Scooby-Doo! and the Mystery Gang is a live-action American Fantasy Mystery-Adventure Television Series, based off of the popular long running franchise of the same name, created by Hannah Barbera. The series premiered on the CW Television Network on September 13, 2015 and stars Ross Lynch, Arin Logan, Hailee Steinfield, and Jonny Gray as a group of teenagers, along with their talking dog, Scooby-Doo (Voiced by Frank Welker), that solve mysteries involving supernatural entities that appear real, but usually learn that there's more to the phenomenon then it looks, and they'll get to the bottom of things.

The series takes a realistic look at the famous supernatural crime solvers, the Mystery Gang and their talking dog, Scooby-Doo, taking a more real sense of danger, action, and horror, as they deal with psychopathic criminals that dress up as creatures to commit crimes. Each episode begins with a voice over from a different character talking about their current predicament. The titles of the episodes are usually based on the creature of the episode and how or where they're seen, such as The Creeper in the Bank and The Thing at the Swamp, and many of them are alliterations, such as Clown at the Circus and Bat at the Ball. The series contains a combination of creatures from the previous series and new creatures created for this series.

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In the strange and mysterious town of Crystal Cove, four very unlikely teenage friends, a geeky outcast, Shaggy Rogers, the High School quarterback, Fred Jones, drama queen, Daphne Blake, and science nerd, Velma Dinkley, along with an unusual talking dog, Scooby-Doo, come together to form a team of mystery solvers, that usually deal with mysteries involving supernatural creatures and monsters, such as ghosts, mutants, and demons, terrorizing their town or another. They set up a procedural investigation to search for clues in order to find and trap these supernatural entities, through a series of antics and mis-steps, which mostly ends with the gang finding out that these, so called monsters, are actually human beings, such as criminals and psychopaths, dressed up as monsters to reach their own devious goals. Along the way, the team sets out to learn the biggest mystery of them all; the origin of Scooby-Doo and his ability to talk.


Main Cast

  • Mystery Gang
    • Frank Welker as Scooby-Doo, a unique dog that can talk. He is a brown great dane, with black spots, and has a blue collar with a diamond shaped dog tag. Though he first spoke broken english, often mumbling and adding the letter "R" to the beginning of his words, he began to learn better english, even learning to speak full sentences. He often acts cowardly, running from mysteries, and is always hungry, especially for Scooby snacks.
    • Jonny Gray as Norville "Shaggy" Rogers, a geeky outcast and a slacking member of the gang and Scooby-Doo's best friend, whom he shares many traits with, including the fact that he would rather eat than solve mysteries, often trying to avoid mysteries. He has romantic feelings, and later a relationship, with Velma. Like his original iterations, he often wears green shirts or jackets, and brown pants.
    • Ross Lynch as Fred "Freddie" Jones, the leader of the Mystery Gang and the quarterback of the Football team. Fred is strong and smart, and is often the one that comes up with the traps used to capture the creatures. In this iteration, Fred commonly wears a blue shirt and a white jacket with an orange stripe on the left side and two orange stripes on the sleeves.
    • Arin Logan as Daphne Blake, a red-headed fashion drama queen, that comes from a wealthy family. She has romantic feelings for Fred, who is often oblivious of her feelings. She often wears a purple jacket, skirt, and headband, with a green belt and shirt.
    • Hailee Steinfield as Velma Dinkley, a science wiz and computer nerd. She is highly intelligent and is often the one to solve the mystery of the people behind the masks. In season 7, she began dating Shaggy. She often wears orange, with red skirts, and has glasses that she is very prone to losing.
  • Jack Coleman as Mayor Fred Jones Sr., (Recurring 1-4/Main 5)  Fred's father and the mayor of Crystal Cove, who doesn't approve of Fred's obsession with mysteries. After Fred proved him to be the creep of Crystal Cove, he discovered that Mayor Jones stole him from Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves.
  • Dylan Sprayberry as Thomas Jeffrey, (Recurring 4/Main 5-6) a photographer for the Crystal Cove newspaper, who was assigned to help a reporter that was investigating the Mystery Gang. Along the way, he became a good friend to the Mystery Gang, and helped them in any way he could with the planispheric disk mystery, and became the key to solving it.

