Saw VIII also stylized as Saw VIII: The Final Cut is a 2018 3D American Horror film written by Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan, co-written by Wesley


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Theatrical release poster

Directed by

Dan Bradley

Produced by

Mark Burg Oren Koules

Gregg Hoffman

Written by Patrick Melton

Marcus Dunstan

Wesley Strick (co-written)


Samantha Lemole

Taylor Lautner

Costas Mandylor

Michael Fassbender

Lynn Collins

Vanessa Marano

Arlen Escaparata

Daryl Sabara

Kaya Scodelario

Shauna Macdonald

Devon Bostick

Cary Elwes

Tobin Bell

Shawnee Smith

Holly Bonelli

Betsy Russell

Peter Outerbridge

Music by Charlie Clouser
Cinematography Brian Gedge
Editing by Andrew Coutts
Studio Twisted Pictures
Distributed by Lionsgate
Release date(s) October 31, 2018 (United Kingdom and Australia) October 30, 2018 (United States)
Running time 101 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $24 million
Box office $207.1 million

Strick, directed by Dan Bradley and starring Samantha Lemole, Taylor Lautner, Costas Mandylor, Michael Fassbender, Lynn Collins, Vanessa Marano, Holly Bonelli, Daryl Sabara, Kaya Scodelario and featuring Tobin Bell, Lyriq Bent, Danny Glover, Cary Elwes, Shauna Macdonald, Betsy Russell, Peter Outerbridge and Shawnee Smith.

The film is a sequel to 2010's Saw: The Final Chapter the proposed final instalment in the legendary Saw Film Series however of 2011 production was greenlit on the eighth movie in order to satisfy the large fan base and tie up some of the still incomplete plot holes of the series.

The film opened on October 31 theatrically and is the third of the Saw Movies to feature an actress whom is a winner of the television show Scream Queens.

Actor of the film Taylor Lautner whom is most famously known for his role as the shirtless teen hearthrob character Jacob Black of the Twilight Saga was contracted to the film after doing the Lionsgate high budget action film Abduction directed by John Singleton.

Lautner upon coming in had planned on playing a minor victim character somewhat along the lines of a beginning trap victim but writers Duncan and Melton and co-writer Strick had seen potential in him playing one of the four lead characters of the eighth film.


Following the events of Mark Hoffman's disappearance following Jill Tuck disappearance Jigsaw survivour Pamela Jenkins' comes into possession of an audio tape mailed by a one Lindsey Perez revealing that the greatly respected detective by evidence seems to be the Jigsaw apprentice carrying on his work and therefor the subsequent man behind her brother William Easton's death.

Pamela takes this information and jumps straight to Umbrella High School where she enlists the help of a group of die hard Jigsaw fans whom attend the school. She asks the youth group to which one teen member is the administrator of a large Jigsaw Fan Website to gather intel on the Detective Mark Hoffman and discover as to where he is.

The teens however enlisted are all abducted along with Pamela Jenkins herself and a set of four deadly games begin.

Three games taking place within the abandoned Gideon Machinery Factory of the second movie and the fourth taking place within the abandoned house of the second movie. One game being Pamela Jenkins having to come across people from her life who have double crossed her and are placed in traps in which she decides wether they live or die.

One being the head teen leader of the enlisted youth group named Rostin Bridges having to come across his teen friends and girlfriend in traps and deciding wether they live or die despite along the way learning of their double-crossing secrets.

A third game being Mark Hoffman himself within the Hell House emerging from the Bathroom into the house to find that his believed to have been murdered sister Angelina is still alive within the walls and he must come across the individuals who covered up her existence in traps in which he must decide wether to intervene and save them or let them die.

The fourth and final game being that of the corrupt faculty members of Umbrella High whom assisted in the research of the teen group into Mark Hoffman whom are altogether in a group having to go through room after room of testing.

Ultimately Pamela and Roston's final tests entail them both having to decide on the fate of Brent Abbott who ultimately killed William Easton before Pamela's eyes and apart from the deceased Jigsaw and elusive Mark Hoffman is the other person primarily responsebile for his death.

Pamela through clever wording manipulates Roston into pressing the other button needed in the trap to take Brent's live in the same manner as done to William. Following this however Roston is brutally shot to death by Mark Hoffman who then pursues Pamela stating the statement: "No Loose Ends."

