Scream Is A 2013 Remake Of The 1996 American Slasher Film Starring Alexandra Daddario, Ryan Kwanten, Jessica Stroup, Max Thieriot, Blake Lively, Thomas Dekker, Jean Luc-Bilodeau, Ashley Benson, Michael Trevino, Sean Bean, Vince Vaughn, Robert Englund and Connie Britton.




Alexandra Daddario as Sidney Prescott

Ryan Kwanten as Deputy Dewey Riley

Jessica Stroup as Gale Weathers

Max Thieriot as Stu Macher

Blake Lively as Tatum Riley

Thomas Dekker as Billy Loomis

Jean Luc-Bilodeau as Randy Meeks

Ashley Benson as Casey Becker

Michael Trevino as Steven Orth

Sean Bean as Neil Prescott

Vince Vaughn as Kenny Jones

Robert Englund as Principal Arthur Himbry

Connie Britton as Maureen Prescott


Maureen Prescott- Billy and Stu stab her multiple times in her groin, head and chest (NOTE: This death took place before the scream franchise).

Steven Orth- After Casey fails to answer a Friday The 13th question right, Stu viciously guts him.

Casey Becker- Billy and Stu attack her, stabbing her multiple times, then hang her body from a tree.

Principal Arthur Himbry- Billy stabs him multiple times, then hangs his body from a football goal post.

Tatum Riley- Tatum gets her arm slashed and tries to escape by crawling through a pet door in the garage, but the garage door lifts up and her head is crushed.

Kenny Jones- Stu slits his throat.

Stu Macher- Sidney drops a tv on his head and electrocutes him.

Billy Loomis- Sidney impales him 2 times with an umbrella and stabs him multiple times, then, when he comes back for one more scare, Sidney shoots him in the head.


Sidney Prescott

Deputy Dewey Riley

Gale Weathers

Randy Meeks

Neil Prescott

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