School Of Wax is a 2018 Horror Thriller film and a sequel to the 2005 film, House of Wax. It stars Odeya Rush, Jack Griffo, Madelaine Petsch and Nick Robinson




Alejandro Savaleta, Alicia Tacorda And Dante Parker


  • Diego Chavez-Head Hit by Mirror and prossed Sed Into Wax figure By Dante
  • Nadine Morta - Shot in the head while showering by Alicia
  • Zac Cassidy-Stabbed in Heart and prossed Sed Into Wax figure By Alejandro
  • Amy Turnner-Slashed with a Machete in front of Head and prossed Sed Into Wax figure By Dante
  • Nieddy Cavannab-pushed into the cauldron of wax by Dante
  • Joyce Sparkle-crossed on his chest and turned into a wax figurea by Alejandro of her body is found by Alana 
  • Jodie Cheeks-Stabbed In Eyes Pushed in the Hill
  • Ram Strahovski - Decapitated by Alejandro
  • Steve Rogers-stabbed for several times by Alicia
  • Chloe Hollidays-Accidenta Shot In head By Deputy Zacary Jones
  • Deputy Zacary Jonas-quartered By Dante And alejandro 
  • Mike Lahey-Decapitated
  • Miles Hamilton - Stabbed 13 times in the chest by Dante
  • Tyler Graham-Stabbed in Mouth by Ax
  • Trent Rivers-Accidental in Car He Impaled in Chest By Pipe
  • Nico Lahana-pierced in the chest with a flying glass
  • Ryder Blake-Accidental in Front Head By Ax By alana
  • Terry Winter-Shot in Heart By Arpoon
  • Mrs.Hanna Darvious-Decapitated by Dante and Alicia
  • Clyde Gober-Decapitated by Alicia and Alejandro
  • Annie Pots-Shot in Head by Dante
  • Alejandro Savaleta-Decapitated by Jake
  • Ben Lutz-Impaled in Chest By Arpoon
  • Dante Parker-Stabbed in chest By Samm hands ripped by Alana And decapitaded by Jake
  • Alicia Tacorda - her head strongly hits the wall, dies after being pushed by Jake


Jake Simmons, Gerald Esther, Samm Michele, Eris Malone And Alana Cullen

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