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Scream is a 2017 Horror-Slasher-Thriller film which is a remake to the 1996 film of the same name. The film has the same characters from the original but will have been added in the film, some new stuff has been added as well and all the characters have the same role from the original film but some new stuff and new characters has been added into this film. The remake will show more background about the murder of Maureen Prescott and will have more blood, gore. The remake franchise will have a more dramatic, dark and serious setting then the original. The film stars Lily Collins, Kaitlyn Maher, Dianna Agron, Peyton List, Chace Crawford, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kaitlyn Black, Paul Wesley, Alex Russell, Dane Farwell, Tony Todd, Cody Longo, Roger L. Jackson, Bill Gardell, Chris Hemsworth, Connie Britton, Dennis Quaid, Pierce Brosnan, Robin Wright, Gerard Butler, Rachel McAdams and Brent Stait.


A local teenage girl from a small town in California, Sidney Prescott is hunting down a masked killer known as the name Ghostface who brutally raped and murdered her mother a year ago. A year after her mother's murder, Sidney finds out that 2 of her classmates were brutally murdered by the same killer which no one knows who is doing the murders. Due to these murders, Sidney gets interviewed by a local detective everyday after school along with her friends and family. Meanwhile, Sidney and her friends who are a group of hardcore horror movie fans are trying to find out who is doing the murders and why are they doing this. Then Sidney is getting strange phone calls from an anyomous man with a deep, sinister voice and the man keeps saying death threats about her if she doesn't give herself up. It is up to Sidney to find out who is doing the murders and why are they targeting her. Who ever the killer is, could the killer be someone that has a grudge against her mother or has a grudge against Sidney?


Lily Collins as Sidney Prescott - Sidney is a smart and loving but quiet high school student with a tomboyish personality who is not a huge fan of horror movies but her friends are and even her best friend, Tatum Riley is a horror movie fan. Her mother who was a irresponsible prostitute named Maureen Prescott was found raped and murdered a year ago who goes by them name "Ghostface" which is a killer that wears a black hooded robe, a white ghost mask, and a hunting knife as his favorite weapon. She is still affected and traumatized by the loss of her mother and the town's negligence to remember. Sidney is dating a calm teenage horror movie fan who is named Billy Loomis. Everybody at her school thinks she is the reason that the murderer is killing teenagers. She is living a seemingly normal life in a town in California called Woodsboro, where she attends high school with her group of friends and lives with her father who hardly has any time for her ever since she turned into a teenager. But problems begin to rise when an unidentified killer murders 2 of her classmates and is targeting her and the ones she loved. Sidney keeps getting strange calls from the killer and is being threatened by the killer to die. She needs to get help from her friends and she sends a curfew around the town when the killer is being hunted down by the police and she wont rest until the killer is found and is sent to jail. Sidney keeps track of murders and crimes that happened in Woodsboro in a journal so she can find out who is the killer. Sometimes she brings up her bad side when it comes to fighting Ghostface. She has a hatred towards the people that think that the killer and her mother's death is a joke especially the popular girls.

Kaitlyn Maher as Young Sidney Prescott

Dianna Agron as Tatum Riley - She is Sidney's blonde haired best friend who is very loving and friendly towards her acting as surrogate sister to Sidney and supports her as she lives with her demons and lives a happy, rich lifestyle. She is a popular high school student who is dating a goofy horror buff, she is head of the cheerleading squad at her school and buys herself out of trouble with her family's wealth. Ever since Maureen died a year ago, She wanted to give Sidney a female role model.She loves horror movies; the Friday the 13th films especially and considers herself an expert on horror movie tropes. Tatum's brother is the deputy of the sheriff in the town of Woodsboro and she shares a close relationship with him but sometimes he gets on her nerves. Tatum and Sidney were friends ever since their childhood and are still really good friends like they would have sleepovers, play dates, study together and text or call each other every day. She is a fun-spirited and up-going teen who loves to party more than anything. Tatum has sophistication, but often puts it to good use whenever needed. She uses her sexy body energy to get her way. She cares a lot for her friends and is always there to support when needed. Tatum is very fun and always seems to have many tricks up her sleeve.