Recurring Cast

  • Allesandro Juliani as Dr. Steven Rykes, (Seasons 2-6) a scientist from A.T.O.M. Labs that the team often goes to for help, and multiple gadgets for the gang to use. Though he is close to the gang, he turned his back on them twice, after they accused and chased him during a mystery and after discovering his lab assistant Mina was working with the Widow's Son Serial Killer.
  • Jada Pinkette Smith as Cassidy Williams/Angel Dynamite (Seasons 1-6), a radio DJ on K-Ghoul Radio station, and an ally to the team, as she is very smart and knows her way around puzzles and clues. In Season 6, the team discovered she was a member of the original Mystery Gang and is Velma's counterpart.
  • Motchell Kosterson as Bronson Stone, (Seasons 1-2) the sheriff of Crystal Cove, who openly welcomed the gangs help, but as shown in Season 3, betrayed the team and dressed up as a creature to kill Fred's father.
  • Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Sally Adams, (Seasons 4-6) the sheriff of Crystal Cove that replaced Bronson, but unlike the previous Sheriff, Adams didn't appreciate the Gang's tendency to get involved, but eventually let them get involved with out confronting them.
  • Anne Hathaway as Mayor Janet Nettles, (Seasons 5-6) Fred Jones Sr.'s successor as Mayor of Crystal Cove, who like Angel and Sheriff Stone, openly welcomed the Gang's help, and helped bring them together after they separated.
  • Chris Gauthier as Ricky Owens/Mr. E, (Seasons 5-6) one of the members of the original Mystery gang and Shaggy's counterpart, who has been secretly helping the team solve mysteries.
  • Udo Kier as Professor Pericles, (Seasons 5-7) a highly intelligent parrot that can speak perfect english and the mascot of the original Mystery gang, and is Scooby's counterpart. He is the main antagonist of Seasons 6 and 7.
  • Chip Ester and Christina Moore as Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves, (Seasons 5-6) former members of the original Mystery Gang, and the counterparts of Fred and Daphne, as well as the biological parents of Fred.


Season 1

Title Description
Beginning of the Mystery After a ghost attacks Crystal Cove High, four very different students, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, and Velma, along with a talking dog, are blamed for the attack as a prank, and form an unlikely team to solve the mystery, but learn there's more to the "ghost" than appears.
Ogre in the Forest While the group ponders the possibility of becoming a team, as Fred, Daphne, and Velma are reluctant, the gang does decide to get involved of a mystery involving of an ogre wandering the forest and kidnapping people
Troll Under the Bridge When people begin disappearing around a mysterious bridge, the group decide to solve the mystery, while coming to the decision of staying together and becoming a formal team.
Wheels on the Road

The gang decide that they're going to need wheels to help in their mystery solving, especially to keep up with a haunted car, and Daphne's able to help with that, introducing the Mystery Machine.

