ott Pilgrim is a 2017 Canadian-American romantic action comedy film starring Michael Cera, Emma Watson, Tom Felton, Neil Patrick Harris, Andrew Garfield, Mila Kunis, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. It is an alternate counterpart to the 2010 film. It will have a T.V. show but it's going to be different and it's Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. But it's TV-MA.


The film begins with a flashback in the past, 16-year-old Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) is a new student at a Catholic school but he encounters bullies on the way and gets in a fight with them only to get taken to the principle's office. He meets Lisa Miller (Mae Whitman) and she develops a crush on him. At his house, she comes to Scott's house but he doesn't remember her and says they can't be friends. She informs him that his brother Lawrence (Nathan Kress) let her in and she asks for tea but they don't have any and only have Lemonade. At school, he finally now wants to be friends with her but his older sister Stacey (Kat Dennings) lies to the family and says he's dating Lisa, much to his irritation. He hangs out with her a lot. In science class, he befriends his partner Kim Pines (Mila Kunis) and wants her join a band with him because he finds out she's good at drums. But when he's about to ask her to join him, he finds out the Benvie Tech boys led by Simon Lee (Jason Schwartzman) beat everyone up and kidnapped Kim. He beats all the Benvie Tech boys up and finds out that Simon's on the roof. He finally finds Simon and fights him. Simon is defeated and asks for mercy but Scott claims Simon will never change and he kicks Simon off the roof. He rescues Kim and they start dating but they break up because he's moving back to Toronto.

Seven years later, 23-year-old Scott Pilgrim is dating a high-school girl named Knives Chau (Chloe Grace Moretz) and he only met her on the bus. He lives with a gay intern named Wallace Wells (Neil Patrick Harris) and Wallace's best-friend Other Scott (Tom Welling) but they have one bed. Scott takes Knives to band practice and she finds them amazing. His band is called Sex Bob-Omb and is led by his older half brother Stephen Stills (Andrew Garfield), who lives with their greatest fan Young Neil (Aaron-Taylor Johnson).

Scott has a dream that he's alone but encounters a mystery girl (Emma Watson) and talks about it. He takes Knives to the library and they both see the girl from before. Knives asks Scott if he knows her but he denies. He gets so nervous that he only played one note for a song and he doesn't tell them what he really is distracted by who he met. They all go to a party owned by Stephen's obnoxious girlfriend Julie (Alexis Dziena), who Scott hates and this irritates him.

Him and Young Neil both think the party sucks and Scott goes to get a new drink. His best-friend Comeau (Clarke Duke) encounters him and gets shocked that Scott doesn't drink. Comeau knows everyone and asks who the girl is. Comeau says the girl is Ramona Flowers and she's at the party. Scott sees her and has a conversation with her but accidentally embarrass her during it and claims he'll leave her alone forever now. But he follows her until she left the party. He asks everyone about her but Julie forbids him from dating her and threatens to hurt him if he breaks her heart. He gets a call from Stacey, who warns him that he's already dating a girl and she learns this from Wallace texting her. He orders a package and must wait for a week to get it. Him and his band are invited to a concert to battle with Crash and the Boys led by Luke Wilson (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), Scott is friends with Wilson but Young Neil hates that band. He wakes up at home, he finds the delivery girl is Ramona Flowers and he asks her on a date, she mysteriously agrees. They hang out at a park but it gets too snowy and they go to Ramona's house. Scott accidentally cheats on Knives and makes out with Ramona.

He invites her to the concert, she accepts. He goes home, Wallace finds out about this and keeps it secret but orders Scott to break up with Knives. But they're interrupted by a warning message saying that Scott should stay away from Ramona or seven evil dudes will kill him. He ignores the warning and deletes the message.

At the concert, Scott can see his sister was invited and she brought her boyfriend Jimmy (Rafi Gavron), who Wallace gets attracted to. They encounter Knives and Ramona comes. They look at Scott but he asks if someone's behind them. They look away and Scott runs to back stage.

Crash and the Boys are up first and they get annoyed by Wallace. Wallace flirts with Jimmy, much to Stacey's irritation. Crash and the Boys make a song for Wallace but it reveals their hatred towards Wallace for annoying them, however Wallace is happy that the song is for him.

