they will have a family together. Gale then hears that their have been murders of two college students that were found dead in a car with a Ghostface mask nearby in a city in California called Greenville where Sidney attended college. Gale and Dewey go to Greenville to investigate the murders and they reunite with their old friends, Sidney and Randy along with some new other friends. Gale is a huge fan of Sidney's number one bestseller, The Life of Sidney Prescott saying that her book is emotional, dramatic and classical. She thinks that the new murder is Cotton Weary because after Sidney blamed him for killing her mother, she thinks Cotton wants revenge for it.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Dwight "Dewey" Riley - He is an cop at Woodsboro Police Department, a close friend of Sidney and the fiancée of Gale Weathers. Dewey was a hard-working cop in Woodsboro county where he lived a rich lifestyle with his sister and parents in a luxorious neighborhood in Woodsboro but now he is a detective in Hollywood, California who investigates crimes and murder scenes to find out who is responsible for it and is the fiancée of former news reporter of Woodsboro, Gale Weathers. Dewey then hears their have been murders of two college students that were found dead in car with a Ghostface mask nearby in a city in California called Greenville where Sidney attends college. Gale and Dewey go to Greenville to investigate the murders where they reunite with their friends, Sidney and Randy and a few new friends. Dewey is a huge fan of Sidney's bestseller, The Life of Sidney Prescott saying that her book is a masterpiece written on paper.

KeKe Palmer as Stefany Griffin - She is the new best friend and roommate of Sidney Prescott and the pregnant girlfriend of Nathan Jacobs. She is a good-hearted, party-going 24 year old that lives in a city in California called Greenville where she attends college and has a boyfriend who later impregnanted her. Stefany is a skilled painter who works at an art shop painting self portraits and canvases for local buyers. She is very smart and intellectual, but feels a certain hole in her life due to not understanding who Manson really was. Abigail spends her free time researching Manson to fully explore his life and find out what made him turn away from the sweet, friendly child she grew up with. She is a fun-spirited and up-going teen who loves to party whenever she has the chance but she wants to care about the health about her unborn baby and doesn't want to party to much. Stefany is a mature and sophisticated girl who tries her best to have a fun time, but has trouble fighting through her morals. She loves horror movies; the Halloween and Friday The 13th films especially and considers herself an expert on horror movie tropes. She is a devoted horror buff who understands all of the rules of horror films. She is a straight A honor roll student and is at the top of all her classes. Despite her nerdy attributes, she is still very popular at college and is liked by almost the entire student body and her teachers.

Cody Longo as Randy Meeks - He is an old friend of Sidney Prescott who has a job at a game store in Grenville. Randy loves playing video games and is also trying to master a career in game developing, but chooses learning and education as his main focus because he is very well-read and is able to empathize for misfit pupils of society. Randy is equipped with a charming sense of charisma and it attracts the attention of many girls at his college, though he chooses to spend his time reading biographies in order to understand how people communicate and live life because he is determined to find his own story. He goes to a different college then Sidney. Randy loves Sidney's book, The Life of Sidney Prescott as he find it very dramatic and tells all the information if the Woodsboro murders. He is another misfit pupil, and is very nice to people. When he hears that the murders of two college students and reunites with Sidney to tell her the news of the murders and he sons befriends a few ne people and reunites with his other two friends, Dewey and Gale. They all work together to see who else has something against Sidney.

Bobby Campo as Trevor Miller - He is the new boyfriend and classmate of Sidney Prescott. Justin is a smart, adventurous, and cultured college student who likes participating on his friends ideas. Trevor has a fun spirited personality and likes doing stunts and hardcore things day and night even if it gets him into trouble but sometimes feels remorse about his mischief. Trevor is an up going college student who will have a fun time day and night. He is really serious about everything but can be a cool guy to have fun and hang out with. Trevor is always supportive to Alice when it comes to helping her deal with her past and also knows how to show her a good time. He comes off as a suave, athletic jock, and is very warmhearted and willing to help out in a serious situation. He is somewhat of a chick magnet and always has a wandering eye, but vows to stay loyal to his girlfriend. Trevor is also a talented cook who works at a local diner and loves purring his cooking skills to good use. He lives for scary legendary stories and tries to get his friends in on the joy of them as well. Trevor is a handsome, popular and athletic jock who carries a superficial demeanor, but is also equipped with a warm heart and is willing to help someone out in need. Tommy is active in track, basketball and football and considers sports as his life. When he hears that two college students have been murdered, he groups of with Sidney, Randy, Stefany, Dre, Dewey and Gale to find out who else has a grudge against Sidney Prescott. Trevor finds Sidney's book, The Life of Sidney Prescott an inspiring novel for those with low self-asteem or a miserable life. It is later revealed that he is one of the new Ghostface murders and is a dark, murderous man who takes part with his actual girlfriend Terry, Sidney's secret half-sister.

