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Bestfriends Aston Kutcher and Christian Hall fight. Ashton go's into the woods and finds The Book of Comedy wrapped in a grabage bag and rope he opens it and reads out loud I'm going to fuck you the trees suddenly come alive and they wrap themselves around Ashton.

Cindy Cambell is looking for a job at Michigan universtity and runs into Brenda, Buffy, Greg, Bobby, Ray, Shortie, Mailk and CJ. Buffy invites Cindy to her family's cabin in the woods and Cindy accepts and while Greg, Bobby, Ray, Shortie, Mailk and CJ see Magic Mike Cindy, Buffy and Brenda have dreams of being in movies. Cindy being in Evil Dead, Buffy being in Carrie and she shows Cindy that she has telkines powers causing a car reck, Brenda wanting to be in the Hunger Games.

The Wolf chases the girls into The Hunger Games where Katniss Everdeen shoots the Wolf with her bow and arrow and then posions heself with nightlock and shoots Peta in the heart making Cato and Clove the winners. They all find Buffy's car pick the boys up and while they cross the bidge Cindy notcies a crawler by the bridge but dosen't sya anythng beacuse she thinks she's seeing stuff and Cindy used to be on dugs but now she's not. At the cabin there's an ATM there and they find Christian Hall, Jody and Geoge shooting at eachother but Buffy breaks it up and she lets them stay.

They all here farting noises from the celler and go into the celler and find dead people hannging form nooses and Geroge finds The Book of Comedy in the tolet and reads I'm going to fuck you letting Abomination Ashton from hell in the woods. While Cindy is writting in her diary on top of Buffy's Jeep she see's Ashton, hooded person, leatherface, a crawler, Wolf, Jabberwoky, Sinster and Nell, and the cannibals and freaks out when they all flick her off. She gets into Buffy's car and drives down the road and the cannibals stand in her way and fart at the car causing it to crash into the pond where the crawlers poop at.

Cindy crawls out of the car and kills a crawler and gets chased into the woods by Ashton and gets trapped in there and suddenly Ashton appers in front of her and his dick comes out of his pants and go's inside Cindy starting the possieon as Abomiation Cindy. While smocking weed in the woods Little Wayne and Usher find Cindy and they take her to the cabin and Bobby finds Cindy and Cindy rapes him and locks herself in the bathroom where she has her first period.

Mia, David, Olivia, Erick and Natalie appear in front of her and they say tere in the wrong dimension but when they see Cindy they yell Plug it up and disapper. Geroge finds Cindy and tries to take her back home but the bridge is now filled with crawlers and they wont leave. Geroge takes her back to the cabin where Greg stabs Cindy before she warns them. Whie the rest of them are smoking wed outside a guy asks them for help and but Shotie sets him on fire and the guy falls in the river.

Cindy wakes up and walks into the room where she barfs blood evreywhere. Lindsey Lohan appers out of no where and she says she's in the wrong dimeson. The othersw come in just as Lindsey Lohan tries to take away Cindy's dobule barreld shotgun but Cindy pinns her to teh ground and barfs her whole body out on her and Lindsey throws her into the celler. Shortie asks Lindsey if taht's really her and Lindsey says no and Shortie pushes her into the celler locking it.

George says he's walking out of here and Christain, Shortie, and Ray go find a cave and go inside of it not knowing its a dimeison. Jody, Brenda and Buffy go to the ATM for money and tehy get money and when there about to leave leave when a hooded guy with a crowbar stands there not letting them leave. At the cabin Cindy begins to taunt Bobby, CJ and Malik and Bella, Edward and Jacob barge in and cuss her out causing Cindy ti start crying and then they go into one of the rooms after Jacob asks for a threesome.

In the cave they all go through a dimension and they are at Leathefaces mansion where Shortie walks to the fair while the others go into the mansion. Leatherface chases Shortie to the fair where he gets caught in one of the rollercoasters killing him. Ray, Geroge and Christian leave the dimesion and fight three crawlers in the bloody pool one of them killing Ray. Cindy taunts them againa nd Bobby runs into the room with Jacob, Bella and Edwrad and hops in on that while Mailk and CJ run into the woods where they pass the ATM and go into two sperate dimesions.

Mailk is back at Westlake where he gets chased into Mr. Walkers office where the wolf kills him and then Mailk falls out the window where he go's into another dimesion and he's back in the cabin of the bathroom. He drinks water amd realises he has the Cbain Fever disase and bashes his face into the mirror killing himself. CJ is at the Alise in Murderland party dressed as Alice and all the grils laugh and take pictures with him and he stays for tea in till the Jabberwocky shows up and chases them around the house and kills him how he did in the movie and kills CJ, Alice and Malory in the bathroom.