They make a final song that knocks people out for a few hours and it might be their last song ever, much to Wallace's depression. Ramona and Stacey find everyone knocked out and that Wallace is making out with Jimmy, much to Stacey's anger. Scott Pilgrim's band is up next and Joel Macmillion (Orlando Bloom) wishes them luck. Stacey moves Wallace to another seat and introduces Ramona to him. They start singing but they're interrupted by Matthew Patel (T.J. Miller) and he came to fight Scott. Wallace tells Scott to fight and Scott does start fighting. Matthew Patel reveals he's Ramona's first evil ex-boyfriend, much to everyone's confusion. Ramona reveals the bad news is he has mystical powers. Matthew starts singing a rap that makes him have Demon Hipster Chicks. But Scott and the others interrupt his rap and start fighting him until Scott defeats him. Matthew explodes and turns into coins, killing him.

After the fight, Scott and Ramona leave before anyone gets mad at him and Scott's band win by default, due to Crash and the Boys leaving the concert. Scott and Ramona take a train and Ramona reveals that Scott has to defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends. When Scott mentions some guy named Gideon, who people talk about, her head starts glowing, much to Scott being worried.

The next day, Scott and Wallace are on a bus and Wallace thinks Scott should break up with Knives but Scott doesn't want to upset a 17-year-old girl. Wallace tells him if he doesn't he threatens to Ramona about Knives, he swears to the lord. Wallace goes home but leaves Scott to go talk to Knives. Scott and Knives head to a video store but Scott finally breaks up with her and starts feeling guilty when he sees Knives depressed about it, however he's happy that he's dating Ramona. At band practice, Scott informs them about it but they remind to be careful because they almost got killed by that rapping jerk and Stephen Stills, along with Young Neil, keep on saying new new, much to their amusement. Scott finds out that the 2nd evil ex is popular skater turned actor Lucas Lee (Steven Blum), who Scott seems to like his movies. When Scott and Ramona eat garlic and hang out at his house, she likes his hair but he thinks it could be shorter. Scott confesses that he dated an evil and mean girl named Envy Adams (Anna Faris), who hates her real name.

Kim dreams about Simon killing Scott but she hates that dream. She lives with a rude girl that she hates. At No Account Video, she works there with her friend Hollie (Neve Campbell) but according to Hollie, Kim hates everyone except Scott. Hollie goes to get coffee and Kim stays at work. Scott comes in to rent movies with Lucas Lee in it but he has late fees. However, Kim decides to give the movies and keeps it a secret. Scott starts watching the movies and trains to defeat Lucas Lee.

When Scott, Stephen, and Ramona eat pasta at his house, Knives sees Ramona with Scott and vows revenge on her. She dyes her hair red and prepares to fight Ramona.

They meet at a movie studio and decide to fight but they take a break. During break, Lucas reveals Ramona cheated on him with a vegan and Scott is shocked by Ramona's behavior. They decide to film a stunt of Lucas skateboarding on a rail. However, Lucas goes too fast to live and explodes, killing him and Scott wins by default. He sees a skateboard but doesn't collect it because he doesn't know how to ride a skateboard and it disappears.

At Second Cup, Stacey works there with Julie. Ramona meets Stacey there and they go to a big library. Scott comes in to talk to Stacey but encounters Julie and she is mad at Scott for ignoring her warning and reveals that she gave Envy Scott's new phone number. Scott runs out of there in anger.

At the library, Ramona and Stacey encounter Knives and she attacks them. She recognizes and finds out Scott cheated on her. She tries to kill Ramona in anger but Ramona survives.

At Scott's apartment, Scott calls Wallace and Stephen to tell him the cheat code for Batman Arkham Knight but they refused to because they don't know it. He gets a phone call from Envy Adams, who invites him to Lee's Palace. Wallace finds Scott in a coma from that call. Scott calls Stacey about Ramona and she tells him that he's too late, they already started fighting. Scott screams in horror but it's revealed he spilled hot chocolate on his chest.

At Stephen's house, he informs them about Envy but they are excited that they got invited. However, they're worried that they might stink at music. Scott and Ramona are on their way to Lee's Palace. Scott mentions he once had a job at a Pizza Hut restaurant in some amusement park but it got shut down by the bank and health department.