Michael B. Jordan as Nathan Jacobs - He is the best friend of Trevor Miller, the boyfriend of Stefany and a close friend of Sidney Prescott at college. Nathan has listened to every Rap song imaginable since he was a child and has taken an interest in rapping as a way of expressing himself. He carries out his ambition by going to local rap clubs and showing off his talent, hoping to get scouted. Despite schoolwork and responsibilities, Dre still finds the time to practice his rapping by entering talent shows and getting into contact with agents who specialize in the music department. He is very suave with the ladies and comes off as a superficial womanizer, but Nathan is truly a warm-hearted soul who treats others with respect, is a loyal brother figure to Ryan and is always there for him when needed. He is an extreme health nut who watches carefully about everything he eats to make sure it's safe and carb-free in order to build more muscle and maintain in shape. Nathan is described as a suave womanizer but is always loyal to his friends and girlfriend. When he hears that his girlfriend, Stefany is pregnant he has a mixture of feeling 50 percent prepared and 50 percent unprepared to be a father as he is in his mid 20s and still has his whole life ahead of him before becoming a father. When he hears that two of his classmates were murdered he groups up with Sidney, Randy, Trevor, Gale, Dewey and Stefany to find out who else has a grudge against Sidney besides Billy and Stu.

Dennis Quaid as Neil Prescott - He is the father of Sidney and a survivor of the Woodsboro murders. Neil is a hard-working and strong minded business man that is always on business trips and hardly showed any love or passion towards Maureen and that's how she had an affair with several other men. Neil had to request several babysitters and guardians to keep Sidney company while he was out on trips. One day, Neil knew she was having affairs and they both agreed to a divorce. A month later after the divorce Neil heard on the news that Maureen was found raped and killed with her corpse in the woods. That day Neil left security alarms around his house in case a murder comes in and try's to murder him or his daughter. One day when Neil goes on another business trip, he was heard that his car crashed and that he was kidnapped by Billy and Stu. Later Billy and Stu were killed by Sidney Prescott and Neil survived through the murderous rampage. Two years later, Neil has good feelings and is very proud of Sidney because of her bestselling book, The Life of Sidney Prescott as he finds it inspiring, dramatic and emtional. Now Sidney is off to college and Neil is still working hard to make enough money to provide for himself.

Taissa Farmiga as Terry Wilson "Prescott" - She is the hidden half-sister of Sidney Prescott, the mastermind murder behind the new Ghostface and the actual girlfriend of Trevor Miller. When Maureen was committing adultery and prostitution with other men when she was still married to Neil Prescott, she was later revealed pregnant with another girl who she neglected to take care of and she never knew who her father was. She was later named Terry Wilson when she was taken in with a foster family in Greensville, California. As she was growing up, she heard on the news that her biological mother, Maureen Prescott was raped and murdered by Billy Loomis and Stu Macher and one of them is the boyfriend of her half-sister, Sidney Prescott. This got Terry really jealous and angry that Sidney got all the sympathy and fame and started having murderous thoughts about and scapegoating Sidney for taking all the credit and that she didn't get any sympathy. Two years later, Terry meets up with a guy named Trevor who he makes an alliance with Terry to kill Sidney Prescott and Trevor pretends to be Sidney's boyfriend. The two start dating and they later murder two innocent college students and leave no evidence but a Ghostface mask nearby the murder scene in one of the college student's car. She realizes that Sidney goes to her same college and has published a bestselling autobiography novel called The Life of Sidney Prescott and she pretended to be huge fan inspired by Sidney's book named Terry Wilson instead of her actual name, Terry Prescott. Terry pretended to be a fan to get on her good side long enough so she can kill her for having all the fame and glory. Later at the end of the film, Terry reveals her true nature and that she is Sidney's sister, Terry Prescott along with her boyfriend, Trevor who also wants to kill Sidney so she can no longer be famous and respected. Terry is much similar to Jill Roberts from Scream 4 as they both have the same motive, they want to kill Sidney Prescott for having all the fame. Terry would kill anyone that gets in her way of achieving her goal and wouldn't care what she does. Dane Farwell as Ghostface

