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Scream 2 is a sequel to Scream(Remake by MonkeyBoy) and a 2016 horror thriller movie.This is a remake to Scream 2(1997).


Sidney is in college 5 years later and has a new life, new boyfriend, and new friends,. Someone is duplicating the Woodsboro murders from 5 years ago. Sidney doesn't like it but she wants to to get the killer found.


Lily Collins as Sidney Prescott, main protagonist

Darren Criss as Derek Feldman, Sidney's new boyfriend

Alex Russell as Mickey Altieri, Close friend of Derek

Rhyon Nicole Brown as Hallie McDaniel,Sidney's new best friend

Ben Feldman as Cotton Weary

Toby Turner as Randy Meeks

Brittany Snow as Casey "Cici" Cooper

Kate Denning as Sister Murphy

Saorise Ronan as Sister Lois

Nana Visitor as Ms.Debbie Salt, fan of Gale Weathers

Ashton Kutcher as Ted,Cici's boyfriend

Christina Milian as Maureen Evans

Arlen Escarpeta as Phil Stevens,Maureen's boyfriend

Amanda Crew as Sidney Prescott(Stab)

Max Van Ville as Billy Loomis(Stab)

Katie Cassidy as Casey Becker(Stab)

Jensen Ackles as Steven "Steve" Oroth (Stab)

Scout Taylor Compton as Tatum Riley(Stab)

Cody Lilney asStu Macher(Stab)

Pierce Brosnan as Officer Andrews

Robbie Jones as Joel Jones, Gale's new camera man

Kaitlyn Black as Gale Weathers,Main tritagonist

Chris Pine as Dewey Riley

Linda Hamilton as Maureen Roberts Prescott

Roger L. Jackson as Voice of Ghostface

Who played Ghostface

Ms.Salt(Her real name is Ms. Loomis/Billy's mother and she wants to get revenge for Sidney killing her only child)

Mickey(To help Ms. Loomis)


Phil-Stabbed in the head through a bathroom booth(Mickey)

Maureen-Stabbed 7 times then died infront of the movie screen(Mickey)

Cici-Thrown through a French door stabbed twice in the back then thrown off a balcony and landed on a solid ground(Ms.Salt/Loomis)

Randy-Ambushed pulled in Gales TV news van and back of his body thrown in a window then stabbed 5 times(Ms.Salt/Loomis)

Officer Andrews-Slit in the throat with a knife(Mickey)

Hallie-Stabbed in the chest 2ntimes(Mickey)

Derek-Snatched stripped to his boxers tied up for a university party then shot in the middle of hsi chest(Mickey)

Mickey-Shot 4 times by Ms.Loomis then shot 15 times by Sidney and Gale

Ms.Salt/Loomis-Shot in throat first time by Cotton and shot in the forehead second time by Sidney