Rachel Eggleston as Young Tatum Riley

Peyton List as Casey Becker - She is the first seen person in the film and a close friend and classmate of Sidney Prescott. Casey is an A honor roll student and is the top and probably the smartest student in all her classes. Despite her nerdy attributes, she is still very popular at her school and is liked by almost the whole student body and her teachers. She is a devoted horror buff who understands all of the rules of horror films. Her favorite scary movies are Carrie, Halloween, and Friday the 13th and enjoys watching horror movies with her boyfriend Steve Orth who is a popular high school jock. She attracts the attention of many of her male classmates at her school due to her beautiful looks, but vows to stay loyal to her boyfriend. Casey is described a perky blonde with a heart.

Chace Crawford as Steven Orth - He is the boyfriend of Casey Becker and another close friend of Sidney Prescott. He is a 18 year old high school student who is a popular jock at his school in Woodsboro, California. Steven is a tall, tough and strong teenager who has a big heart, strong and loving personality and he has an interest in sports but he also stays loyal to his friends, family, and girlfriend, Casey. Like his girlfriend, he is a horror movie buff who enjoys a lot of scary movies and his most favorite horror movie is the Halloween franchise. Steven has a very high IQ and is very nerdy at times but keeps his intelligence a secret so he stay popular. Most of his friend call him "Steve" for short and goes with the name Steve and they think it sounds cooler then Steven. His biggest dream would be to win a championsip and carry his players to victory, but as long as he is having fun with his friends, Steve can manage to keep a hard head while remaining his loyalty to the other teammates.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Deputy Dwight Riley - He is the older brother of Tatum Riley and the deputy police officer of the Woodsboro Police Department. Dwight is a sophisticated man who is a close friend of Sidney Prescott and comes from a wealthy family with his sister who he has a close friendship with because their parents were to busy for them since they were rich. Most of his friends call him Dewey instead of Dwight because they think it sounds better then Dwight. Dewey has a crush on a Woodsboro TV News Reporter named Gale Weathers who also has a crush on Dewey as well. He also has a close friendship with Sidney and feels sorry for the loss of her mother. Dewey is also very adventurous and is very smart and cultured. Like Sidney he wants to find out who the killer is and why he is killing everybody. Officer Dewey Riley has a genuine care for his town and the citizens, but often comes off only as a "man in uniform" who cares a lot about his town and wants to keep it safe from master criminals.

Kaitlyn Black as Gale Weathers - She is a Woodsboro TV news reporter who is the love interest of Dewey Riley and the rival of Sidney Prescott. Gale is an arrogant woman who wants to know all about Sidney and the murder of her mother so Gale can write a bestseller book about a biography of Maureen Prescott's life and death but Sidney wont say a word about it to her because she finds Gale really annoying and Dewey finds her attractive. Ever since she became a popular News reporter the fame has gone to her head and she wants to become more popular by selling a best selling book which later turns out very a popular novel. During the end of the film, Gale quits her news reporting job and pursues her real dream as an author. She keeps getting strange phone calls from the killer and agrees with Sidney to set a curfew around the town.