Sorcerer in the Snack The Mystery Gang visits a snack factory when the snack mascot, an evil sorcerer, comes to life and begins terrorizing the factory. Meanwhile, Fred, Velma, and Daphne, find they can convince Shaggy and Scooby to do anything for a Sorcerer Snack, which is later given a new mascot and is renamed Scooby Snacks.
Knight at the Meusum After finding knight armor, the gang ships it to a meusum, but when the owner of the meusum ends up missing, the gang investigates and finds that the knight armor is being possessed.
Wasp in the Library The gang investigates the appearance of a wasp-like creature at a library, but are having a hard time keeping up with School due to their late night mysteries, and are threatened by their parents to keep their grades up.
Zombie in the Sewers After construction workers are attacked by a Zombie in the sewers, the gang investigates. Meanwhile, Fred must decide if he should give up his position on the Football team for the gang, when practice causes him to leave the team without him.
Creeper in the Bank After finding a bank guard knocked out in his van, the gang decides to investigate the mystery of a green-monster called the Creeper, who begins stealing from the Crystal Cove Bank and the Mystery gang plans to stop him.
Pterodactyl in the Sky The Mystery Gang chases after a Pterodactyl that begins abducting important people in Crystal Cove, including Fred's father, Mayor Jones.
Meat in the Kitchen A meat-like creature terrorizes the School Cafeteria and the group must rely on Scooby and Shaggy's appetites to eat their way through the mystery.
Birthday in the Cellar Velma obliviously avoids many birthday attempts by her friends, and things get worse when a mystery leads the gang, besides Scooby, trapped in a storm cellar.
Fur ball on the Arm A small hairy creature is shipped in a box to Fred's locker and attaches itself to Fred, leaving it to the others to discover what it is and who sent it.
Medusa at the Dance The Mystery Gang must stop a creature from turning students at a dance to stone. Meanwhile, Daphne hopes for Freddie to ask her to the Dance.
Robot at the Convention A robot created by someone at a School Science Fair goes missing and reappears attacking students.
Invisible Man in the Locker Room Jocks at Crystal Cove High, including Fred, are being attacked by an invisible nerdy boy. Now the Gang must figure out his secret and stop him.
Snowman on Christmas On Christmas Eve, the Gang must solve the mystery of a living snowman destroying Christmas all over Crystal Cove
Siren in the Music When a new singer arrives in town, the students of Crystal Cove begin turning violent and rebellious at the sound of her musical tone.
Third Eye on the Forehead A third-eyed creature stumbles through a jewelry store and wrecks it, but doesn't take anything. Now the gang must get to the bottom of it.
Haunting of Town Hall Fred's father begins being terrorized by a ghoul haunting City Hall, so Fred and the gang decide to investigate.

Season 2

Title Description
The Junior in the Locker As the gang begins their junior year of High School, Shaggy is assigned an old locker, previously owned by a former geeky student that was bullied, who is now haunting Shaggy. Now the gang must get to the bottom of the mystery.
Witch at the Beauty Parlor A witch begins tearing up a mall and a certain beaut salon, but when Daphne is charged as a suspect with motive and means to do so, the gang must find the real perp.
Snake in the Smoke While putting out a burning building, fireman are attacked by a snake creature, and the Gang discovers secrets about the same building.
Missing Girl on Halloween When the lights go out at a Halloween Party, which the gang is attending, a girl goes missing and the team must find her.
Students at the Factory After a mysterious warning, the gang seperates from their class during a school field trip to a power plant to investigate, which is fortunate when the rest of their class is taken hostage by a man with no face.
Mad Scientist in the Lab The gang investigates a mystery at A.T.O.M. Lab, where a mad scientist is creating a creature of his own. The Gang makes an ally named Dr. Steven Rykes.
Skeleton in the Backpack The gang has a hard time capturing a couple of living skeletons. Meanwhile, Shaggy must pass his semester exams if he wants to stay on the team.
Shark in the Lake A shark creature is attacking kids at a local lake, so the Gang investigates.
Mud in the Soil A mud creature attacks Sheriff Stone and the Gang must figure out why and how to stop it.
Ax Maniac in the Mayor's Office Fred's father, the Mayor, is attacked by an ax-wielding creature and the gang is determined to find him, but discover that they've been betrayed by an ally.
The Overgrown Cat at the Formal Spring Formal is coming up and Fred and Daphne try to help Shaggy ask his crush, Amanda, while dealing with a lion creature.
Freak in the Show Daphne is a suspect in an attack on her drama class, when she absent during the attack and the costume worn was from a school play.
Spores in the Fever While chasing a creature, Velma and Scooby are infected by it's toxic spores, causing them to fall ill. Now the others must find the perp to get the toxin and get an antidote.
Pig on the Date Shaggy worries about ruining his date with Amanda, but the date is ruined anyways when a pig-like creature attacks.
Elf at the Mall The gang goes undercover as dress up Santa's and elves, when an elf creature begins snatching dress-up Santa's from the Mall.
Man in the Cloak The Gang feels like their being watched and discover a cloaked man watching them, but have a hard time catching them
Crab at the Beach The gang is out for Spring Break, but witness a crab-like creature attack the beast and must now solve the mystery.
Bat at the Ball