At Lee's Palace, they meet Scott former classmates Sandra and Monique (Allison Mack and Emma Roberts), Sandra is nice and likes Scott hanging out with her because she had a crush on him in college but Monique is just like Julie and also hates Scott. Kim finds out Hollie's here and she brought her soft-spoken gay roommate Joseph (Kevin Bacon), who has a crush on the bass player of Envy's band The Clash At Demonhead. Luke Wilson invites Scott's band to another battle of the bands but Scott mistakes him for Lucas Lee. Fran Kratz and Chris Hemsworth (Themselves in uncredited cameos) see Lynette Guycott (Aubrey Plaza) smoking, they realize she's evil but still think she's hot. The Clash At Demonhead are ready to play their song and Scott meets the bass player Todd Ingram (Patrick Warburton), who is dating Envy and Scott hates him. But Ramona knows who he is, Scott now realizes that Todd is the 3rd evil ex.

After the song, they all document a reaction from people, Joseph loves Todd but hates Envy. After the documentary, Scott and the others wait for Envy. Scott sees a save point and goes to it in order be back at the checkpoint if he gets killed. Envy takes them to a room to have conversation. When Knives accidentally embarrasses her, she hires Lynette to hit her with that bionic arm. Young Neil escorts Knives out but Envy apologizes because Neil is the brother of one Envy's friends. Envy insults Knives and Scott stands up for her by attempting to fight them but finds out that Todd's vegan. When he's thrown into trash pile, he starts remembering the past.

Another flashback appears, Scott was a freshman in college and met Envy, goes by her real name Natalie, and has a crush on her. Julie starts lying about Scott being a lady killer jerk. He denies that but she gives him examples: that time with Sandra in the ladies room at the gym but he claims it wasn't what looked like. That time with Lisa at a park but he claims it was a misunderstanding. That time with Hollie at the Library but he claims that was an accident. Envy ignores Julie and seems to like Scott. They start dating and she changes her name to Envy. However, after having band problems, they had an abusive relationship because she became mean and she ended it by dumping Scott on New Year's Eve but he befriended Wallace Wells and Wallace developed a hatred towards Envy.

Scott attempts to fight Todd again but gets knocked down again. Todd accidentally makes bad comebacks and Envy decides they should move this fight to Honest Ed's. But however, that store sometimes upsets people. Scott and Ramona go to Pizza Pizza and meet Wallace and Other Scott. They tell Wallace about Envy and this makes him mad. Wallace mentions he met this psychic named Mobile (David Burtka) and he went to bank machine but needs the apartment to hang out with him. He convinces Ramona to take Scott with her and their friends based on mutual hate. He goes home to take a shower but Wallace is not home. Wallace comes home and has the ability to dry himself off. Scott is depressed and thinks everything sucks. But Wallace cheers him up by using bacon. Wallace trains Scott to defeat Todd.

At Honest Ed's, Scott claims he's been there before but almost died. Todd thinks that Scott has never been there. Todd's not allowed to use his powers and Scott's handicap is he's not a survivor, much to Wallace's anger. Scott and Todd are inside but get horrified by all the stuff. Todd loses his mind and blows up the place. It is a tie.

At Ramona's apartment, she tells the story of her and Todd, they were classmates in high school and he put a hole in the moon but he went to vegan school and she dumped him. Scott tells her how he and Kim broke up but goes aggressive and Ramona is mad at him. Knives is on a roof crying about getting hit.

At an Italian restaurant, Todd orders Gelato for desert but Lynette and Todd both are the only ones well aware that Gelato has Milk and Eggs. Todd doesn't care and Lynette confesses her crush on Todd. Todd cheats on Envy and dates Lynette.

The next morning, Scott and Wallace see Ramona's new hair and Scott is upset that he didn't get haircut. Ramona cuts his hair and Scott reveals Envy's real name was Natalie but she hated that name and started hating Scott. Scott apologizes to Ramona for being aggressive and she forgives him.