Richard Burgi as Sheriff Robert Hewitt - Sheriff Hewitt is the sheriff of Greenseville Police Department who takes his job seriously and doesn't really like jokes. Robert is a hard-working, serious and smart 57-year-old man that works very hard to keep Woodland an innocent, quiet city with no crimes and no violence. Sheriff Burke isn't really humorous or happy as he is a very dull, mature man that takes everything he does seriously. Richard works 17 hours a day and makes sure that there is no robberies, rape, murders or other crimes in Pineville. He hardly likes to have fun because he was raised with neglectful, arrogant parents that pushed him around to grow up to be a successful man. Robert harbors a tough-headed demeanor when it comes to his job and keeping everyone under control, but he has just enough of a heart to maintain his status as the Sheriff of Greensville.

Portia Doubleday as Amy Becker - She is one of the first seen people in the film, one of the first victims of Ghostface in this film and the girlfriend of Kevin. Amy reckless but caring, responsible and loving. She supports Kevub, even through his worst decisions and often acts as a moral compass but she still has a big heart and a selfless personality. She takes many classes at Worthington University to inhance her career as a law student and spends her full time studying, reading law books and gives it her all. Despite her serious demeanor and ambitions, Cassidy is still equipped with a funny, nuanced sense of humor and is always in a mood to light up someone's day due to understanding the value of family. One night while driving around in the woods with Kevin while drinking alcohol and having sexual interocurse, Amy gets a call from an anyomous man that says he is watching her and Kevin which started to frighten Amy. Amy ran out of the car into the woods to find her boyfriend and later found his gutted corpse hanging from a tree. Later, Amy was brutally killed by Ghostface and both her and Kevin's bodies were left to rot in a car with a Ghostface mask nearby. She is a victim because she has the same last name as Casey Becker, another victim of Ghostface.

Ansel Elgort as Kevin Loomis - He is the boyfriend of Amy Becker, one of the first seen people in the film and the one of the first victims of Ghostface in the film. Kevin is always supportive to Alice when it comes to helping her deal with her past and also knows how to show her a good time. He comes off as a suave, raunchy jock, but is actually very warmhearted and willing to help out in a serious situation. Kevin has a funny, yet sometimes offensive sense of humor, but also has a big heart. He's very adventurous and is always looking for mischief no matter where he is. Nick loves skateboarding and listening to Rock Music all day but sometimes he still has big intention of finding work or taking any kind of responsibility. One night when him and his girlfriend drive into the woods to drink alcohol and have sex, Kevin went to go urinate after drinking several beers. He was later gutted by Ghostface and him along with Amy's corpse were dumped into the car with a Ghostface nearby.

Chris Hemsworth as Cotton Weary - He is a person that was framed for the death of Maureen Prescott and a suspect of the new Ghostface killer. Cotton is a 34-year-old man who is a local resident of Woodsboro that has always goes to late night party clubs where he gets drunk on alcoholic beverages and meet some prostitutes to have sex with. One day when he is at a night club partying, Maureen comes up to him and flirts with him and then they go back to Cotton's house where they perform sexual intercourse on each other which was leading to Neil and Maureen's divorce. Ever since the mysterious death of Maureen Prescott, he has been interviewed by several reporters to see if he was behind the murder and then Billy and Stu planted evidence in his house so he could be framed for it and Cotton is charged for a 20 year sentence for a crime he didn't commit while Billy and Stu continue their killing spree but that all failed. Now Cotton is interviewed on several talk shows to explain how it feels to be sentenced to prison for something he didn't do. Cotton also interviewed a a copy of Sidney's book, The Life of Sidney Prescott and how it describes all the phases and conflicts Sudnye had to go through and Cotton returns to California to ask Sidney some questions about the book and the other murders that have been going on. Many people think that Cotton is the killer because they think he wanted to get Sidney back for sending to jail for 3 years.

