Scream: London Terror is a American/Britsh Horror movie written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wes Craven. In London a young student named Kelly Winston she is a Stab and Sidney Prescott fan  who is  terrorized by a serial killer who killed her older sister 2 years earlier.


Emma Watson as Kelly Winston-Student at a presitage school in London

Ralph Fiennes as Inspector James Stephens-Use to work for Scotland Yard.

Emma Roberts-Lily Joberts/Jill Roberts-She has dyed her hair blonde and is one of a few American students at the school,she is keeping mostly a low profile but she does commit one murder when the killings are happening.

Rachel Weisz as Professor Monique Kearney she is a having a lesbian affair with Rosemary Collins.

Keira Knightly as Penelope Kemp-Kelly's best friend she is also the killer.

Daniel Radcliffe as Lucas Kemp he is Penelope's brother, he is also dating Kelly.He becomes the main suspect when a Ghostface costume and bowie knife is found in his room at the house he shares with his sister.

Sean Bean as Inspector Roland Denson-He is James Stephens partner.

Brooke Vincent as Sabrina Wallace-She is also Kelly's friend she went back home to England after Melinda Roberts killing spree.

Adrian Paul as Richard Winston-He's is Kelly's father he has a criminal past.

Tasmin Egerton as Rosemary Collins-She is a student at the school she hates Kelly and always taunts her about her sister's murder.She also may be sleeping with a professor at the school.

Anthony Head as Joesph Onie-He is Mark Onie's twin brother he is the complate opposite of his brother he is a nice man who is ashamed about the kind of person his brother was.

Helena Bonham Carter as Marie Kearney- She is Monique's sister

Jason Cook as Max Thompson-He is a another American student at the school,.

Lexi Ainsworth as Zoe Henderson-She is also an American student at the school she is a party girl and a prankster.

Noel Clarke As Randall Franks-He is the soccer star at the school

Camilla Luddington As Diana Spencer she is a student at the school and she is Max Thompson's gilfriend, she has dreams of being a actress in Hollywood

Steve Coogan as Samuel Fletcher- He is a teacher at the school he isn't well liked the students think he is arrogant and judgemental.


Kelly Winston

Lily Joberts/Jill Roberts

Inspector James Stephens

Inspector Roland Denson

Richard Winston

Zoe Henderson


Penelope Kemp-She is a big Stab Fan and started killing 2 years earlier her first victim was Kelly's older sister Elizabeth, she considers herself to be the British version of Jill Roberts, of course she has no idea Jill Roberts is at the school too.


Diana Spencer- She has her head bashed in by a hammer she is then hung the killer.

Max Thompson- The killer also hit him in the head with a hammer then tied him up in the chair and gutted him.

Marie Kearney- She is at home watching TV while her Monique is out when she hears a sound in the kitchen she goes to see what it is and she is attacked by Ghostface who has come in through the back door, she fights for her life and tears off the mask and sees it's a young girl with long dark hair she then realizes it's Penelope Kemp one of Monique's best students she says OMG!why are you doing this? She says because it's fun and she then says she came for Miss Kearney but you will do she then stabs her in the stomach and heart she then takes her mask out of Marie's hand puts it back on and leaves.

Samuel Fletcher-He is at school grading papers when suddenly Penelope dressed as Ghostface bursts into his classroom and stabs him in the hand he looks up and sees her take off the mask and laugh, he asked why did she do that? She said because she was furious that he hated her report she wrote about the serial kiilers of the last 15 years she then said BTW she was the best one and then slit his throat and left.

Joesph Onie- Penelope is his next door neighbor she went over to his house while he was sleeping and stabbed him in the heart and then she ripped his chest open, She killed hmi because her brother Lucas had just been arrested because the police had found a Ghostface costume.and Bowie knife in his room. He had those for Kelly's costume party, she was hoping if she committed another murder the police would realize he is innocent and release him.

Monique Kearney-She was in her car getting ready to go meet with Rosemary Collins when suddenly she saw Ghostface popup from her back seat the killer slit her throat from behind her and then lifted up the mask the last thing Monigue saw was Penelope's evil smile she said she did that because she didn't like it when she made a pass at her last year.

Rosemary Collins- She was at home waiting for Monique to show up when someone knocked at door she opened it up thinking it was Monique but it was Penelope, she asked her what did she want? She said this she took out a knife, Rosemaary gasped and tried to close the door but Penelpoe pushed her back then she ran up the stairs with Penelope right behind her when they got up the stairs, she grabbed Rosemary and threw her down the stairs the she hit her head against the wall as she fell which knocked out Penelope went down the stairs then she dragged her to the living room and stabbed her 4 or 5 times..

Randall Franks- At Kelly's party he is stabbed to death by Penelope in the bathroom when he catches her putting on her Ghostface Costume she had gone to the party dressed as a princess.

Sabrina Wallace- She is in Kelly's bed room talking to Lily/Jill when Lily admits something to Sabrina she says she is related to Melinda Edwards that is why she looks so much like her she says her real name is Jill Roberts she then grabs Sabrina who gasps and tries to run out of the room and then she gets her knife and stabs her in the stomach viciously 2 times in the stomach then she stabs her in the forehead.

Lucas Kemp- He goes with Kelly to her bedroom to have some quality time when they open the door the find Sabrina's body on the floor and Kelly screams and goes to call the police, Lucas starts to leave but he is grabbed by Penelope dressed in her Ghostface costume she puts a knife at his throat and forces him to go the living room where everyone is, People think it is a joke at first when they see Ghostface with a knife at Lucas throat but they realize it's real when the killer grabs Kelly who has come into her living room to tell everyone that Sabrina is dead.the killer then takes out a gun from underneath the robe and points it at Kelly's head and then unmasks they are shocked to see it's Penelope,Richard says let his daughter go Kelly says no and shoots him in the shoulder, she says she is doing this because it's fun and that this isn't the first time she admits to killing Elizabeth 2 years earlier and everyone esle except for Sabrina.She didn't kill her but she saw who did it Jill was a little nervous but stayed calm before Penelope could say who killed her Lucas tried to take the gun from insane sister and during the struggle, a mysterious sniper aims at him and shoots his chest. He dies confessing his love for his love-interest Kelly and his sister Penelope and dies in Kelly's arms.

Penelope Kemp- She is horrified and devastated that her brother is dead and she quickly puts the blame on Kelly saying if she hadn't been with him he would not have come to this party, she then repeated that she didn't kill Sabrina but she had decided not to say who did it because she was upset about her brother and quite frankly she didn't care she was going to kill her anyways so she gladly would take the credit Just then the police arrived and Inspector James Stephens said to drop the gun but she refused and fired instead she hit his partner Roland Denson, James fired back and hit her but she stayed up and let Kelly go she then ran out of the house, he checked on Denson who said he was he was okay and go get that crazy bitch! James followed her out of the house she was hiding behind a car she fired again and so did he hit her and she stumbled back and then got hit by a car down was coming down the street she landed on the windshield and then rolled off the car he then went to check on her and he saw she was dead..


Kelly was still in shock a 1 week later it still hadn't completely sunk in that the girl who had been her best friend last 16 years old since they were 4 years old was the person who killed her sister Elizabeth 2 years ago and killed their classmates last week.Inspector James Stephen and his partner Roland Denson didn't didn't think Penelope Kemp killed Sabrina. Jill wasn't worried that the police were going to investigate Sabrina Wallace's death because she had worn gloves when she killed her and her prints were not on the bedroom door, She had to admit she wished she had been the one to kill Penelope because not only had seen her kill Sabrina she also would have been famous for stopping a vicious serial kiiler this time for real.

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