At Lee's Palace, Scott finds Stephen vomiting in the bathroom and finds out Julie caused it. Scott remembers that him and Envy's band was called Kid Chamelion but he hated it. Ramona, Kim, Hollie, and Joseph caught Todd and Lynette kissing, much to Joseph's disgust. Scott sees Knives outside and talks to her. She confesses that she knows what Scott did but she forgave him and blamed it on Ramona. But Scott tells her to move on and be a good girlfriend to Young Neil. She agrees and says she loves him, Scott is happy about it. Ramona goes to get a drink but runs into Envy. Envy insults Scott, this causes Ramona to call her Natalie. They get in a fight but everyone is cheering for Envy, except Wallace. Wallace encourages Ramona and makes fun of Envy. However, he uses the restroom and Knives stands up to Envy but they get held at hammerpoint by Envy but Scott saves them and defeats Envy. Envy tells them that she met Todd during childhood and has never forgotten him ever since then. But she finds out about Todd and Lynette's affair and confronts them about it. She manages to hit Lynette's bionic arm, causing Lynette's teleportation to vaporize her. She pretends to forgive Todd but knees him in the kiwis but he lift her up in the air and throws her into a table. He reveals he has no problem hitting women because he's a rock star. Scott and Todd have a bass battle, Todd is good at it but Scott hits the guitar and breaks it. This angers Todd to try and destroy him but Crash and the Boys help Scott fight Todd. They are however defeated, Scott decides to drink coffee and Todd thinks he put half and half in one of those cups so he drinks the one with soil but Scott tricked him into drinking half and half while actually reveals both of them are dairy. The Vegan Police (Bill Hader and Jonah Hill) arrive and come to arrest Todd for Vegan violation. Todd is confused why he's being arrested for one offence. They reveal Chicken Parmesan and Gelato are not vegan, causing Envy to get mad at him. They take away Todd's power and Scott headbutts Todd, killing him. Scott calls Envy by her real name Natalie. Julie insults Scott but Envy stands up for him by telling Julie to shut up. Scott's band plays a song and a few people seem to like them but G-Man (Tom Felton) leaves the place with no comment, Scott gets confused by the mystery man.

He takes Envy to the airport but she claims they'll meet again. Scott now realizes that their's three down and four to go.

At the beach, they are celebrating Julie's birthday but she is still mean to Scott and Ramona. At Julie's house, Scott accidentally sees Knives and Kim kiss but he keeps it a secret.

At Walmart, Scott and Wallace are buying some stuff and Wallace tells Scott that their landlord Peter has decided to move them out of the apartment. Scott and Wallace find their rice eaten by mice. Wallace is not wearing any pants, much to Scott's irritation. Wallace says it's because he thinks he's hot.

At Ramona's apartment, Scott and Ramona are having lunch on the deck. Scott wants to know Ramona's age but she doesn't.

At Scott's apartment, Scott is sleeping until Wallace calls him. Wallace warns him that at his work place they detected a very dangerous heat in effect and orders Scott to get out of their apartment and go to a mall.

At the mall, Scott spends time sitting on a bench without any money for stuff. He sees Lisa Miller and hangs out with her.

At Knives' house, Knives finds that her Scott Pilgrim picture has been sliced by a katana but doesn't who did it.

They help Kim move into Hollie and Joseph's apartment. Stephen finds Joseph recording music and asks him if he can record the band's music. Joseph will do it but only because he finds Stephen attractive, Stephen decides to live it.

At Stephen's house, Scott and Lisa came to hang out with Stephen but Young Neil starts acting like a jerk and doesn't know where Stephen is. Scott accidentally causes Young Neil to lose at a video game and Young Neil gets upset. Scott and Lisa leave.

At Kim's new house, they talk to Stephen. He tells them what Joseph is doing but is too busy.

They go to a bar called Sneaky Dee's and Kim is happy that Lisa is in town. She meets Julie but dislikes her too. Ramona finds them. Lisa tells them that she is a actress but nobody watched the T.V. show she was on. Scott tells Ramona that Joseph is recording their music.

As Scott and Ramona leave, Ramona reveals she kissed a girl once, much to Scott's disgust.

He starts dreaming but hasn't woke up yet. Ramona is in his dream and she thinks it's the worst dream she ever saw. She tells Scott to get a job. Scott calls Wallace and asks him for a job but Scott doesn't know where it is. Scott goes to ask Stacey but Julie works there. He asks Kim but she refuses and is on the phone with her boyfriend Jason Kim (Robbie Amell). She takes him to Stephen's workplace a restaurant called The Happy Avocado. He gets a job there after being hired by Crystal the blender jockey (Emma Stone). While him and Kim go somewhere, they are attacked by a mysterious man (Nicolas Cage) with a katana. They escape into subspace and go to their homes.

At Scott's apartment, Wallace invited Jay Baruchel and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Themselves in a cameo), much to Scott's excitement. Scott is nervous that actors are at his apartment and is annoyed that Wallace is not wearing pants. He calls Ramona and asks if she wants to hang out.

On the way, Ramona thinks Scott should stop wearing his wrist bands because it's hot. He takes them off.

At Stephen's house, they are going to band practice but Young Neil doesn't go because he has an exam that he received from a school.

