Scream is a 2016 American Horror-Thriller film. It stars Megan Fox, Keegan Connor Tracy, Jesse Eisenberg, Luke Evans, Carlson Young, Amanda Crew, Kerr Smith, Elijah Wood, and Justin Welborn.


At a Halloween prom, a popular nice girl and her two childhood friends are trapped in the party along with other people by a masked killer from the past.


On October 23 2006, Two robbers Tyler and Nina trespass at the home Riley Marra but much to their horror, she's being held captive by three killers. They fail to save her and watch her get gutted to death. They end running in the forest. Tyler tries to call for help but is stabbed in the stomach by one of the killers. Nina is also trying to call for help but is grabbed by the leader and impaled on a tree branch, where she dies of blood loss.

One week later, 40-year-old Emma Duval (Megan Fox) is heading to work after saying goodbye to her two teenage twin daughters Susan (Miranda Cosgrove) and Sarah (Victoria Justice) along with her husband Eli (Elijah Wood). Eli drops their kids off at school. He then greets the Junior Deputy Noah Foster (Jesse Eisenberg), who is saying goodbye to his wife Piper Shaw (Danielle Panabaker) and his eldest daughter Emily (Samara Weaving) and youngest son Mike (Judah Lewis).

At work, Emma and Piper are scolded by their aggressive boss Seth Branson (Robert Downey Jr.) for being late. They then talk about tomorrow's Halloween party.

At the station, Noah is getting along with Deputy Will Belmont (Nicolas D'Agosto) and they are enjoying some coffee. However, they are irritated by the corrupt deputy Kieran Wilcox (Luke Evans).

At school, Mike sees his friend Mary (Chloe Grace Moretz) being bullied by her older brother Billy (Robbie Amell) and saves her. However, Billy makes a degrading remark about Piper and is revealed to have r***d Emily after she quit his band. An angered Mike decides to choose him as a prank sacrifice.

At night, Billy is leaving a nightclub but encounters Emily, Mike, Mary, Susan, and Sarah. He homophobically asks what are they looking at and inappropriately asks if they got him Piper's number yet. However, Sarah challenges him by asking him to come over to them. A smug and arrogant Billy mocks them as he walks towards them but is punched by Sarah and they take him with them.

In a alleyway, he is tied up and locked in their van. They pour gasoline around it and lit it on fire to scare him but the flames are about to kill him. Having a change of heart, Mike frees him but is nearly killed when the ungrateful bully pushes him towards the flames. However, Mike is saved by Emily and the group chases after Billy but he gets electrocuted when climbing the fence and lands on the ground dead. Despite not liking him, they feel remorse for his death and calls 911.

At the real estate office, Seth is alone in his office but suffers from pain due to his drink being poisoned. He tries to leave to get help but gets attacked by some masked attackers and gets stabbed in the back, chest, and stomach by them. He goes to the last masked person for help but gets stabbed in the heart by the visitor. He unmasks his killer and shows shock before collapsing to the ground dead. The killers leave before the police arrive.

The next day on October 31st, Seth Branson and Billy Wilcox are both found dead and Halloween is cancelled.


Main Characters:

  • Megan Fox as Emma Duval - A 40-year-old popular realtor.
  • Keegan Connor Tracy as Audrey Jensen - An 38-year-old biosexual deputy and Emma's childhood friend.
  • Jesse Eisenberg as Noah Foster - A 37-year-old junior deputy and Emma's childhood friend. He had a crush on her but give her up to Eli Hudson.
  • Luke Evans as Kieran Wilcox - A 48-year-old arrogant corrupt deputy who stalks Emma but is disliked by Noah for that. He is also the ex-husband of Audrey. He is based on Billy Loomis.
  • Margot Robbie as Brooke Maddox - An 42-year-old bratty rich manager who bullies Audrey and Noah for no reason.
  • Miles Fisher as Jake Fitzgerald - An 49-year-old coach who is married to Brooke.
  • Elijah Wood as Eli Hudson - A 37-year-old coffee shop employee and the husband of Emma. He is also Noah's best friend. He works with both of them.
  • Nicolas D'Agosto as Will Belmont - A 38-year-old deputy.


  • Emma Duval: Goes into an ambulance and leaves with her friends.
  • Piper Shaw: Goes into an ambulance with Noah and stays with him.
  • Noah Foster: Taken to the hospital.
  • Police: Shoots Kieran to death and investigates the crime scene.
  • Brandon James: Talks with the police about the incident.


  • Note: The () sign tells the name of each person's killer.
  • Mrs. Duval - Killed (off-screen) in car crash. (Sheriff)
  • Rachel Murray - Molested and murdered (off-screen). (Seth)
  • Riley Marra - Tied to a chair, gagged with tape, and gutted with a knife. (Brooke)
  • Tyler O'Neil - Stabbed in stomach. (Kieran)
  • Nina Patterson - Impaled on a tree branch (off-camera) and dies of blood loss. (Sheriff)
  • Billy Wilcox - Electrocuted on a fence and lands on the ground. (Mike, Emily, and Mary, accidentally but also revenge for insulting Piper and r****g Emily)
  • Seth Branson - Poisoned with rat poison, (Piper) stabbed in the back, chest, and stomach, (Audrey, Maggie, Brandon, and Eli, revenge for the murder of Rachel Murray) and stabbed in the heart. (Noah, same reason)
  • Miguel Acosta - Shot through neck. (Brooke)
  • Kevin Duval - Shot through back. (Kieran)
  • Will Belmont - Shot in the head. (Kieran)
  • Eli Hudson - Stabbed in stomach through the vents with knife. (Kieran)
  • Jake Fitzgerald - Stabbed in the heart. (Audrey, accidental)
  • Audrey Jensen - Stabbed in the stomach (Jake, accidental) and shot in the chest. (Kieran)
  • Brooke Maddox - Shot three times in the chest with pistols. (Police and Piper)
  • Kieran Wilcox - Shot six times in chest with pistols. (Police and Noah)
  • Sheriff Hudson - Shot in the head with a sniper. (Emma)


(after hearing about Riley, they go to the back door and turn on the lights only to find her bound to a chair and gagged with tape. They are horrified by this and they see her waking up but is scared. She sees them and mumbles for help)

  • Riley (mumbling): (scared) 'Please help me. Please.'

(they agree to)

  • Nina: (serious) "Mrs. Marra, don't worry. We're getting you out of this. (she then turns to Tyler) What're we going to do?"

(later in the morning, Emily hugs Mike)

  • Emily: (smiling) "Hey Mike, how's school going?"
  • Mike: (also smiling) "

T.V. Tropes

  • Abusive Parents: Kieran barely cares about his daughter and even slaps her for talking back to him.
  • Big Brother Bully: Audrey's eldest son Billy bullies his younger sister Mary so much. Audrey is well aware of this and is ashamed of him that she doesn't see him as a son to her.
  • Big Sister Instinct: Noah's eldest daughter Emily loves her younger brother Mike so much and protects him from bullies or killers.
  • Bound and Gagged: Emma, Piper, Audrey, and Riley were victims of that.
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