Genre Horror



Teen drama

Cast Maddie Hasson

Brenton Thwaites

Luke Bilyk

Katherine Langford

Skyler Samuels

Nick Robinson

Shay Mitchell

Cody Christian

Opening theme
Number of seasons 1
Number of episodes 8

Scream is a 2013 horror slasher television series.

Season 1 (2017)

Karen Jones is a high school student at Raven's Hill High School. She lived a happy life until Ghostface is on the loose, killing off her friends one by one.

Main Cast

  • Maddie Hasson as Karen Jones- She is intelligent, brave and resourceful. Karen is only 17 years old and is in her junior year of high school. Her father, Mason was murdered when she was only 10 years old and now lives with her mother, Alicia. Karen is one of the main targets of the series. She wants all the murders to end and wants to find out who the killer is with the help of Deputy Matthews and Trish King.
  • Brenton Thwaites as Deputy Daniel Matthews- He is a sheriff's deputy of Raven's Hill. He is dimwitted, brave and protective of his sister. Daniel helps Karen try to find the killer and bring him down. Daniel loves his sister Brooke very much and doesn't want anything to happen to her since she is the only family he has left.
  • Luke Bilyk as Tyler Mitchell- He is Karen's boyfriend. He is smart, handsome and athletic. He loves football and is a suspect of being the killer. He loves Karen and is always there for her when she needs him. He also has a thing for horror movies.
  • Katherine Langford as Brooke Matthews- She is Karen's best friend and Deputy Matthews' sister. She is a rebel, sarcastic and smart. She gets into trouble and is a skater girl. She cares for Karen and loves to skate, listen to rock music, horror movies and hates school.
  • Skyler Samuels as Carley Wilson- She is Karen and Brooke's best friend. She's sweet, sassy and creative. Carley is a cheerleader and loves horror movies. She feels uncomfortable around Tyler.
  • Nick Robinson as Greg Campbell- He is a friend of Brooke and Jenna's girlfriend. He is a geek, sarcastic and a bookworm. He is obsessed with horror movies and comics/anime. He is the president of the movie club at school.
  • Shay Mitchell as Jenna Vasquez- She is a friend of Karen and Greg's secret girlfriend. She has a profound love for horror films. She appears to be calm, collected and very resourceful to her friends. She is the sixth victim of Ghostface.
  • Cody Christian as Roderick Green- He is Tyler's best friend and another fan of horror films.

Recurring Cast

  • Paulina Singer as Trish King- She is a reporter who comes to North Mill to solve the murders.
  • TBA as Alicia Jones - Karen's mother, who is a widow, after Mason was murdered.
  • TBA as Sheriff Tom Nichols- He is the sheriff of North Mill and Alicia's boyfriend.
  • TBA as Jacob Tanner- He is the best friend of Greg, who is also vice president of the movie club at school.
  • Victoria Moroles as Bianca Ramirez- She is Brooke's best friend, who dislikes Karen. She shares similarities with Brooke.
  • TBA as Lacey Hopkins- She is Carley's best friend and a cheerleader.
  • TBA as Kelsey Myers- She is Carley's best friend and a cheerleader.
  • TBA as Kyle Walsh- He is Tyler's best friend and is a football player.
  • Halston Sage as Carlson Parker- One of the cheerleaders at Raven's Hill High School who is the first victim of Ghostface.
  • Jake Weary as Tommy Quinn- Carlson's boyfriend who is devastated over Carlson's death and he is the second victim of Ghostface.


Season 2 (2018)

Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Main Cast

Actor Character Episodes Seasons
1 2
Maddie Hasson Karen Jones 8 episodes Main
Brenton Thwaites Deputy Daniel Matthews 8 episodes Main
Luke Bilyk Tyler Mitchell 7 episodes Main
Katherine Langford Brooke Matthews 8 episodes Main
Skyler Samuels Carley Wilson 8 episodes Main
Nick Robinson Greg Campbell 8 episodes Main
Shay Mitchell Jenna Vasquez 8 episodes Main
Cody Christian Roderick Green 8 episodes Main
Paulina Singer Trish King 8 episodes Recurring Main
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