The gang investigates when Daphne and her mother are attacked by a bat creature. Meanwhile, Fred helps Daphne get through planning her birthday ball, which she is reluctant to have.

Quarterback on the Football Field Fred rejoins the Football team to go undercover when the players begin to disappear.
Man in the Mask When the school is terrorized by a masked phantom, all evidence points to the Mystery Gang, and when they're locked up for the crimes, Scooby must work alone to clear his friends and solve the mystery.

Season 3

Title Description
Dog Days of Summer The Gang is finally out of School for Summer, but before they can begin vacation they must solve the mystery of random sprees caused by a ghost dog.
Dwarf at the Hotel As the gang begins their summer road trip, their first stop lands them at a hotel, where a dwarf is terrorizing the residents.
Thing in the Swamp The Mystery gang travels to an old bayou to investigate the attacks of a swamp creature scaring away anyone that comes near it's swamp. Meanwhile, Shaggy and Scooby get caught up in their hot sauce eating contest.
Wolf in the Woods While camping, the group investigates a wolf creature that has been attacking other campers and is now after the gang.
Scarecrow in the Barn When a scarecrow begins burning the crops and terrorizing the barn of a well-liked farmer, the team investigates.
Horse in the Race When a ghost horse begins haunting horseraces, the team uncovers dark pasts from many of the people betting on the race.
Frame in the Murder The gang investigates when people keep claiming that they're being framed for murders, and learn that a shapeshifter is attacking these people and has now taken the shape of Fred.
Gators at Gatortown When the Mystery Machine breaks down in Gatortown, so named for it's alligator products, the gang is forced to stay at a hotel, where gator people attack them, and they discover the truth behind the products.
Clown in the Circus The Gang stops at a circus and must investigate when an evil clown creature attacks.
Knight of the Museum The gang stops at a museum where knight armor has been stolen. When they begin to investigate the mystery
Mummy in the Tribe The gang visits the village of the Kawatche Tribe, where a mummy begins attacking the villagers, and kidnaps the father of a little girl.
Genie in the Lamp The gang comes across an old lamp, and seemingly release an evil genie, but they discover that there's more behind it.
Lake Monster at the Country Club The gang stops by at Daphne's uncle's country club to investigate the mystery of a frog-like creature attacking the place.
Magician in the Puff of Smoke When a masked magician begins attacking other magic shows, the gang goes undercover as a magic group to catch him.
The Indian in the Cave The gang tries to study the caves of the Kawatche Tribe, who they helped in a previous episode, but are attacked by a ghostly Kawatche warrior.
The Old Enemy in the New Mystery The team is attacked by a masked man that claims to know the mystery gang and Scooby-Doo mysteriously disappears.