Mark Hoffman's final test is then shown to be that of his believed to be dead sister Angelina in the same trap as Joyce Dagen was from the previous Saw Film. Hoffman is required to perpetrate the Pectoral Muscle Hook Grapple to the Extension Cord which will release her. Hoffman begins to do the process but gives up as his muscles begin to rip at the top.

Angelina however does not die by the Brazen Bull and releases herself from her binding. Taking Hoffman by surprise she renderes him to the ground with a statue like object believing him to be unconscious.


  • Samantha Lemole as Pamela Jenkins
  • Taylor Lautner as Roston Bridges
  • Nick Krause as Lance Kronkite
  • Costas Mandylor as Detective Mark Hoffman
  • Michael Fassbender as Detective Huston Boulevard
  • Vanessa Marano as Diane Morglass
  • Lynn Collins as Miss Katelyn Patterson
  • Holly Bonelli as Olivia Samuels
  • Victoria Justice as Lillian Hardgrave
  • Angus T. Jones as Llewis Grandston
  • Daryl Sabara as Justin Markman
  • Kaya Scodelario as Whitney Malice
  • Sarah Silverman as Tanya Burton
  • Andrea Parker as Judith Berenta
  • Dallas Roberts as Joshua Felix
  • Matt Letscher as Mr. Steven Montgomery
  • Jon Seda as Mr. Walter Morgan
  • Sarah Power as Angelina Hoffman
  • Doug E. Doug as Peter Marvin
  • Zen Gesner as Julian Price
  • Sara Foster as Jennifer Field
  • Nadia Bjorlin as Kendra Osbourne
  • Audra McDonald as Mrs. Lacey Mubert
  • Claudia Schiffer as Miss Helena Monport
  • Tobin Bell as John Kramer/Jigsaw
  • Shawnee Smith as Amanda Young
  • Lyriq Bent as Lieutennant Daniel Rigg
  • Arlen Escaparata as Johnson Peterson-Melton
  • Kate Jennings Grant as Audrey Parkinson
  • Jami Gertz as Mina Larken
  • Leslie Hope as Julianne Tatum
  • David Harewood as Mr. Walton Melton
  • Lee Tergeson as Jack Hoffman
  • Kevin Alejandro as Officer Brentwood
  • Jason Dohring as Officer Locklane
  • Mike Realba as Detective Fisk
  • Michael Raymond-James as Detective Lovitt
  • Dilshad Vadsaria as Detective Jones
  • Jordana Spiro as Principal Patricia Trosstin
  • Navi Rawat as Miss Lena Ponch
  • Graham Shiels as Mr. Peutron
  • Tamara Taylor as Miss Porter
  • Chandra West as Mrs. Peutron
  • James Gunn as Umbrella High Techie 1
  • Ron Lester as Umbrella High Techie 2
  • Zack Ward as Umbrella High Techie 3
  • Brad Rowe as Security Guard 1
  • Elizabeth Berrington as Security Guard 2
  • Giannis Chronis as Swat Officer
  • Ian Somerhalder as Jonh Smith
  • Katelyn Traver as Nikki Jones
  • Existence as himself


Mark Hoffman killed by Jigsaw

Katelyn Patterson killed by bear trap

Jennifer Field killed by fire trap

Olivia Samuels killed by ice trap

Jack Hoffman killed by drug trap

Steven Montgomery killed by axe trap

Lillian Hradgrave killed by water trap

Security guard 1,Security Guard 2,Jonh Smith killed by shotgun trap

Nikki Jones killed by Jigsaw after jigsaw puls him out of the roof

Jigsaw killed by Swat Officer with headshot

Games & Traps


Pamela's Game

Pamela must face all those who have two face double crossed her in her life and make the decision wether to save them from traps before coming to a final test which oversees Brent Abbott the teen boy responsebile for her brother William Easton's death and the decision wether to bestow the same fate upon him he bestowed upon her brother. Her final test coincides with Roston Bridges' as they must both decide on the fate of Brent Abbott.

Roston's Game

Roston's game is almost identical to that of Pamela's as his teen friends whom have been secretly deceiving him are in traps and he must decide wether to save them or let them die before coming to the final trap which is that of him having to make a decision with Pamela Jenkins to save or take the life of a teen boy.

