Scream 14 takes place after Scream 13. Everybody thought Ghostface was gone, but they were wrong. Fifi's alter self, Mimi, returns and is killing everybody. Now Sidney and Hayley must stop her.


  • Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott
  • Georgie Henley as Hayley McDonald
  • Emma Bell as Fifi Mone/Mimi Mone
  • Matthew Knight as Ethan Carsia
  • Ellen Wroe as Brianna Albertson
  • Matthew Lillard as Det. Sam Macher
  • Mila Kunis-Kristina Newman
  • Ali Larter-Carrie Watson
  • Brandon Buddy-Cole Benson
  • Mercedes McNab-Ashley Cooper
  • Tom Felton-Simon Donahue
  • Alison Lange-Maureen Peterson
  • Zac Efron-David Samuels
  • Ashley Tisdale-Casey King


  • Sidney Prescott
  • Hayley McDonad
  • Fifi Mone
  • Ethan Carsia
  • Brianna Albertson
  • Det. Sam Macher


  • Mimi Mone-Mimi returns when Fifi blames Sidney for Melinda going crazy and killing those innocent people,She picks up where she left off and this time she won't stop killing untill she kills Sidney Prescott.


1.Maureen Peterson-Mimi kills her because she has the same intials as Sidney's mother.

2.David Samuels-He cheated on Fifi with her worst enemy like Trevor Sheldon cheated on Jill Roberts with Jenny Randall.

3.Casey King-She was the girl who David cheated on Fifi with.

4.Simon Donahue-Former schoolmate of Fifi's, Mimi never liked him she found him to be arrogant.

5.Ashley Cooper-Mimi kills her because she had the same last name as Cici and Marnie.

6.Carrie Watson-Mimi killed her because she saw Mimi take off her mask when she exited Ashley's house's while she was walking her dog,the dog wasn't harmed.

7..Cole Bensen- He is killed because he hung up on Mimi when she called him to play the trivia game.She uses a axe to break down the door then she kills him with it

8.Kristina Newman - She tries to run out the door when she sees her boyfriend Cole get killed but Mimi swings the axe and also kills her.


Sidney, Hayley and Fifi/Mimi gets into a very violent fight. Fifi gets away and tries to kill herself so Mimi can never return but Sidney won't let another disturbed girl kill herself so she grabs her and holds her tight telling her everything is going to be okay untill Sam arrives.Sidney said I guess it will never be over will it? She then said this madness really is my fault.He said no she wasn't to blame for any of this the only people who can be blamed for this are Billy, Stu,and Roman they were the ones who started this.Jill would have killed those people even if you hadn't come back to Woodsboro she was a very psychotic teenager.

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