Roger L. Jackson as Ghostface (Phone Voice)

Danielle Panabaker as Tina Brown - She is a famous Hollywood actress and will play the role of Sidney Prescott in Gale Weather's upcoming horror film, Woodsboro Massacre. Tina is a huge fan of Sidney's bestselling autobiography, The Life of Sidney Prescott and is also excited of playing her in the movie STAB. Tina has met her when Sidney visited Gale's set for STAB and has asked her several questions and details on how it felt to be the ex-girlfriend of a mass murderer and the daughter of one of his victims. Tina grew up with her 5 brothers, 2 sisters, father who was a hardworking business man and her mother who was a famous fashion model all in Los Angelos, California. Tina is a die-hard horror movie fan as she likes horror films, mainly Stephen King based horror films like Carrie, IT, and The Shining as she also collects and reads many of Stephen King's most famous books. Tina secretly has a secret crush on one of her colleagues in the film, Ethan but won't admit it to anyone and wants to keep it to herself.

Jensen Ackles as Ned Tucker - He is a famous Hollywood actor and will play the role of Dewey Riley in Gale Weather's upcoming film, Woodsboro Massacre. Ned is a hard-working man who always gets the job done and doesn't sign up a contract unless it leads him to high pay or high ratings and if he gets locked into the contract, he'll sue the person responsible because he has powerful agents and lawyers. Ned thinks Sidney's book is very emotional, has drama and fear in the book. Ned got the book to learn more about his character in Woodsboro Massacre, Officer Dwight "Dewey" Riley. Ned lives a very rich lifestyle and he'll vow to sue anyone that will scam him over thousands of money. Ned grew up in a small town in Ohio to a middle class family but left his family behind to pursue his dream as a famous actor in Los Angelos. Ned has met Dewey and Sidney several times on the set of STAB and has asked Dewey many questions on how it felt to almost be murdered.

Christina Ricci as Megan Blake - She is a famous Hollywood actress and will play the role of Gale Weathers in Gale Weather's upcoming film, Woodsboro Massacre. Megan is much like Gale Weathers as they both are a arrogant, power-hungry and fame seeking woman who won't take no for an answer and will do anything for money or fame. Megan always wears the most expensive clothing she can find in her wardrobe along with a fur coat and shades to show off her arrogance and that she is a famous actress. Megan grew up with her parents in the luxorious side of Manhattan, New York but left her home to be an actress in Los Angelos, California. Megan mostly performed in Soap Operas, Drama films, Romantic films, and a judge on Fashion Shows. Megan then performs in her first horror film, Woodsboro Massacre which is based off the Woodsboror murders and Sidney's autobiography, The Life of Sidney Prescott where Gale Weathers will be the director of the film and her character will be Gale Weathers.

Alex Pettyfer as Ethan Sawyer - He is a famous Hollywood actor and will play the role of Billy Loomis in Gale Weathers upcoming horror film, Woodsboro Massacre. Ethan is a huge fan of Sidney's autobiography, The Life of Sidney Prescott and bought a copy for him to learn about his character, Billy Loomis in Gale Weather's horror film, Woodsboro Massacre. Ethan and his family were known to be famous Hollywood actors and he grew up very wealthy, pampered, and famous. By the time Ethan was is in his teen years and went to a private high school, Ethan started his acting career in magic shows and teenage high school films. From that point on, he started getting becoming a famous Hollwyood actor and he usually appeared in dramas or romantic-comedy films. Ethan starred in his first horror film, Woodsboro Massacre where he plays the role of the mastermind of the murders and Sidney Prescott's ex-boyfriend, Billy Loomis. Ethan's ambition is to become a Broadway actor and spends his free time going to New York and auditioning for roles in the film industry, plays and musicals of New York City


Kevin Loomis - Decapitated, Gutted and Hung by Ghostface.

