After beating someone up at school Duncan's parents decide to send him to the School For Scumbags. Kids go there for being thieves, bullies, arsonists and flashers. Duncan is admitted to the adult unit beacuse the teenage unit is under construction. While there Duncan mets Trent whos here for setting his school on fire. Trent warns him to stay away from Michael a.k.a Michael Myers beacuse he's scary and tall.

When Duncan sees Michael Myers for the first time he sees him with another man named Kennetth who is actually his bitch. Duncan freaks out and tells the Vivian and Pat the people in charge that he can't stay here anymore. Vivan and Pat said you only have to stay untill they know that you are better. Duncan goes back to his room which he shares with Trent. Duncan asks why Micheal Myers scares everybody and Trent says that he theif and an arsonst and a bully.

Duncan says he's not scared of him and Trent says you better hope he dosen't here that. Michael Myers and Kennetth walk into the room with everybody's eyes on them. Michael Myers asks what there looking at and everyone turns away except for Duncan. Michael Myers notcies and tells him to come over there. Duncan goes over there with everyone's eyes on him.


Christian Hall as Duncan

Mike Vogual as Trent

Jonah Hill as Michael Myers

Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Kennetth

Zachary Quinto as Stevie

Ian Somerhalder as Logan

Jennifer Lawrence as Sophie

Sofia Verga as Julianna

Michelle Rodriguez as Jenny

Ashley Younger as Nicole

Lacey Chabert as Vivian

Matt Damon as Pat

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