At Kim's house, Joseph records their music but says it's horrible. Julie wants to go now but Joseph gets annoyed and wants someone to tell her to shut up. Stephen tries to but she flips him off, causing them to leave.

At Sneaky Dee's, everyone gets annoyed by Julie and Jason finds the food terrible. Julie goes to girl's bathroom. Ramona and Lisa go take a smoke outside, despite Ramona quitting smoking, Scott is nervous they might talk about him. Knives and Stephen have came to hang out with Scott but they remind him he has work tomorrow. He goes to the bathroom and when he comes back, he finds Julie freaking out by Knives' appearance. He asks Ramona if they can go now.

On the way to his house, Ramona makes fun of him about being raised in high school by teenage girls, much to Scott's irritation.

At Scott's apartment, they find Wallace tired and pantless. He got tired from drinking and let the guest go to a party without him. Ramona leaves and Wallace reminds Scott they have to see Peter tomorrow.

The Next Day, Scott and Wallace go to see Peter (Mark Hamill) but Scott is scared of him. Wallace tries to convince him to not get scared. They see Peter and it's true he's scary. He tells them that their ownership of the apartment is expired and they have to move until August 27. Scott goes to work and a few hours later, he is attacked by a shadowey figure. He manages to catch the figure but finds out it's a girl named Roxie Richter (Kristen Kreuk) and she knows him but he doesn't know her. She disappears. He informs Ramona about this.

At Sneaky Dee's, he tells the others that he forgot to tell her about the job and doesn't know the L word their talking about. However, he thinks it's Lisa. He leaves with her.

Lisa gets confused and flirts with Scott but he takes her home and leaves.

The Next Day, Scott and Stephen go to work but encounter the man from before. Scott hides and the man passes by.

At work, Stephen reveals that the man comes to the restaurant to eat with his family but they see Ramona talking with Roxie. Scott talks to them but is creeped out to find Roxie is Ramona's 4th evil ex-boyfriend, despite being a girl. Ramona saves Scott from Roxie.

On the way to Sneaky Dee's, Ramona doesn't know why Scott didn't tell her about the job. He said he forgot to.

At Sneaky Dee's, Young Neil is upset that no one hangs out with him anymore and Ramona is getting suspicious about Scott and Lisa.

On the way, Ramona asks Scott if he dated Lisa but he denies. She goes home.

At his apartment, Scott is accidentally scared for life when he sees Wallace with a man. Wallace apologizes and informs Scott that he got fired from the restaurant.

Scott gets upset but calls Lisa.

At Lisa's house, Scott talks to her but they have to be quiet because Lisa's sister wants to sleep for a ton of stuff tomorrow and she's mean about it. He tells her about the fight and she thinks that they should do it.

He starts dreaming and is confronted by Roxie, who entered the dream by using subspace. She tries killing Scott but survives and wakes up.

The next morning, Lisa explains that they didn't do it because Scott loves Ramona, she got upset so Scott ordered Pizza and they made a lot of noises but Lisa's sister yelled at them and Scott passed out. They think he ate too much pizza and can't remember anything. She encourages him to see Ramona and tell her the L word.

Scott realizes that he has to get his job back and succeeds. He goes to the Second Cup to see Stacey but finds out Knives works there. They encounter the man from before but Knives reveals that's her dad. She reveals that her dad found out about their relationship and now wants to kill Scott. He is also the one that sliced the picture in Knives' room. He uses subspace to escape.

In subspace, he finds Ramona's restricted dream and she gets mad. She pushes him out of it and confronts him about it.

He tells her everything and she forgives him. But he finds out that Roxie's with her and he thinks she's leaving him. His starts glowing and he can see NegaScott (Also played by Michael Cera) but he finds out Ramona's in danger and goes to save her, even getting NegaScott out of the way. She is attacked by Mr. Chau but Scott saves her. Mr. Chau fights Roxie. Scott doesn't want to fight her because he doesn't hit girls. However, Ramona's love convinces him to fight and he receives the power of love. He puts on Mortal Kombat music and fights Roxie to the death but he wins. She tells him he has to fight the Twins. She collapses in half and explodes into animals. Mr. Chau is impressed by him and forgives him. He leaves. Scott asks Ramona about the Twins and she tells him that their called that because their brothers. He asks to move in with her and she allows it.

The next morning, Kim and Stephen help Scott with his stuff. Kim finds a stupid poster of two girls kissing but he lets her keep it. She rejects the poster and rips it.