Paul Wesley as Billy Loomis - Billy is a die-hard horror movie buff who is the boyfriend of the protagonist, Sidney Prescott and the best friend of goofy horror movie buff named Stu Macher. Billy is a local resident in Woodsboro who is interested in a lot of things but his most favorite interest is horror movies and he knows all the rules of horror films. His favorite horror movie franchise is The Hills Have Eyes franchise and is very sex crazed towards Sidney. Billy and Sidney have a lot of unprotected sex when their parents aren't around. He is very popular at his school and most of his female classmates adore and love him but mostly has his eye on Sidney and the other girls doesn't like Sidney because they think they she doesn't deserve Billy. His father is a powerful lawyer and uses his father to get himself out of trouble. A week before Maureen's death a year ago, Billy's father had an affair with Maureen and Billy's mother divorced him after the affair. Billy grew a strong hatred at Maureen and agreed with his best friend Stu to brutally rape, torture and murder Maureen for breaking up his parents and framed it for another boyfriend of Maureen named Cotton Weary. Now he secretly grew a hatred towards Sidney and he is planning to kill the rest of the people that gets in his way and on his side to help his killing frenzy is Stu. Him and Stu dress up as a masked serial killer go by the name "Ghostface" where he wears a black hooded cloak, a white ghost mask and a switchblade knife as his favorite weapon and call their victims on a phone in a strange voice before killing them. It is up to Sidney to stop him and Stu from killing other innocent people.

Alex Russell as Stu Macher - Stu is a teenage goofy, horror movie buff who is best friends with Billy Loomis and the boyfriend of Tatum Riley. Stu is a local high school student from Woodsboro who is a close friend of Sidney Prescott and he has a hard time taking anything he does seriously. Stu has a raunchy, irresponsible personality and he likes doing any reckless things he wants to do and doesn't care if it bothers those around him. He always in a mood to party, eat Chinese food or pizza and likes doing stuff the silly way instead of the well-mannered way. He lives in a farmhouse on the outside of Woodsboro where he invites his friends over for a party during the curfew around Woodsboro and he is also very strong and tough and uses his fighting skills when it comes to disguising as "Ghostface". When Maureen Prescott had an affair with Billy's dad, He made an alliance with Billy to gang rape, torture and murder Maureen and they succeeded killing Sidney's mother by framing it for an old boyfriend of Maureen named Cotton Weary and now they are secretly targeting Sidney and the rest of her family and Billy peer pressures Stu so Stu can be there for Billy so he can kill anyone that gets in his way with his best friend Billy. Billy and Stu are planning to kill everybody that they grew a hatred towards and frame it for innocent bystanders but Sidney has to stop them before they kill anymore innocent people.

Dane Farwell as Ghostface

Tony Todd as Detective Anthony Evarts - He is a local detective who interviews Sidney and all her friends and family members to talk about the murders of Maureen Prescott, Casey Becker and Steve Orth. Detective Anthony has been tracking down murders and crimes all over the state of California but the biggest crime he wants to solve is the Woodsboro massacre and he interviews friends and relatives of the victims so he can see if one of them is guilty for the deaths. He has a smart, sophisticated demeanor and uses it to find some evidence and track down what the killer has left behind. Anthony thinks it is Sidney's father, Neil Prescott because Neil said that he started to grow a strong hatred at Maureen ever since they divorce. Like Sidney he wont stop until the masked killer Ghostface is found. Detective Evarts tries to get answers about what could have happened that caused the mysterious murders of the 3 residents of Woodsboro, and mainly interviews Sidney since she is the source of the murders. Detective Evarts is very snarky and uses manipulative tactics in order to get answers from the survivors, but he is nonetheless a fair and decent cop who only wants to help out his community.

Cody Longo as Randy Meeks - He is a close friend of Sidney Prescott and Billy Loomis who is a teenage, nerdy horror movie buff who has a major crush on Sidney but won't admit it to Billy. Randy is a local high school student who has most of his classes with Sidney and seems to find her really attractive and occasionally flirts with Sidney. He works at a DVD store in Woodsboro where he makes his own money so he can get into a good college and make his own lunch money. Like most of his friends, he is a hardcore horror movie fan and Randy's most favorite horror franchise is "Friday The 13th" because he owns all of the movies and knows a lot about Jason Voorhees background. Randy gets a lot of As and Bs on his report card and he is one of the students in his school to have the highest IQ. Randy think's that the killer is Sidney's father because he's always so busy and he think's he commits murders because of his wife's affair and he wants to prove to Sidney that her father is the killer behind all of this. He gets interviewed everyday after school by Detective Evarts about the murders of Casey Becker, Steve Orth and Maureen Prescott.

