Scream 27 takes place after the events of Scream 26, Jill Roberts didn't die and she plans the ulitmate revenge against all of her enemies.


Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott

Matthew Lillard as Det. Sam Macher

Emma Roberts as Jill Roberts

Georgie Henley as Hayley McDonald

David Arquette as Sheriff Dewey Riley

Amber Heard as Jessica Mitchell

Michael Madsen as Det Dennis Mitchell

Lucy Hale as Sherrie Marconi

Christian Bale as Kirk Mason

Alicia Silversone As Susan Dunlap

Angus T Jones as Eli Olson

Miriam McDonald as Penelope Banks

Rory Culkin as Charles Wilcox

James Remar as Jonathan Crosby


Rory Culkin as Charlie Walker-He appears his look alike Charles dream and asks him to protect Kirby Reed from the killer.


Sidney Prescott

Sam Macher

Kirby Reed

Hayley McDonald

Jessica Mitchell

Dennis Mitchell

Kirk Mason


Jill Roberts-She is after everyone who wants to protect Sidney, Sam and her former best friend Kirby Reed.


Susan Dunlap-Jill hits her with a pipe then she ties her up and guts her.

Penelope Banks- Jill pops up from her back sit as Penelope is driving and slits her throat, the car crashes and Jill gets out of the car before the police show up.

Eli Olson- Jill runs up and stabs him in the back.

Jonathan Crosby- Jill stabs him in the stomach then forehead.

Sherrie Marconi-Jill sneaks up on her as she is waiting for her boyfriend on his balcony and pushes over the railing.

Charles Wilcox-An unmasked Jill stabs him in the heart and stomach like she did to Charlie at Dewey's house in front of Sidney,Jessica, Kelli,Dewey and Kirby.

Dewey Riley-Jill shoots Dewey when he tries to stop her blowing up his house with a bomb she made.

Jill Roberts-She supposely dies when Dewey's house blows up with her still inside after a fight with Kirby.


The next day the police found 2 badly burned bodies in the rubble one of them was a male body which obviously was Dewey and the other body was female, Dennis told Sidney and Sam it was finally over Jill was dead she said it looks like it but Sidney knows her cousin too well they should take a look at her dental records to make sure. The next day Dennis showed up at her house and said she was right according to the dental records that body didn't belong to Jill Roberts but to another 22 year old woman who went missing over 24 hours ago. Just then Sidney got a e-mail saying that it wasn't over and that they would meet again.

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