At the apartment, Scott and Wallace decide to let Other Scott own the place and use it to date girls.

At Knives' house, Mr. Chau tells her about Scott and allows her to date Young Neil.

In Joseph's room, they finally make the album and it's a success.

At a restaurant, they celebrate Lisa's promotion in Hollywood and she says her goodbye to Scott by hugging him. Other Scott couldn't make it and they all start respecting Scott for being such a good friend. Ramona confesses her age and birthday. Scott's birthday is September 27th and Ramona's is on September 24th. They will be the same age.

A few months later, Scott turns 24 and he will be the best 24-year-old ever.

At Julie's apartment, she encounters Scott and tells him that this is a Mexican of the dead party. Scott and Ramona confront the Twins Kyle and Ken Katayanagi (Shawn Ashmore and Aaron Stanford) and they have invented a robot. Ramona and Kim go outside to wait and Seth Rogen (Himself in a cameo) is outside getting bored about the party. They get a text from Wallace to give to Scott which Kim finds annoying. Scott defeats the robot and is allowed to have free food while Rogen leaves. Ramona asks if they can leave.

At their apartment, Ramona leaves and Scott plays on her phone. Ramona comes back and Scott denies playing on her phone. He decides to charge it but finds a note to Gideon and closes the drawer. They decide to make dinner but Ramona gets confused during a conversation.

He watches the news but hears Mr. Chau has been killed in a car accident. He promises him to hire Young Neil to protect Knives.

At a concert, Ramona goes to the bathroom and gets in another fight with Knives. When Ramona wins, Knives confesses that Scott cheated on Knives with Ramona. Ramona is shocked by this and is now upset. Scott and the others leave but they lost respect for him after knowing about what Scott accidentally did except Kim, who knows it was an accident.

The next day, Scott hangs out with Kim but realizes that Jason had an affair with Julie, this makes Scott more mad at Julie. He has a sleepover at her house and is only sleeping on the couch.

The next day, him and Kim pull a prank on Ramona but she finds it funny. They tell her about Julie and Ramona is also mad at her. When Scott mentions the sleepover, Ramona's head glows and Kim is able to see it. Stephen is not depressed because he broke up with Julie before the affair. Scott cheers him up by revealing he never liked Julie and Stephen agrees.

At another party, Young Neil is accidentally acting like a jerk and tells them that Stephen is dating Crystal the blender jockey. Ramona and Kim hire Scott to steal liquor but Julie and the twins catch him in the act. Julie thinks Scott is acting crazy and needs help but Scott ignores her and starts fighting another robot. Ramona starts drinking the liquor with Kim. Scott finishes his battle and goes upstairs to hang out with them. Him and Ramona go home but Scott finally confesses it's true he did cheat on Knives with Ramona but it was an accident because he forgot about Knives. Ramona is upset with him so he apologizes to her and she suddenly forgives him because he told her the truth and took responsibilities for his own actions.

The next morning, he doesn't see Ramona but is relieved that she's just taking a shower. He gets a text from Kim saying that she's been kidnapped by the twins and will hurt her if he doesn't come and fight.

He arrives but is hungover and can't fight them. They are angry he came to the fight hungover and are gonna teach him some manners. They taunt and torment him about Ramona. They reveal she cheated on them and made them hate each other but found out about it and decide to stay together as brothers. Kim gets a text from Ramona saying she believes in Scott. The twins are shocked that she can change. Scott manages to fight back and tell them that Scott's message to Gideon is he's next. Scott finishes them off with a katana and they explode into coins, killing them. He frees Kim and she tells him to go to Ramona. Ramona is happy she met but her head glows and she disappears. Scott goes into depression and moves into his parents' (John Lithgow and Courteney Cox) house. He returns his brother's bass. Stacey refuses to take care of the cat and thinks Scott should've thought about not dating a mystery girl with seven evil ex-boyfriends, she accidentally says eleven but Scott corrects her. Scott loses the cat and reads the letter to Gideon. He receives a call from Gideon, finding out G-man is Gideon. Gideon reveals the time is coming and their fight will begin soon, Scott has time to train. Scott takes Kim to the train station after learning she is going to see her parents. Scott apologizes to Kim for his behavior and she forgives him. She kisses him for luck and leaves. Scott begins training with Wallace and meets Mobile but they become friends. He looks at himself in the mirror but sees NegaScott wanting to turn him to the dark side but Scott refuses. He focuses on Ramona.