Season 4

Title Description
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? Leaving off from the previous season, the Mystery Gang still struggle to catch the masked man, as they continue to search for Scooby, until they discover that Mr. Karswell, A.K.A. The Creeper, has escaped jail and is the one that kidnapped Scooby
The Slime in the Cone Summer is coming to an end and the gang returns to Crystal Cove from their road trip, now having to catch a slime creature, but the gang finds out the slime is actually snow cone juice from a new snack bar.
Heatwave through the Town As the gang begins their Senior year of High School, an unusual heat wave strikes Crystal Cove, so the Gang tries to find the cause and come across a fire creature. The gang is being used for a story at the Crystal Cove Newspaper and meet photographer Thomas Jeffery.
The Big Brain in the Membrane A alien-looking creature with an unusually large brain attacks Velma and her friend Marcy. Meanwhile, the new Sheriff of Crystal Cove doesn't appreciate the Gang's tendency to get involved in investigations.
The Girl in the Storm When a giant storm hits Crystal Cove, Fred, Daphne, and Velma get stuck at the K-Ghoul with Angel, and help Shaggy and Scooby investigate from there, the disappearance of a girl.
The Disappearances at the Haunted Mansion On Halloween, the gang is invited to a Halloween Party at a strange mansion outside of Crystal Cove, and are surprised that no one else is there, but are each taken one by one until only Scooby remains.
The Teenagers Buried Underground Both Shaggy and Daphne are kidnapped by a monster and are buried underground in the Mystery Machine. Now, Fred, Velma, and Scooby must find their friends before they run out of air.
Tin Man in the Rust The Gang is on the trail of a rusting Tin Man with an ax. Meanwhile, Shaggy is worried that his friends forgot his Birthday, while they're only avoiding him to throw him a party.
Gnome at the Medieval Fair

The gang visits Crystal Cove's Medievel Fair, and find another mystery when an evil gnome begins paralyzing attendants. During the mystery, they learn all ove the victims had something in common; pirate costumes.

Girl in the Blob Dr. Rykes requests the Mystery Gang's help when his lab assistant, Mina, goes missing, but while investigating her disappearance, the gang is attacked by a blob creature.
Spores at the Camp The gang goes camping over the weekend and the Gang finds an empty cabin, where two kids are stuck in the a closet and tell the gang that the rest of the campers have been taken by mushroom creatures.
Pixels in the Video Game Shaggy's video game expertise may come in handy, when the Gang's latest mystery involves a creature mimicking the game and it's main villain.
Speedster in the Sonic Barrier The Gang goes up against someone that can seeming move at super human speeds, and is unable to catch him. Meanwhile, Fred looks for Thomas's insight when his father begins acting strangely.
Witch in the Wardrobe Daphne and her drama class are attacked by a witch. Meanwhile, Shaggy is afraid that Amanda is going to break up with him.
Santa Down the Chimney An evil Santa creature is sneaking into people's houses and leaving deadly gifts.
Spider in the Web A spider creature begins cocooning people, leaving it to the mystery gang to find the missing people and trap the spider. Meanwhile, Thomas tries to gain the Gang's trust.
Ghost Girl at the Prom The gang must rush to warn Fred, when they discover that his date to the Prom is actually the "Ghost Girl". Meanwhile, Daphne is angry at Fred's obliviousness of her feelings for him and Amanda is waiting for Shaggy to ask her, but Shaggy just assumes that they're already going together.
Witch in the Classroom Shaggy is afraid of failing the SAT, so he and Velma stay at the School Late to cram, but become suspects when a teacher goes missing the same night, and Fred, Daphne, and Scooby's mystery leads them to a witch.
Spirit on Campus Velma is overjoyed to have an interview with Kingston University, a highly reputated college, but her dreams may be ruined when the founder, Elias Kingston, returns from the grave to scare those he deems unworthy for his school. Meanwhile, Shaggy begins to feel left behind when he's shot down by two of his top college choices.
The End of Forever As the gang begins to say goodbye to their time at Crystal Cove High, a creature begins kidnapping seniors, including Daphne and Shaggy, and placing them in a recreation of the School.
Monsters at the Graduation The Gang's senior year ends as the gang finally reaches their graduation, but the graduation ceremony is interrupted by the Masked Phantasm, who has recruited many of the gang's old enemy.