Roger L. Jackson as Ghostface (Phone Voice)

Billy Gardell as Kenny Jones - Kenny is the cameraman of Gale Weather's news channel who has a habit of being part of a news reporting station. Kenny is the overweight cameraman of Gale Weather's who Gale manipulates to do whatever she wants without giving him a break. After camera time when Kenny is off work, Kenny eats snacks like pretzels or chips while drinking beer. Gale mostly manipulates him to get some questions from Sidney Prescott about her mother, Casey Becker, and Steve Orth's tragic deaths since she knew all of them so well and all Gale cares about is herself and the ratings she brings to the news station. He doesn't really take care of himself because Gale always pressures him and he always has to much stuff to do because Gale is forcing stuff he doesn't want to do. He has no idea who the killer might be and he doesn't really care about stuff like homicide, mass murderers and massacres as he only cares about his job and what to catch on camera.

Chris Hemsworth as Cotton Weary - He is the former boyfriend of Maureen Prescott who was framed by Billy Loomis and Stu Macher for raping and killing Sidney's mother. Cotton is a 32-year-old man who is a local resident of Woodsboro that has always goes to late night party clubs where he gets drunk on alcoholic beverages and meet some prostitutes to have sex with. One day when he is at a night club partying, Maureen comes up to him and flirts with him and then they go back to Cotton's house where they perform sexual intercourse on each other which was leading to Neil and Maureen's divorce. Ever since the mysterious death of Maureen Prescott, he has been interviewed by several reporters to see if he was behind the murder and then Billy and Stu planted evidence in his house so he could be framed for it and Cotton is charged for a 20 year sentence for a crime he didn't commit while Billy and Stu continue their killing spree. He is trying to tell people he didn't do it but no one believes him, not even Sidney Prescott.

Connie Britton as Maureen Prescott - She is the deceased mother of Sidney Prescott and the ex-wife of Neil Prescott. Maureen was described a whore, a prostituete, and a slut because she had sex with a bunch of men for money since her husband is always on business trips. Maureen didn't really give Sidney a female role-model in her childhood because she was always out doing prostitution. One night when Neil was at a trip and Sidney was asleep, Maureen had sex with Mr. Loomis and they were both still married. Mrs. Loomis heard about this and divorced Mr. Loomis which really upset Billy and Billy started building up homicial thoughts of Maureen. Hilly made a deal with his best friend Stu, to brutally rape and murder Maureen and they succeeded in doing it, then they dumped Maureen's body in the woods where police found a day later. Ever since that day Sidney has been in a deep depression and wants to avenge her mother's death by finding the person responsible.

Dennis Quaid as Neil Prescott - He is the father of Sidney Prescott and the widower of Maureen Prescotr. Neil is a hard-working and strong minded business man that is always on business trips and hardly showed any love or passion towards Maureen and that's how she had an affair with several other men. Neil had to request several babysitters and guardians to keep Sidney company while he was out on trips. One day, Neil knew she was having affairs and they both agreed to a divorce. A month later after the divorce Neil heard on the news that Maureen was found raped and killed with her corpse in the woods. That day Neil left security alarms around his house in case a murder comes in and try's to murder him or his daughter. One day when Neil goes on another business trip, he was heard that his car crashed and that he was kidnapped by unknown people who later turn about to be Stu and Billy who are the mseterminds behind all the murders of Woodsboro.

Pierce Brosnan as Principal Arthur Himbry - Himbry is the principal of Woodsboro High School and a very calm and smart young man that has worked as the principal for 14 years and wants to keep Woosboro High School a perfect and innocent school but fails when he hears about the murders of Casey Becker and Steve Oroth and he wants security to keep guard of the school so no one else can get murdered, raped or assaulted by who ever is committing the murders. Principal Himbry hates it when the students take the murders as a joke and he will suspend anyone that doesn't take the murder trails seriously. He is great friends with the Prescott family and defends Sidney when she is on threat of getting taunted by students. Though he's often very soft-hearted and negotiable, Principal Himbry has a serious backbone when it is needed. Principal Himbry is one of the people that Det. Evarts interviews about the murders of Casey Becker and Steve Orth who were two local classmates at his school.