He goes to a party and later, Sandra heard about Gideon and is going to tell Scott where he is, Gideon is at Chaos Theatre, which he owns. Scott kisses her for that, much to her excitement. Wallace, Mobile, and Other Scott go with Scott to the theatre.

At Chaos Theatre, Scott encounters his sister and introduces her to Young Neil, but he calls him Neil, Neil is so happy that he's finally called Neil. Scott sees Knives but she now loves Neil and Scott is happy for them. He sees Envy performing here and is confronted by Gideon. They start fighting and Gideon finds out about Ramona's disappearance and thinks Scott got dumped. He asks Scott to join him but he refuses. Gideon then decides that Scott will die. He takes the Power of Love and stabs Scott in the chest with it. Everyone looks on in horror and are upset by his death.

In the afterlife, he sees Ramona and they find that NegaScott is dying. Ramona reveals that NegaScott got killed by that sword and Scott has a 1-up from his fight with Todd. They see Mr. Chau and he helps find the 1-up but it is guarded by Gideon's titan counterpart Cronos (Kevin Michael Richardson) and he attempts to kill Scott. Scott finds the 1-up and goes to Cronos' head. He stabs the forehead and Cronos dies. Scott charges it and his wound is healed.

At Chaos Theatre, he wakes up and surprises everyone. He reveals that Cronos is dead and Gideon surprised that a mortal killed the Titan. Scott understands that he weakened Gideon and gets the power of understanding. It's actually a lightsaber and the two have a lightsaber fight. Ramona helps Scott and everyone turns for him except Julie and Monique. Scott is getting injured by Gideon but Ramona helps overpower Gideon. They both defeat him and he thinks that they will one day hate each other. But they ignore him and finishes him off by slicing him to death, killing him. He later explodes and turns into a lot of coins. Ramona reveals she was on a trip in subspace and was waiting for Scott to save her from a titan. Him and her go to the elevator and Ramona agrees to marry Scott one day.

One year later, he is surprised that Joseph is not gay and he's dating Hollie. Him and Kim perform their own band because the original band broke up. Jason is back together with Kim. Stephen and Crystal got married. Scott and Ramona get married and all their friends and family are attending. Scott and Ramona go into subspace and a sign says The End and Game Over.


  • Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim - A 23-year-old slacker who lives with his gay friend Wallace and is in a band with his half brother Stephen Stills and ex-girlfriend Kim. Despite dating Knives Chau, a high school girl, he falls in love with Ramona Flowers but has to defeat her seven evil and jerky ex-boyfriends. Cera reprises his role from the 2010 film. He is the Titular Main Protagonist of the film.
  • Emma Watson as Ramona Flowers - A 23-year-old delivery girl who Scott is in love with but she dated seven evil jerks in the past and they want to kill Scott in order to get back together with Ramona. She is at first mysterious.
  • Tom Felton as Gideon Graves - Ramona's 24-year-old ex-boyfriend and leader of the ex-boyfriends. His goal is to kill Scott Pilgrim and get back together with Ramona. He is the Primary Antagonist of the film. Felton also played Malfoy from Harry Potter and Dodge Landon from Rise of the Planet of the Apes. He will have sunglasses instead of regular glasses.
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Wallace Wells - Scott's 26-year-old gay friend and roommate who has crush on him and hates Envy Adams. He is dating Mobile and broke up with Stacey's ex-boyfriend Jimmy. They live with Wallace's best-friend Other Scott. Note: Neil Patrick Harris is gay in real-life.
  • Andrew Garfield as Stephen Stills - Scott's 26-year-old half-brother and Julie's ex-boyfriend. He is currently dating Crystal the blender jockey and hates Julie. He lives with Young Neil.
  • Mila Kunis as Kim Pines - Scott's 22-year-old ex-girlfriend who still likes him but hates everyone except him. She has a friendship with her co-worker Hollie and Ramona. She works at No Account Video.
  • Chloe Grace Moretz as Knives Chau - Scott's 17-year-old ex-girlfriend who still loves him but hates Ramona. She blames Ramona for the breakup and wants revenge but she is currently dating Young Neil. She finds out Scott accidentally cheated on her but forgives him.
  • Aaron-Taylor Johnson as Young Neil - Stephen's 20-year-old roommate and Knives' current boy-friend. He wants to be like Scott and decides to copy him. Just like him, he hates Julie's parties. Scott is friends with him a lot and calls him Neil at the end.
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