Schoolcess is an American-british animated television series created by Lizzie Watters and produced by Charles Hill Films, with animation done by Akom Productions Company and originated for Shires Channel UK.


Schoolcess Inhabitants

Torture School (The Villains)

Other Characters

  • Virgil Pierce "Vince" LaSale (voiced by David Holt)
  • Ashley Ferry Susan (voiced by Janet James in Season 2-8)
  • Gloria Priscilla Gunther (voiced by Maria Darling in Season 3-9)
  • Mrs. Fudrucker (voiced by Teresa Gallagher in Season 4-9)
  • Randall Winkle (voiced by Susan Sheridan in Season 1-6 and Lizzie Waterworth in Season 7-8)
  • Ashley Armstrong (voiced by Joanna Ruiz in Season 5-9)
  • Muriel P. Fraser (voiced by Jimmy Hibbert)
  • Peter Pickles (voiced by Jimmy Hibbert)
  • Eric Lawson (voiced by Lizzie Waterworth in Season 7-9)
  • King Bert (voiced by Kerry Shalee)
  • Lizzie (voiced by Lewis MacLeod in Season 3-9)
  • Mickey (voiced by Rupert Degas)
  • Daisy (voiced by Sophie Aldred)
  • Thomas (voiced by Keith Wickham in Season 6-9)

Voice Cast:

TV Movie

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