Scream: Revenge is All I Want takes place after Scream: Shaun Webber's Return and Revenge.


Brianna has always been scared of Shaun Webber every since she was 5. But now she now hates him after what happened to her father (She thinks he's dead). So she decided to be Ghostface again to kill people because of her hate. So now Ethan and Sidney must calm her down before she starts the killing spree. Frank and Emma are trying to find Lucas' body and Shaun's body.



  • Ellen Wroe as Brianna Albertson
  • Georgie Henley as Hayley McDonald
  • Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott
  • Mark Wahlberg as Shaun Webber
  • Matthew Knight as Ethan Carsia
  • Gary Sinise as Detective Frank Nightingale
  • Alicia Silverstone as Detective Emma Lloyd
  • Cameron Diaz as Hannah Albertson



  • Brianna Albertson-She wants to kill people after what Shaun did to her dad.
  • Shaun Webber- He is still alive and get revenge on Brianna and Hayley after he kills Lucas




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