Scream: The Return of Ethan Carsia takes place after Scream: The Black Van. Brianna Albertson is in Honolulu, Hawaii enjoying herself at the beach when she thinks she sees her old friend Ethan Carsia who is thought to be dead and Ethan's sister, Annie who looks just like Sidney, she follows them but they suddenly disappear. Did she really see them or is she going crazy again?


Matthew Knight as Ethan Carsia

Neve Campbell as Annie Carsia

Ellen Wroe as Brianna Albertson

Sasha Pieterse as Lisa Hills

Emma Bell as Cami Watson

Daniel Dae Kim as Detective Tommy Kehoe

Sophia Bush as Colleen Matthews

Jennette McCurdy as Alex Vetle

Kyle Gallner as Steve Butcher

Lindsay Lohan as Livie Sans

Demi Lovato as Gigi Dan

Justin Chatwin as Simon Fenser

Lacey Chabert as Vivian Turner

Kerri Green as Lucille Bronson


Ethan Carsia

Annie Carsia

Brianna Albertson

Lisa Hills

Cami Watson

Det. Tommy Kehoe

Colleen Matthews

Alex Vetle

Gigi Dan


Steve Butcher-He is an stab fan who is obsessed with Sidney Prescott and when he sees Annie he thinks she is Sidney.


Vivian Turner-Her faced is smashed into th bathroom mirror then she she has her throat slit with a piece of the broken glass.

Simon Fenser-

Lucille Bronson-

Steve Butcher-

Livie Sans-


Livie was thinking about Steve being killed and being Ghostface. While walking home, a Ghostface stabbed Livie in the chest 6 times until she was dead. The Ghostface killer was revealed to be Gigi Dan!

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