Robin Wright as Trisha Riley - She is the mother of Tatum Riley and Dewey Riley. Trisha is a rich middle aged woman that lives in a wealthy mansion neighborhood with her daughter, son and husband who is on a business trip in Chicago. She is very motherly and kind to her friends and loved ones. She was also a long-life close friend of Maureen Prescott before she died. Trisha used to work as a supermodel and mega star when she was in her 20s and 30s but she stopped her career as a model when she got married and had children. Trisha is very kind and sweet towards because like Tatum, she wants to give her a female role model since her mother died and she acts as a surrogate mother towards her. Trisha works as an attorney for a local Incorporation in Woodsboro where she makes enough money to support her and her family. Trisha occasionally starts a charity run to help local children across the U.S. with cancer which shows off her very loyal, selfless personality. She is very multi-cultured and can speak many languages across the world as she likes to learn new cultures and traditions from different countries.

Gerard Butler as Ralph Becker - He is the father of Casey Becker and the husband of Ellanor Becker. Ralph is a middleaged man that works as a lawyer and lives in a mansion surronded by a huge field with his wife and only daughter. One night after him and Ellanor come home from a romantic dinner, they come home to find Casey is nowhere to be found and then they find her and her boyfriend brutally murdered in their backyard. Ralph and Ellanor are later interviewed by Detective Anthony Evarts about their daughter's murder, who could've done this and all the background about their daughter and her boyfriend. Ralph lives with his wife and daughter in the same neighborhood as the Steven's family. Even though Ryan has 6 kids, he doesn't get stressed or annoyed as he is very calm and patient. He has a wonderful career as an eternity where he makes a lot and enough to provide for his family while his wife stays at home and prepares meals and cleans the house.

Rachel McAdams as Ellanor Becker - She is the mother of Casey Becker and the wife of Ralph Becker. Ellanor is a beautiful middle-aged woman that has come from a very wealthy family and she is a stay at home mother while her husband works as a lawyer and her daughter goes to school. One night after her and Ralph come home after a romantic dinner, they come home to find Casey is nowhere to be found and then they find her and her boyfriend brutally murdered in their backyard. Ralph and Ellanor are later interviewed by Detective Anthony Evarts about their daughter's murder, who could've done this and all the background about their daughter. Ellanor accepts her life as a housewife who tends night and day to her husband and children to keep them safe and happy, but she doesn't live the most fulfilled life a person could hope for. She met Russell when she was a senior in high school and became pregnant with a girl at the tender age of 31. Ellanor has a wonderful luxorious life with her husband and daughter and had a dream as a teenager to become a hairstylist but left that dream behind. Meg quit her job three years prior and has settled down while her husband has become a lawyer who is providing as best as he can for his family. She spends lots of her free time exercising and eating healthy in order to stay fit.

Brent Stait as Sheriff Burke - He is the sheriff of Woodsboro and a close friend of Dewey and Sidney who wants to keep Woodsboro a safe little town but it all fails when he hears about the murders of Maureen Prescott, Casey Becker and Steve Orth. Sheriff Burke is a strong minded and tough man that wants to find the person that is responsible for the deaths of several people so he makes several officers and gunmen guard the neighborhoods and businesses of Woodsboro. He thinks that the killer is someone that is related or a close loved one towards Sidney and her family. Sheriff Burke and Det. Evarts interview several witnesses, relatives and friends of the victims so they can see if they know who might be the killer. He is self-described as an old serious cop with a huge heart of gold. Sheriff Burk is a very large cop who busted many drugs deals, rapes, kidnappings and murders in his town back in the day and is always trying his best to keep the community safe. He carries a tough attitude, but believes that everyone is good deep down and defends whoever is in any sort of darkness in society.