Amy Becker - After making out with Kevin in his car, Kevin went to go utinate in the woods after drinking beers. A few minutes later after Kevin went into the woods, Amy gets a call from an anyomous source and she answers it and all she hears is Ghostface's voice saying "Hey Amy". She thought it was Kevin or one of her ex-boyfriends trying to pull a prank on her and scare her. The voice then said "I'm not Kevin" and Amy said "Who Are You Then?" and the voice said "Who Do You Think I Am". Amy then hung up and said "Bye Freak" and started filing her nails. The phone rang again and she answered the call and it was still Ghostface calling her. Amy said "Okay who are you and why do you keep calling?". Ghostface responded by saying "Because I want to know if that's you in the car". Amy then shocked said "What did you just say" and Ghostface said "I want to know what your doing". Amy then locked the car doors and Ghostface said "Won't do any good to lock the doors". Amy then grabbed out a pocket knife out of Kevin's wallet nearby and said angrily and scared "Who the hell are you". Ghostface responded back by saying again "Who Do You Think I Am" only sounding more agreesive. Amy threatens Ghostface by saying that her boyfriend, Kevin is big and strong and that he'll beat him up if he doesn't stop scaring her. Ghostface says "I'm sorry but Kevin is no more". Amy is then shocked to realize that Ghostface might've killed Kevin. She moves to Kevin's seat and starts the car hoping to drive to town and look for help. Then all of a sudden in the bushes, a bullet came out of the bushes and hit one of tires. Amy tried to start it but it wouldn't go. Amy ran out of the car and into the woods screaming in terror where she found Kevin's corpse hanging from a tree with barbed wire around his neck. Amy tried to run again but then Ghostface came from the bushes and tackled Amy to the ground. Ghostface tried to strangle Amy but then Amy grabbed the pocket knife off the ground stabbed it into Ghostface's arm making him fall to the ground. Amy walked away from Ghostface's unconscious body and walked towards the car hoping to get her phone and call for help. As she was about to dial the police, Ghostface appeared behind her and threw her to the ground. Ghostface bent down kneeling over Amy. She begged for mercy but Ghostface then lifted the pocket knife out of his arm and stabbed Amy several times in the stomach and chest area with the knife she layed dead on the ground.

Tina Brown - When it was closing time on set, Tina accidently left her keys in her dressing room and walked all the way to get it. As soon as she made it to her dressing room, the door to the dressing room slammed hard and thought someone was in the dressing room. Tina slowly opened the door, turned on the lights and slowly made her way inside and yelled out to see who was inside. Tina found her keys laying on her dresser and as soon as she turned around, she saw Ghostface at the door and slowly closed the door and locked it. Tina asked if it was Ethan but Ghostface just stood their in silence glaring at Tina. Tina started getting a little scared and told Ghostface to answer her but it didn't answer back. Then Ghostface up to Tina which made her back up into her dresser and get cornered. Ghostface ran up to Tina and cornered her. Tina fell to the ground crawling on the floor trying to get away from Ghostface. Ghostface then swung his knife making him slice Tina's arm. Tina then kicked Ghostface in the groins, ran to and unlocked the door and ran out of the dressing room hoping to make to her car and escape Ghostface. Ghostface outside of the door and threw his knife at Tina which sliced Tina's leg and made her fall to the ground. Ghostface slowly walked up to Tina, stood over her and wiped off the blood from his knife. Ghostface pinned Tina to the ground in a chokehold and stabbed her in the face with his knife.