Season 5

Title Description
The Mystery of Crystal Cove The mysteries beheld by Crystal Cove begin to unravel, when the their latest mystery of the Creep of Crystal Cove leads them to a piece of an ancient disc artifact 
The First of Many The Gang continues their search for the rest of the pieces of the disc, which leads them to discover that they weren't the first teenagers and talking animal to form a mystery solving team.
The Fragment in the Pond The Mystery Gang finds another piece of the disc at a local pond, but it's guarded by a toad creature. Meanwhile, the gang gets a message from mysterious "Mr. E."
The Garbage in the Trash A creature made out of trash attacks a police station, so the gang investigates. Meanwhile, the gang continues to gain help from Mr. E.
The Truth in the Lies The gang's investigation into the former Mystery Gang leads them to discover that Angel, was formerly Cassidy Williams, a former member of the original Mystery Gang. Meanwhile, Thomas is attacked after getting a lead on "Mr. E".
Girl in the Road When a woman runs into the street in front of the mystery van and explains that she and her husband crashed the car and now she can't find her husband, as she is running from a ghost that attacked her. While helping her with the mystery,  Shaggy feels guilty as the gang hides a dark secret from her.
She in the Wolf The gang investigates attacks that point to a werewolf, and Shaggy and Scooby protect a girl when the deaths happen around her, but learn that when the moon rises, she unknowingly dresses up as a werewolf in her sleep and attack random people.
Escape the Vault The Mystery Gang visits the Vault, a high security prison impossible to escape from, when the spirit of Stan Tayton, a former prisoner that tries to escape begins terrorizing the warden. Despite Fred's belief that evidence never lies, the others believe Stan's plead of being innocent.
Gremlin on the Flight The mystery gang climbs aboard an airplane in order to catch a gremlin that's trying to sabatoge the flight, but when it comes close to succeeding, the passengers may have to depend on Daphne to land the plane.
Ring in the New Year As News Years Eve approaches, the gang reminisce the past few years. Meanwhile the gang finally meets Mr. E, in search of another piece of the disk.
Captain on Deck Velma's extreme hydrophobia, fear of water, doesn't stop the gang from going on vacation on a cruise, especially when they have to solve the mystery of a ghost captain who is haunting the deck of the cruise.
Beast in the Sea The Mystery Gang's cruise comes to an end, but now they have a new mystery on their hands, when they learn the cruise was followed by a deep sea creature.
Attack on the Veteran After being caught in the middle of a ghost attack on a war veteran, Daphne begins dealing with conflicts of deciding to leave the gang. In the end, Daphne decides to stay right as Fred proposes to her.
Snowman at the Ski Lodge In order to get away from the stress of the disc and Mr. E, and celebrate Fred and Daphne's engagement, the gang heads to a ski lodge, but their snow time fun is ruined when snowman-like monster is scaring away people from the lodge.
The Piece in the Crystal The gang finds another piece of the disc in the Crystal Canopy, a cave filled with and surrounded by numerous breathtaking crystals, but in order to get it, the gang must be as quiet as possible in order to keep the Crystal Canopy from caving in.
The Last Disc in the Stone Scooby fears the worst for his friends when they all begin to fight and argue. Meanwhile, the Mystery Gang must find the final piece of the disc as Angel returns to Crystal Cove.
Gang in the Fight The gang continues to fall apart and begin to fight with each other, while Fred discovers that Mayor Jones may not be his biological father. Meanwhile, the former Mystery Gang is visited by their old pet, a highly intelligent talking parrot, Professor Pericles.
The Creep of Crystal Cove The Creep of Crystal Cove returns to steal the pieces of the disc from the Mystery Gang, who is shocked of the real face behind the mask. The gang finally seperates; Scooby is sent to a farm, Shaggy is sent to a military camp, Fred breaks off his engagement with Daphne to find his parents, and Velma leaves to go to a better college out of Crystal Cove.
Search for the Truth The new mayor requests Thomas help to find the members of the Mystery Gang and bring them back together in order to save Crystal Cove. Meanwhile, Professor Pericles and the former Mystery Gang put their plan into motion.
Battle of the Mystery Gangs Reunited once again, the Mystery Gang goes head to head with the former Mystery Gang in order to retrieve the disk and keep it from being used for evil. In an attempt to recover the disk, Thomas disappears.

