Scamming Daniel Luman is a 2012 American Comedy film written by Judd Apatow and Jonah Hill and directed by Judd Apatow starring Aaron-Taylor Johnson, Liam Hemsworth, Jonah Hill, Edwin Hodge, Daveigh Chase, Chris Colfer, Dev Patel, Danny McBride and Seth Rogen. The film also features an ensemble supporting cast comprising of veteran comedic actors Jason Sudeikis and Leslie Mann as the clueless cops, Anna Faris, Megan Fox, Jayma Mays as the out for blood strippers, Dane Cook as the Gambler brother and Joanna "JoJo" Levesque as the party girl who Liam Hemsworth's character falls head over heels for.

The film was did a fairly well run at the box office overall performing greatly it's opening weekend.

It was met with mixed reviews and was released theatrically on September 19th, 2012 and on DVD and Blu-Ray format on December 10th, 2012.

The film is distributed by Paramount Pictures project company Paramount Vantage and Rogue Entertainment.


It's the night of the big college derby to end all parties and popular guys Jared, Sam, Mark, Josh and Lokul aren't invited.

They then devise the plan of scamming Jared and Sam's family friend Daniel Luman who is invited to plus 1 them all.

Their plan goes accordingly but backfires as earlier Sam made a deal with some shady drug dealers for ecstasy and ended up ripping them off.

As their drunken party night goes to plan and Daniel discovers they used him he storms off out of the party and is ultimatley abducted by the dealer brothers who hold him ransom for the exact amount of money Sam ripped off.

A wild night then ensues as long with Daniel's one friend Elsie they go through a series of misadventures involving ninja strippers, a creepy lumberjack, a messed up college orgy, riot and convent in order to reclaim and Daniel and proccur the needed amount of cash.


The film begins with a wild party where we are introduced to main characters Jared Knox, Sam Bartley, Mark Weller, Josh Torrorn and Lokul Kakkardi: bestfriends and one of Hampstead High's most popular clique of friends.

They are at a party of a friend and are asked by a fellow dorky, slightly overweight student Daniel Luman to take him along to the party.

They however all come up with different individual excuses as to why they cannot.

The following day the group recover in bad states and eventually come to rally together at school where they are pestered by Daniel Luman who in turn is humiliated by Sam Bartley by accident.

Coming to his defence is his only true friend Elsie Berne an pretty, artsy student.

The countdown to graduation is coming and the big college derby is nearly upon the alumni of Hampstead High which means only one thing: one big party.

However the 2012 Big Hampstead High School College Derby party host happens to rich, popular private school competitor Jonah Sampson who includes everyone but the boys on the party list.

Sam then suggests they play on Daniel Luman to plus 1 all of them to the party as he is not only family friends with him and Jared's families but the Jumps whose property serves as the derby party location for Jonah Samspon's shindig.

Daniel is ecstastic to be asked to take them to the party and accompanies them to the party.

Upon getting in they all initially ignore him apart from a drunken, partially high Sam who picked up some cannabis en route to the party of some shady roadside drug dealers who he didn't pay but ran off on.

Jared develops a guilty conscience about their scamming of Daniel and tells Sam not to get him into trouble or give him any drugs.

Sam however completely dismisses Jared's plea and gets Daniel drunk and he ultimatley wets himself before all the party goers severley embarassing himself.

Jared and Sam then escort Daniel outside whilest Lokul and Mark remain inside trying to score unsuccessfully with drunken girls and Josh tries his romantic wiles on popular cheerleader Samantha Wolven.

Elsie who is present at the party and witnessed the embarassing wet pants debacle follows Sam and Jared outside who are hoisting up a partly unconsious Daniel and comes in time to witness Jared and Sam be knocked down by the roadside drug dealers Sam ripped off, as well as witnessing Daniel's abduction at their hands.

Elsie calls out for help but Jared grabs hold of her and Lokul, Josh and Mark are then alerted the incident and come running out to the scene.

The group take Lokul's brother's SUV which they all arrived in apart from Elsie and follow in pursuit of the van containing Daniel and his drug dealer friends.

They are reared off the side of the road and lose pursuit.

Jared then asks Sam if he remembered the names of the dealers or anything about them, Josh proposes they go to the police to which the rest of the group including Elsie vie against considering the circumstances.

Sam recalls one of the dealers going by the first name of Ilia and them ranting how they had just come from a sick show at the Vergio Strip Club on Carolina Street in the Downtown Slums.

The group come down to the Vergio and meet the propietor and head stripper Coco Bean who names the men and tells they had plans to head for a big blow out party on East Compton 149.

Mark and Elsie who are talking to Coco on the matter fail to notice the rest of the group slip out following the previous strippers into a nearby change room which they end up shoved into because of Sam.

