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Scotty-Doo and Guess Who? is an American animated television series produced by Shires Television Animation for Shires Channel and Shires XD.

Main Characters

Guest Stars

  • Tom Hanks as Himself (in "Revenge of the Stupid Beast!")
  • Tim Allen as Himself (in "A Murder Solving Gang Divided!")
  • Owen Wilson as Himself (in "Elementary, My Dear Stevie!")
  • Martin Short as The Cat in the Hat (in "Library Books of Terrible Terrors!")
  • Bette Milder as Herself (in "Now You Bette, Now You Don't!")
  • Will Smith as Himself (in "The Scotty of a Thousand Faces!")
  • Bruce Willis as Himself (in "The Feeling Fall Fail!")
  • Dave Foley as Jimmy the Hector (in "Quit Cancel!")
  • Annie Potts as Herself (in "Attack of the Pete-Dinosaur!")
  • Joan Cusack as Herself (in "What a Night, For a Cold Night!")
  • Tina Fey as Herself (in "When Cooper-Bots Go Bad!")
  • Wallace Shawn as Himself (in "Loose Hiccup in Newcastle!")
  • Billy Crystal as Himself (in "Frank Frank In-Come Free!")
  • John Goodman as Himself (in "The Cursed Cabinet of Professor Marvel Maddocks!")