Maureen Prescott - While Maureen was walking around the park at night in a slutty outfit hoping to seduce men that she saw in the park, she starts hearing noises coming from around her and she thinks it's an animal. Then Maureen notices a dark figure in the shadows in a Ghostface suit and she angrily yells out who is it. Maureen walked up to the shadowy figure and then the dark figure disapeared mysteriously. Maureen then gets a call from an anonymous source threatening her and saying that she'll. Maureen ran through the park in fear but then all of a suddnen, The fogure in the the Ghostface outfit ambushed behind her and pinned her down to ground so the two figures can rape her. The figure ripped off her clothes and brutally raped her and then one of them grabbed out a bowie knife and stabbed Maureen several times in the stomach and chest. The anonymous killer, later wrapped rope around Maureen's corpse and hanged her from a tree where they left it to rot. Later the next day, a police officer finds Maureen's bloody corpse in the woods. (As described in a newspaper article that Tatum read).

Steve Orth - When Casey looked out her window to see if the person on the phone is outside, she finds her boyfriend tied to a chair. Then the voice on the phone told Casey to turn off the lights and threatened to kill her if she didn't so she did but her boyfriend tried to tell her no but his mouth was covered in rope. The voice on the phone told her several questions about horror movies and she was to scared to answer a question but she did it to live. Then the voice on the phone told her about who is the killer in Friday The 13th but she said the wrong answer so the voice on the phone said "Steve is Done". Casey heard loud noises and Steve screaming outside, when she turned on the lights she finds her boyfriend's head is missing and his stomach and heart were ripped open. It is later revealed that Steve's corpse as dismembered by an unknown source.

Casey Becker - The voice on the phone gave Casey another chance to answer a live or die question. The voice said "Which Door Am I At" but Casey was shocked and then refused to answer the question. Then Steve's decapitated and gutted corpse was thrown through a nearby door and then Casey ran up the stairs holding a knitting needle, ran her to her room and closed the door. She could hear noises coming from downstairs and she started getting scared about the noises and then saw her parents car coming towards the house. She opened her window and climbed out the window slowly. When she tried to jump down from the window, a hand grabbed her and tried to pull her up and kill her then, Casey slashed Ghostface's arm with the knitting needle and then she landed in her pool. Casey got out of the pool with wet clothes and wet hair and she could see her parents pulling into the parking lot but they couldn't see her. Then Ghostface jumped through a nearby window and tackled window. Casey tried to get up but then Ghostface grabbed her in a chokehold and stabbed her in the chest. Casey's chest started bleeding uncontrollably and she could hardly run or scream. Then Ghostface pulled her back and pinned her to the ground, but Casey smacked the mask off of whoever was in the costume and then she looked up and was shocked to see who was behind the mask. But the person brutally stabbed her in the stomach and chest 8 times until she stopped moving. She was later found hanging from a nearby tree with barbed wire around her neck.

Principal Arthur Himbry - While the rest of the teachers and students were at home, Principal Arthur stayed over night to do some extra paper work he hear knocking at his door but every time her opened the door no one is at the door. He went back to his desk and he heard knocking again but no one was at the door. Then he heard glass shattering and he didn't know where it was coming from. He went to see what is was and he saw a broken window with several chunks of glass shard all over the floor and he cleaned it up. After he cleaned it up, He went back to his office but once he opened the door, Ghostface popped up with a bowie knife and brutally stabbed in the chest and stomach 10 times then threw him to the ground. It is later revealed that Principal Himbry's corse was found outside the school hanging from a tree with barbed wire around his neck and it remains unknown who murdered Principal Himbry.

