School of Wax is a 2015 horror film directed by Diablo Cody starring Leighton Meester,Shay Mitchell,Jamie Chung,Cameron Diaz and Ariana Grande


The Madison Lee High School in Timber Falls is producing a wax exhibition for the museum. After more and more students go missing,the school is closed at one afternoon.A few students are locked in the big building with all the wax figures,which look like the missing students.They go mad,because they know,that the killer is in school...


Leighton Meester as Perrie Lahana
Shay Mitchell as Ariel Warren
Jamie Chung as Robyn Liu
Cameron Diaz as Mrs. Charlize Brown
Ariana Grande as Olivia Harper
Adrienne Bailon as Hannah Suarez
Blake Lively as Eden Lowe
Patrick Dempsey as Principal Sean Higgins
Chace Crawford as Benjamin Museworth
Taylor Momsen as Chloe "Blacks" Port
Ashley Tisdale as Carrie Delaney
Isabelle Fuhrmann as Sherrie Haase
Anne Hathaway as Mrs. Diane Seymour
Malese Jow as Diyana Lourdes
Jordin Sparks as Missie LaBrowning
Ashley Benson as Rebecca Scofield
Christoph Waltz as Janitor


Sherrie Haase
Eden Lowe
Olivia Harper


Perrie Lahana
Ariel Warren
Robyn Liu
Mrs.Charlize Brown
Hannah Suarez
Diyana Lourdes


Janitor-Was stabbed with a scissor by Sherrie,as he caught her,stealing knives
Rebecca-Was stabbed with a knife by Sherrie in the bathroom and was processed
        into wax figure
Missie-Was stabbed with a fire axe by Eden,because she killed accedentally 
       Sherrie,who was about to drown her in pool;was processed into wax figure
Sherrie-Was killed by Missie,who acedentally breaks her neck
Benjamin-Was kiled by Eden with a spear in the gym and was processed into wax
Chloe and Mrs.Seymour-Were killed by Olivia,who threw them into a wax boiler
Principal Higgins-Was acidentally killed by Carrie with a kitchen knive,cause
                  she thought he was Olivia
Carrie-Was killed by Robyn with a shovel,because she brought her to Eden
Eden-Was killed by Mrs.Brown with a rock ,because she tried to kill Perrie
Olivia-Was thrown into a wax boiler as she lined up the figures in gym

Alternate Ending

In the alternate ending,the 3 killers are climbing out of the skins of Perrie, Ariel and Mrs.Brown and getting a van.In the van Eden said:"Don't worry,we'll comming back,bitches!"And the motor begins to roar.

Main Cast

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