Scream:The New Girl is an American Horror Movie scheduled to be released in October 2012, it was written by Kevin Wlliamson and directed by Wes Craven. 2 years ago Wendy Evans father was killed by someone wearing a Ghostface costume, now the killer has returned and is stalking Wendy and her friends.


Briana Evigan as Wendy Evans-She is a college student in Maryland, she is also the basketball player on the team.Her father Dennis was killed 2 years earlier by someone wearing a Ghostface costume. .

Liam Hemsworth as Kenny Wilkins- He is her boyfriend he has anger issues. he also get jealous easily .

Eileen Davidson as Lisa Evans-She is Wendy's mother she still hasn't gotten over her husband's death.

Matt Lanter as David Clark- He is Wendy's best male friend ,Kenny is jealous of their friendship

Jennifer Lawrence as Blake Hollins-She is Wendy's best friend they have known each other their whole lives.

Stanley Tucci as Sheriff Martin Hollins - He is Blake's father and was Wendy's father's best friend, and he is protective of Lisa and Wendy.

Lexi Ainsworth as Crystal Robertson-She is on the basketball team too and considers herself to be the star of the team.

Forest Whitaker as Coach John Perkins-He is the girls basketball coach.

Rachel Leigh Cook as Nicole Reed- She is the Evans's neighbor , she lives with her younger sister Erica. .

Rodney Eastman as Mr Young-He is the english professor at the college and is dating Lisa Evans.

Skyler Samuels as Jessica Cook-She is a cheerleader she is also a lesbian who has a crush on Wendy.

Matthew Lillard as Det Sam Macher- He is Stu Macher's twin brother, he moved from Woodsboro to Maryland a couple of years earlier  before Jill Roberts went on her serial killing spree with Charlie Walker's help.

Kristen Alderson as Erica Reed- She is also on the basketball team but she doesn't get much playing time because she is a freshman.

David Gallagher as Nick Scott- He is a prankster he is dating Crystal

Kim Kardashian as Melanie Kramer- She is the girl friend of singer Bobby Douglass.

Kanye West as Bobby Douglas- He is a singer who is on tour and Maryland is his last stop.


Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott-Sam calls her to tell her the murders are happening in Maryland, and asks her would she be willing to talk to Wendy Evans?She says yes.

David Arquette as Sheriff Dewey Riley-Dewey is with Sidney when Sam calls.









Nicole- She killed Wendy's father Dennis 2 years ago because she was worried he had seen her kill a homeless woman the night before, she is a psycho who enjoys killing.

Erica-She idolizes her sister and wants to be like her.


Bobby Douglas- He is in his hotel room waiting for Melanie to come back with dinner when the phone rings he picks up and hears what is your favorite scary movie? He says I know it's you Melanie and it's still not funny the voice says I'm not Melanie and if you hang up on me I will gut you and then leaving your body hanging in your hotel room and then that will be the last thing your girlfriend sees too,He tells the caller to go to hell and hangs up. A minute late Ghostface bursts through the door from the room next door and stabs him before he can react he tries to run away but he is in too much pain he collapses the killer then kneels next to him and continues to stab him, he is then hung and gutted.(Nicole and Erica)

Melanie Kramer- She arrives a few minutes later she opens the hotel room door and drops the food screaming when she sees Bobby's body she runs out to the hallway knocking on doors but no one will open their door the killer grabs her and drags her back to the room, then the killer opens her mouth and cuts her tongue out then slits her throat the killer then leaves through the other door.(Nicole)

Jessica Cook- She is at school late after a basketball game because her car wouldn't start and she called for a tow truck while she is waiting inside the school, she hears a noise and looks around but doesn't see anything and thinks it's her imigination when suddenly Ghostface grabs her. She breaks away from the killer's grasp and runs up the stairs and out a door she realizes she is on the school roof with no where to go, the killer catches up to her and tries to stab her but she is able to fight off the killer and rip off the mask she says OMG it's you why?It's Erica Reed she just smiles and says I'm crazy then she stabs her and looks down to the street, she then pushes Jessica off the roof she hits the roof of the tow truck which has just arrived.

Mr Young- He is at home getting ready to go pick up Lisa and take out for a dinner when his phone rings, the voice says I see you are gettting ready to go out it's too bad you won't be able to make it, he says who are you and why do you say that? The caller says I'm your worst nightmarw and I say that because I'm going to kill you right now, Suddenly his closet door opens and Ghostface runs out of the closet and starts to stab him he tries to run away but he is stabbed in the back by the killer as he tries to run and falls the killer then turns him over and stabs him in the forehead and then leaves.(Nicole)

Crystal Robertson- She is in the gym by herself shooting baskets when Erica comes in dressd as Ghostface, she says her and says is that you Erica? She puts the voice box to her voice and says yes it's me she then says I told you I was going dressed as Ghostface to the costume party, Crystal said i know but I thought you were going to dress at your house? Erica takes off the mask and says I changed my mind  I would rather go straight from here. she then said here let me take a shot Crystal gives her the ball and she shoots and hits the basket, She then tells Crystal I make you deal you take a shot and hit it I won't stab you with my fake knife but if you miss it you have to let me pretend to kill you she days okay but why do you want to you want to make a deal like that? She says it gives you incentive to make all your shots in the big game Friday can think of that game as life or death and in a way it is because if we win we got to the playoffs but if we lose our season end and it will be like us dying. Crystal says okay it is a extreme way of looking at it but I get what you are saying Erica says let me put on my mask maybe seeing Ghostface and knowing what could happen if we lose we help you make the shot she hits the shot and Erica says very good let me give you high five she goes over to Crystal and it looks she is going to give her a high five but instead she pulls her knife from her sleeve and brutally stabs her in the chest.multiple times she then says to her body through the voice box BTW we don't need you to win the game on Friday I am the real star on the team.


Erica is the first killer to be revealed after their first kill in a Scream movie.

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