Tatum Riley - Tatum went to get some more beers and chips for her friends in the garage and turned on the lights to find the refrigerator. Once she grabbed a couple beers and a bag of chips, the door closed on her. She tried to open the door but it was lock and thought it was Stu pulling a joke on her. When no one hear her yells to open the door, she decided to open the garage door and go through the door, but then the door suddenly closes and then she turns around and sees Ghostface pressing the close button. She thought it was Stu or Randy in a costume but Ghostface didn't say a single word. Tatum tried to take off the mask but Ghostface moved away from her when she did it then she tried to go to the door but Ghostface blocked the way and refused to let her go. Tatum told her "Move Asshole" and then smacked Ghostface several times then Ghostface snapped and stabbed her in the stomach with a bowie knife. Tatum tried to move away and try and outrun Ghostface but then Ghostface slashed her left arm and stabbed her in the back 4 times so then Tatum picked several beer cans and threw at Ghostface with it hoping to have more time to escape. Then Tatum managed to bang on the door and call for help but no one could hear her screams as no one was close by the door. Ghostface then got up, ambushed Tatum, grabbed her by her hair and then slit her in the throat and stabbed her several times with a hunting knife. Tatum's corpse was later found by Sidney laying in a guest bedroom.

Kenny Jones - After Sidney escaped Ghostface's wrath, she ran to Gale's news van and started banging on the door yelling for help. Then Kenny opened the door and Sidney quickly ran in the van and closed the door. Sidney told Kenny about how there is a killer in the house and then they found footage of Ghostface trapping Randy in a closet and walking away. They opened the door hoping to save Randy but when they opened the door Ghostface popped up and slashed Kenny's neck which made Sidney scream in fear. Then Kenny fell to the ground then Ghostface stab Kenny 5 times in the back. Then Ghostface looked at Sidney and said in Billy's voice "What's Wrong Sidney". Then Ghostface took off the mask and Billy was the one that caused the murders Sidney kicked Billy and ran to the house. When she opened the door another Ghostface was at the door and then the other Ghostface took off his mask and Stu was also the person causing the murders.

Stu Macher - When Sidney thought that she killed Stu and Billy, Stu ran up from behind Sidney and she turned around then started running. Sidney grabbed a vase and hit Stu in the head with it which made one of his eyes start bleeding then she ran downstairs in the basement and grabbed a crowbar. She could hear Stu slowly walking down the stairs and said "Sidney, Come Out, Come Out where ever you are". When Stu turned around Sidney ran up behind him and tried to hit him in the head with the crowbar but failed. Then Stu and Sidney started punching and hitting eachother then Stu pinned Sidney to a table saw and then turned on the saw and tried to kill Sidney with the saw. Stu said "See You in Hell, Sid" but she then said "Fuck You" and punched Stu in the face then layed him on the saw table. She grabbed his arm and his arm was cut off with saw which made him scream in pain then Stu jumped up and tried to fight Sidney but then Sidney pushed him back and he was impaled Stu through the back with saw and left his corpse on the table.

Billy Loomis - After Sidney killed Stu, she slowly walked up the stairs and went to the closet to untie Randy who is unconscious. Then Randy woke up and Sidney explained everything that happened as they walked to the front door. Before the could make it out, Billy ambushed Sidney and Randy and pushed Randy out the way and threw Sidney through a nearby window and she landed in the grass. Billy ran up to her and pinned her down hoping to rape and kill her by ripping off her shirt planning to stab her. Then Billy grabbed Sidney in a chokehold and said "Good Bye, You Little Fucker" but then Sidney put her hand in one of Billy's gun wounds which made him scream in pain. Then Billy grabbed the knife out of his pocket hoping to stab Sidney but then Dewey shot him in the back 6 times until he fell to the ground and Sidney pushed Billy off of her and got up. Sidney, Gale, Dewey and Randy walk up to Billy's corpse and Randy said "Watch Out, there's always a scene where the killer returns for another scare". They all turned around and slowly walked away but then Billy got back up and grabbed Sidney which made her scream in fear and then Dewey grabbed his gun back out and shot Billy in the forehead killing him and ending him and Stu's reign of terror.