Scansoriopteryx (SciiFii)
Scansoriopteryx adohomo (name meaning "climbing wing created by man") is a species of small paravian dinosaur that originally lived from the Middle Jurassic or Upper Jurassic age Daohugou Beds of Inner Mongolia, China (about 160 or 168 mya) and was once extinct, but has been brought back from extinct by SciiFii and now lives in the Asian Forest walkthrough exhibit in Cretaceous Park located in Sacramento, California. Scansoriopteryx adohomo is a sparrow-sized animal that has adaptations in its foot, giving it an arboreal (tree-dwelling) lifestyle. It is an insectivore and it possesses an unusual, elongated third finger, which is used for drilling through wood to reach the grubs and other arthropods underneath the woody plants. It has a similar lifestyle and lifecycle to an Epidexipteryx.
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