This is a 2015 horror thriller movie and a remake to Scream(1996)


A group of high school students finds out that a 2 of their classmates are killed one of them had a mother who was murdered. They need to find who is the killer before anybody else gets murdered.


Lily Collins as Sidney Prescott, Main protagonist

Dianna Agron as Tatum Riley, Sidney's best friend

Paul Wesley as Billy Loomis, Sidney's mysterious boyfriend

Toby Turner as Randy Meeks, A talk a lot person who loves Sidney but wont admit it

Kellan Lutz as Stuart "Stu" Macher, Tatum's party guy boyfriend

Chloë Grace Mortez as Casey Becker,1st seen person in movie

Cody Longo as Steven "Steve" Oroth, Casey's boyfriend

Gunnar Hansen as Neil Prescott, Sidney's father

Linda Hamilton as Maureen Roberts Prescott, Sidney's mother

Pierce Brosnan as Principal Himbry, Principal of the school

Ben Feldman as Cotton Weary,Someone who got blamed for Maureen's death

Kevin James as Kenny, Gale's camera man

Dwyane Johnson as Mr.Becker, Father of Casey

Rachel McAdams as Mrs.Becker, Mother of Casey

Kaitlyn Black as Gale Weathers, A reporter that wants to get Sidney

Chris Pine as Dwight "Dewey" Riley, Love interest of Gale

Robin Wright as Mrs.Riley,Mother of Tatum and Dewey

Roger L. Jackson as Voice of Ghostface

Who played Ghostface

Billy(Sidney's mother had sex with his father then his mom left him and then snapped)

Stu(To help his friend Billy)


Maureen-Ambushed,Gang Raped, Tortured,Left for dead,Gutted and Stabbed (Stu and Billy)(Didnt happen in movie)

Steve-Gutted while tied to a chair in Casey's backyard(Stu)

Casey-Stabbed 5 times in the chest then hung from a tree(Stu and Billy)

Himbry-Attacked from behind then stabbed 5 times in the stomach(Billy)

Tatum-Left arm slashed with a knife then got stuck in a garage door then the door rising then her skull and ribs were crushed(Billy)

Kenny-Slit in the throat(Stu)

Stu-Right wrist was bitten then head electrocuted with TV(Sidney)

Billy-Stabbed twice in the chest with an umbrella and then Sidney poked his wound and then Gale shot him the 1st time and Sidney shot him the 2nd time(Sidney and Gale)







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