Scream: It's Not Over Yet takes place after Scream 11. Ghostface has returned with a new costume and is killing everyone. He must be stopped.


Emma Roberts as Jill Roberts/Melinda Roberts

Selena Gomez as Jackie Lever

Matthew Lillard-Det Sam Macher

Nicholas Cage as Robert Mone

Emily Blunt as Emily Mone

Emma Watson as Crystal Mone

Jimmy Bennett as Tommy Mone

Emily Osment as Caitlin Openle

Keegan Allen as Bobby Logan

Bridget Medler as Sabrina Unise

Tyler Blackburn as Toby Parrish


Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott-She is shocked at first when she sees Melinda because she thinks it's Jill,but then she remembers she had a twin sister. Melinda says she came back to Woodsboro to live and to make up for the evil her sister did.

Emma Bell as Fifi Mone-Melinda also met Fifi and while she was also stunned to see Jill. She realized very quickly that Melinda is nothing like her sister.She did tell Melinda that she heard Jill used to be a very nice girl before she went crazy and killed all those people.Melinda said yes she was a great sister and that is how she wants to remember her. The 2 girls decide to become friends.We might see Fifi again.


Jackie Lever

Melinda Roberts

Det Sam Macher


Jill Roberts-Somehow she survived being shot by Sidney and Sam Macher. She torments Melinda who is her twin sister.

Bobby Logan -He is obsessed with the Ghostface killings.He is this generation's Billy Loomis.


This is the first time that the 2 Ghostfaces were competing against eachother.


Robert Mone-Jill Roberts

Emily Mone-Jill Roberts

Tommy Mone-Jill Roberts

Sabrina Unise-Bobby Logan

Caitlin Openle-Bobby Logan

Toby Parrish-Bobby Logan

Bobby Logan-Det Sam Macher

Crystal Mone-Jill Roberts

Jill Roberts-Melinda Roberts


Melinda Roberts after she killed her evil twin sister for good starts to move on with her life and tries to put the past behind her,The first thing she does is change her hair color to blonde so people won't confuse the 2 of them.Jill's evil might be gone for good but she knows there will be other Ghostfaces that will come after her because she is related to Sidney Prescott.

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