The girls think the only way to get out is to falsh the hooded guy and there about two when a car runs him over and Mia, David, Olivia, Erick and Natalie comes out of the car but then Ashton comes and chases them off with a chainsaw and the girls run into the woods running through dimesions. Buffy is at the prom where she is anounced queen and Channing Tatum king. While on stage Micheal Jackson and hsi black twin is on the platform when tehy both barf blood all over Buffy. She uses her telekenis powers and kills everyone in ther prom except for Channing Tatum and then they have sex.

Brenda is in the Hunger Games when she is on the platform President Snow stops the game and comes out and sks why is there a black Katniss Everdeen and Brenda shoots him in the haad with ana rrow. Buttercup Katniss cat starts the Hunger Games and Brenda tells Peeta to step off the platorm and he dose blowing himsel;f and she evntully kills everyone and she wins The Hunger Games.

Jody is in the house of Sinster and a voice tells her to go in the attic and she dose and she finds Mia, David, Olivia, Erick and Natalie watching Jody shave her V wich is a giaint tumbleweed and Sinster comes out and she falls to the floor and Sinster kncks stuff all over her crushing her. Buffy syas he has to go the bathrrom and walks out of the gym and walks into the cabin instead no one is there beacuse there in the woods and they find Geroge and Christian and they get trapped by Mia, David, Olivia, Erick and Natalie.

Buffy drinks a lot of water and heres Cindy call her a bitch and go's into the celler where Cindy cuts her fake trongues off but Buffy bites her real tongue off and runs out of the celler and notices the disease going up her arm. Cindy tells her to cut it off and Buff finds an electric kitchene knife and cuts off the wrong arm but then cuts the right one off.

Brenda is following th river when she notcies the guy they set on fire in the river and it hits her that theres a disease in the water and runs back to the cabin where she finds Buffy crying over the loss of Channing Tatum and not her arms. They get atatcked fom Jody who is acting like Nell off The Last exorcisism and she turns into Channing Tatum and makes out with Buffy but twists her neck killing her. Brenda runs into the woods where she gets attacked by the cannibals and they take her to the shed where they eat her.

Geroge, Greg, Bobby and Christian have sex with Mia, Dvaid, Erick, Olivia and Natalie then they go to the cabin and find Jody having sex with a dead Peeta Mellark and Letaherface comes out of the coset and cahses them out into the woods but Greg stays and he's given a choice to rape Ashton or die and he syas yes and Ashton sya sto come outside and he dose and Leatherface kills him anyway.

Bobby runs back to the cabin and begs Ashton not to kill him and hooded person hits him in the head with a crowbar and locks him in the ATM and floods it killing him. Geroge thinks he can kill Cindy and bring her back to life. He and Christian go into the celler where Cindy attacks them killing Christian and Geroge gives her a saditive and barres her into the ground an dthe rebarries her and kisses her and she comes back to life and all the bad monsters come back to life and Geroge waves a twinkie ta them and they run into the cabin just as Geroge sets the cabin on fire killing everyone inside.

Body parts start raining from the sky and Ashton crawls out of the ground and a chainsaw comes out of the ground and Cindy grabs it and cuts his legs off and kills him by cutting his dick off. Cindy finds a group picture of all of them and staggers to the road and crosses the bridge. Behind her she see's the presidnet and he thanks her and the souls of the monsters go into the sky.

A car drives by and Cindy's friends are in there and they pick her up and drive off. Channing Tatum comes to the road and he take shis suit off and it's really Micheal Jackson. He says "It's Magic Mike time." and gets hit by a car by Mia, David, Olivia, Erick and Nartalie.


Cindy-Anna Farris

Christian Hall

Brenda-Regina Hall

Buffy-Shannon Elizabeth

Jody-Ashley Tisdale

George-Simon Rex

Greg-Lochlyn Murno

Ray-Shawn Waynes

Shortie-Marion Waynes

Mahlike-Anothney Anderson

CJ-Kevin Heart


Haunted Woods

Evil Dead(2013 film)

Texas Chainsaw 3D

ATM (film)

The Descent

Cabin Fever

Cry Wolf

Alise in Murderland

The Hunger Games


The Last Exorxism

Wrong Turn

Magic Mike


Jenny McCarthy-Bella

Nikki Minaij-Kat


Jane Levy-Alice

Emma Stone-Mia

Amanda Seyfried-Natalie


Taylor Laughtner-Jacob

Ashtan Kutcher

Channing Tatum

Erica Ash-Olivia

Elizabeth Blackmore-Pima

Katie Cassidy-Tiff

Alexandria Daddradio-Katniss

Alexandria Chando-Donna

Scout Taylor Compton-Sam

Vanessa Hudgens-Dee

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