Scream: Trixie Sango and Lauren Malloy's Revenge

Scream: Trixie Sango and Lauren Malloy's Revenge takes place after the events of Scream: Lauren Malloy's Caller. Lauren need Trixie's help who is still alive to kill Hayley. Frank found out Lauren and Trixie are working together to kill people.




  • Gary Sinise as Detective Frank Nightingale
  • Alicia Silverstone as Detective Emma Lloyd
  • Georgie Henley as Hayley McDonald/Lauren Malloy
  • Emma Bell as Cami Watson
  • Julia Stiles as Casey Strode
  • Amanda Righetti as Trixie Sango
  • J.C. Brandy as Brooke McDonald
  • Matthew Knight as Ethan Carsia
  • Amber Heard as Jessica Mitchell
  • Caitlin Carmichael as Hayley Mitchell
  • Ellen Wroe as Brianna Albertson
  • Sasha Pieterse as Lisa Hills


Det. Frank Nightingale

Det. Emma Lloyd

Hayley McDonald

Cami Watson

Casey Strode

Brooke McDonald

Ethan Carsia

Jessica Mitchell

Hayley Mitchell

Brianna Albertson

Lisa Hills


Lauren Malloy-

Trixie Sango-



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