The group then all pile within a locker and wash as the strippers undress.

Jared's older, officer sister Tina then calls to check if everything is alright at the party and to say she is proud he has finally came round to being nice to Daniel Luman which inadvertenly alerts the strippers to the group's presence in the change room locker.

They are busted and run out as the strippers come charging.

Coco, Mark and Elsie hear the commotion and the group attempt to make a run for the exits but are barricaded off.

The martial arts strippers then led by Coco order as penance for their peeping peform a strip for them, a show to be presented on stage to the bar's patrons who will be arriving as the club is about to open in 10 minutes.

The group initially refuses but are informed if they do not comply with the ordered strip performance as an alternative punishment they will be reported to the authorities which in turn will expose the stealing of cannabis and tamper their chances of reclaiming Daniel without getting busted.

All the guys apart from Mark perform a surprise a strip show caked up in make-up and stripper attire.

They are then punish whipped by the female strippers and one particular stripper Texas who is instructed to deliver punishment to Josh refuses and takes a fancy to him.

She then gives more details on the party the drug dealer kidnappers forementioned and draws a map after their degrading punishment performance is delivered, minus Josh's whipping which is instead delivered quite violently by lead stripper Coco.


  • Aaron-Taylor Johnson as Jared Knox
  • Liam Hemsworth as Samuel Bartley
  • Jonah Hill as Daniel Luman
  • Edwin Hodge as Mark Weller
  • Daveigh Chase as Elsie Berne
  • Chris Colfer as Josh Torron
  • Dev Patel as Lokul Kakkardi
  • Danny McBride as Janos Sampson
  • Seth Rogen as Ilia Sampson
  • Dane Cook as Roscoe Knox
  • Joanna "JoJo" Levesque as April Thomas
  • Kay Panabaker as Leah Bartley
  • Tristin Mays as Coco Bean
  • Jayma Mays as Strawberry & Cream
  • Caitlin Stasey as Texas Ranger
  • Anna Faris as Whip Wendy
  • Megan Fox as Torture Tiffani
  • Andrea Bowen as Feisty Raspberry
  • Camille Winbush as Coffee Delite
  • Reiley McClendon as Jonah Sampson
  • Matthew Fahey as Anchor Jumps
  • Chandler Massey as Gordo Pusher
  • Carly Chaikin as Samantha Wolven
  • Nick Roux as James Wolven
  • Megan Danso as Clarise
  • Andrew Bryniarski as Hector The Smashdown Wrestler 1
  • Tyler Mane as Hulio The Smashdown Wrestler 2
  • Jason Bateman as Smashdown Commentator
  • Jason Sudeikis as Officer Corey Fisher
  • Leslie Mann as Officer Tina Knox
  • Rob Riggle as Coach Howard Knox
  • Jane Lynch as Principal Heaning
  • Jared Knox
  • Sam Bartley
  • Daniel Luman
  • Mark Weller
  • Elsie Berne
  • Lokul Kakkardi
  • Roscoe Knox
  • April Thomas
  • Officer Corey Fisher
  • Officer Tina Knox
  • Ilia Sampson
  • Janos Sampson
  • Coco Bean
  • Strawberry & Cream
  • Whip Wendy
  • Torture Tiffani
  • Texas Ranger
  • Coffee Delite
  • Feisty Raspberry


  1. Even If It Breaks Your Heart- Eli Young Band
  2. Whistle- Flo Rida (Ibiza House Remix)
  3. Welcome to St. Tropez- DJ Antoine Vs. Timati feat Kalenna
  4. This Time- DJ Antoine
  5. Don't Wanna Go Home- Jason Derulo (DubROCCA Remix)
  6. Memories- Kid Cudi featuring DEV
  7. Moves Like Jagger- Eos Dubstep Remix
  8. Language- Porter Robinson
  9. Natural Disaster- Laidback Luke
  10. Levels- Avicii
  11. Club Rocker- Inna
  12. The Fusion- Armin Van Buuren
  13. Timebomb- Laidback Luke
  14. Raise The Roof- Hampenburg
  15. Tung!- Deniz Koyu
  16. Molly- Cedric Gervais
  17. Gangnam Style- PSY
  18. In My Mind- Ivan Gough
  19. The Night Out- Martin Solveig
  20. Le Bump- Yolando Be Cool
  21. Turn This Club Around- R.I.O. (End Credits Song 1)
  22. Let's Go- Calvin Harris (End Credits Song 2)

The above songs are all available on Sony Pictures' released soundtrack of the film. Other songs which are heard in the film but are not on the final soundtrack include: Turn Me On by David Guetta, Turn Me Down by Kaskade, Show Me Love by Angelo and Don't You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia.

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