Season 6

Title Description
Return of the Mystery Gang After a month searching for Thomas, the Mystery Gang returns to Crystal Cove, with belief that he's gone forever, and now get in between the mystery of a spirit
The 100th in the 1960s In the one-hundredth episode of the series, the theme of the episode is based off of a 1960's horror movie of a group of kids (the Gang) being stalked by a masked killer (The Creep of Crystal Cove).
Yeti in the Kitchen An old friend calls Shaggy and Scooby to get help from the Mystery Gang when a yeti creature attacks his restraunt and threatens to close down his business.
Robot in the A.I. The Mystery Gang investigates a company developing new technology, when the company is sabatouged by a robot, modeled after a robotic servant the company was developing.
Giant in the Problem Daphne takes the gang to a castle she inherited from her grandfather and meets with her sister to check it out, but when they do, the castle is terrorized by a one-eyed giant.
Chicken in the Game Fred gets a call from his cousin, who leaves a terrified message during his search in a glowing cave. When they get there, all they find is a powerful warrior spirit with a chicken mask.
Alien at Area 51 During a hunt for an alien creature, the Mystery Gang comes at a crossroads with the Government and are mistaken for aliens, but when the real alien shows up, they must escape and capture
Pterodactyl on Scary Christmas Near Christmas Day, the Mystery Gang searches for a Christmas Mystery, but only find a non-Christmas related case involving a pterodactyl, and look to a former foe for answers.
Requiem of the Photographer Each member of the mystery gang believes they're being haunted by the ghost of Thomas, but soon realize they're receiving messages from the real Thomas who has been teleported to an ancient cave by the Disc.
Truth Behind the Disc In order to save Thomas, the Mystery Gang, must utilize the power of a single piece of the disc to travel to ancient underground cave deep below Earth, where they learn the truth behind the disc and it's power.
The Baseball in the Home Run Thomas continues to readjust to life again, but requests the Mystery Gangs help when he learns that a baseball field his father always took him to as a child is being haunted by the spirit of a baseball player. Now he must help the gang solve the mystery or risk losing his greatest childhood memory.
Perfect Dream in the Frightmare After having a dream too perfect to be true, Shaggy is woken up by Scooby-Doo with a mechanical helmet. They learn that during a mystery the gang were kidnapped and placed in a sleep by the helmets. Now they must free the others from the dreams and stop their new foe.
Knobs on the Doors The Mystery Gang investigates when door knobs are mysteriously disappearing, and must connect this to a Ghost Truck terrorizing people off the street, and discover what's so important about the doorknobs
Howl of the Frighthound Crystal Crove is terrorized by an evil ghost dog, the Frighthound, and Scooby-Doo is framed for the crime and is locked up, leaving the gang to find the real culprit. Meanwhile, visiting Scooby at an Animal Asylum for Psychotic Pets, the gang encounters Professor Pericles, who warns the gang of a powerful foe that the disc will unleash.
Rabids in the New World Professor Pericle requests to see Shaggy and Scooby, and reveals that he's unleashed a toxin to turn Crystal Cove into mindless zombies, including the rest of the gang. When Shaggy is the only one left, he must steal the cure from Pericle, but questions Pericle's real motives and why he told them about the cure.
Prophecy of the Dark Enity The gang returns to the cave deep below Earth where they learn about the prophecy of the dark entity. Meanwhile, Professor Pericle escapes and steals the disk to finally complete his plan.
Path to Power The Mystery Gang chase after Professor Pericle an attempt to stop him once and for all before he unleashes the power of the disc, but they're too late and he unleashes the dark entity known as Khilgarrah.
Legacy of the Mystery Gang Khilgharrah reveals that he manipulated time and space to bring together Mystery Gang after Mystery Gang until he creates one good enough to free him, and now that they have, they must find a way to trap him once again.
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