Ethan Sawyer - When Ethan was in his living room eating a pepperoni pizza and watching Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers on his television while practicing his script for Billy Loomis, he gets called by an anyomous source and picks up the phone to see who is calling him. Ethan said "Hi" and then Ghostface's voice said "Hi" back. Ethan said "Who is This" and Ghostface said "I Don't Know" so Ethan hung up and said "Wrong Number". Ethan walked into the kitchen and threw away his pizza box and then his phone rang again. Ethan picked it back up and answered it and thought it was Gale calling him but it was Ghostface saying "Hey, Again How Are You Doing" and Ethan started getting annoyed on why the anyomous man called him again and Ethan said in a louder voice "This is the wrong number, stop calling". Ethan then hung up on him angrily and was about to go back into the kitchen to get a beer to calm him down but then Ghostface called him again so Ethan picked up the phone and said angrily and loud "Listen dumbass, call again and report to the police" and Ghostface said "No you listen, Ethan I'll gut you alive if you hang up again". Ethan then was frightened, locked his front door and said "Okay this isn't funny who are you". Ghostface said back "Whatever you think of". Ethan then said "Never call me again or I'll put you in the hospital for years". Ethan then hung up on Ghostface and then suddenly all the lights turned off in the house. The phone rang again so Ethan unplugged his phone cord and tried to make it to the door and run out of the house for help. But then Ghostface appeared out of a nearby closet and tried to tackle Ethan to the ground but then Ethan ran upstairs with Ghostface chasing him from behind. He then threw a bookcase to the ground hoping the block Ghostface's path and climb out of a nearby window. When Ethan was climbing through the window, Ghostface grabbed Ethan's shirt and started pulling him up and stabbing him in the back, the arms and the head then pulled Ethan's bloody corpse back through the window.

Nathan Jacobs - When Nathan was driving around the campus at night with Sidney and Stefany, Sidney gets a call from an anyomous source that says "Hi Sidney, Remember Me? I'm your worst nightmare". Sidney then hung up after saying "Leave me alone, motherfucker". Stefany asks who was it but Sidney says it was no one important and that it was the wrong number. Nathan then saw a person in a Ghostface costume run by the bushes and Sidney says "That's him, turn around now". Dre obeys her and starts reversing his car while Sidney was dialing the police for help. When Nathan was about to drive away, Ghostface's hand went through Dre's side window and started stabbing him in the chest and slit his throat making Stefany and Sidney scream in fear. Sidney and Stefany ran out of the car screaming and ran into their dorm house and locked the door.

Trevor Miller - While Terry was keeping Stefany hostage, Trevor was looking around the house looking for Sidney with a switchblade. Sidney was hiding in a closet holding a bat planning to beat Trevor to death with it. Sidney heard Trevor's footsteps walking pass her so she ran out of the closet and hit Trevor in the head with bat which made Trevor fall to the ground and he quickly got back up and tackled Sidney to the ground planning to kill her with his switchblade. She then kicked Trevor in the face which made him drop the switchblade. Sidney reached for the switchblade and stabbed Trevor several times in the stomach with the switchblade until he layed dead on the floor. It is later revealed during the ending of the film that Trevor is never convicted of being part of the gruesome murders.

Terry Prescott - Sidney slowly walked down the stairs and saw Terry keeping Stefany hostage at a gunpoint. Sidney begged for mercy to let her go and that they can work it out but Terry said that she wants to be the famous one, the honored one, the special one and that Sidney will be the dead one. Terry then was about to pull the trigger at Stefany's head but then Sidney got a fire poker and beat Terry with it and told Stefany to run and get help and she did. Sidney then stood over her with the fire poker and was about to kill her for killing and harming her friends but then Terry got a switchblade she found on the floor and stabbed it into Sidney's leg making her fall to the ground. Sidney was then crawling on the floor when Terry got back up and grabbed the gun off the floor. Sidney then jumped up onto Terry and tackled her to the ground and fighting her off. When they were punching and beating each other several times, Terry then kicked Sidney to the floor and aimed her gun at Sidney's face. Terry then said "Bye, Bye sis". Terry was then about to pull her trigger but then Sidney grabbed a fire poker and impaled a Terry through the stomach with the fire poker and Terry's body layed dead on the floor. Sidney got back up and noticed policeman and her classmates surronding the area. Sidney ran out of the house in joy excited that she is being saved. Then when she was about to walk up to the police, but then a blood covered Terry ran out from behind Sidney and tried to stab and kill her but luckily Dewey and the policeman shot fire and started shooting Terry several times in the chest and stomach area until she was finally dead. It is later revealed at the end of the film that Terry is the said to be the only person behind all the gruesome murders.