Hoffman's Game

Mark Hoffman upon escaping the bathroom into the Hell House of the second movie discovers by monitor his sister Angelina is still alive and had not been actually murdered by Seth Baxter. He must then come across the individuals who covered up her still going existence in traps and must make the decision wether to save or let them die. His final test oversees her in the same trap as Joyce Dagen of the previous movie and it is completely revealed she is indeed an apprentice of Jigsaw and one who faked her death at the hands of Seth Baxter to escape her brother having most of the state's police department and a couple of close individuals in on the cover-up.

The Umbrella High School Faculty Game

The beginning of the film oversaw a group of adult individuals entrapped in a wire binding which was released upon their decision to end the lives of three other individuals strung in three other traps in the room.

The individuals as the movie goes on are revealed to be teachers from Umbrella High and the teachers who supplied the information of former student and graduate Mark Hoffman to Roston Bridges and his friends.

The teachers much like Saw V's The Fatal Five and Saw II's the Hell House Individuals must progress through a series of rooms in which the group begins to deplete until ultimately it comes down to but one teacher: Umbrella High's History Teacher Miss Katelyn Patterson.


The Twisting Roof Pillar

The trap to which Umbrella High Principal Patricia Trosstin is attached to. The trap's idea came from that of the Twisted Picture's logo which is that of a dark black spike which becomes twisted with thorns. The roof pillar is of the same architecture and works that should the wire strung teachers choose in survey to be saved by killing the other three trapped individual teachers of the room including herself two large roof place waves of wire will wind straight to her and wrap her up. Ultimately the below wire entrapped teachers choose to kill her off and the others to save themselves so the mechanism is set off the and the wave wires wind to her and engulf her which causes her to be ripped up and much of stomach contents to be dispensed below upon the wire trapped teachers.

The Piercing Branch

The trap to which Miss Lena Ponch is attached to. She is hoisted upon on a wind up platform held in place by two chains attached to both her arms. As the below teachers choose their lives over hers and the others a large ceramic made branch of white colour is dispensed at her; impaling her in the head and chest killing her almost instantly.

The Inward Gear

The trap to which Mr. Peutron is attached to. The trap sees Mr. Peutron held in place on a large gear by two chains attached by his arms and connected to the crossover of another large gear. Should the wire held teachers choose their lives of his, Miss Ponch and Principal Trosstin Mr. Peutron will be wound into the crossover large gear and be crushed and flattened which he ultimately is as a result of the wire bound teacher group's choice.

The Choice Wire

The trap to which Katelyn Patterson, Steven Montgomery, Walton Melton, Miss Porter, Walter Morgan, Helena Monport and Lacey Mubert are entrapped in.

The trap is three sets of large sharp wire wrapped around the teachers holding them in place and should they try to move or stand up they will be disembowled by the very sharp sets of wire.

They have however in the hands each a remote with two buttons on it.

And through the instruction of Billy the Puppet they are informed that the Blue Button on the remote they have is a choice towards them living whilest the red button on the remote is a choice towards the other three Umbrella High Faculty Members in different traps in the room living but them dying.

They are given 60 seconds to decide or all within the room will perish.

Ultimately the Choice Wire bound teachers choose their lives causing the other three faculty members in separate traps in the room to die of their traps.

The Wire Bracelets

The first test of Pamela Jenkins' game. Pamela awakens in a dingy boiler room along with Audrey Parkinson her old roommate from College whom stole much of her NYU research and claimed it as her own.

The trap oversees Audrey and Pamela held in place by Wire bracelets which have both their arms outstretched and should they move their arms will be cut by the wire.

Moving frantically and in the wrong way could ultimately result in them bleeding to death but should they act sufficiently and pull in a downwards position they might just release themselves from their bindings alive.

Pamela releases herself from her bindings and after doing so makes a run for the exit but still hears the still entrapped Audrey screaming and rushes back to help her.

However as she helps Audrey with her right arm out of the Wire Bracelets Audrey attempts to make the left arm Wire Bracelet fling at Pamela and impale her but ultimately she rips the Bracelet in the wrong position and gashes her left arm right open releasing herself but releasing herself to the ground to bleed to death.

The Closeline

Pamela's second test which sees her come to a Factory Garden and follow a trail to a red curtain which upon pull back reveals a Billy the Puppet and a large closeline with four individuals strung up on it.

They are held in place by hooks which have pierced their upper arms and pinned them in place.

The individuals are Peter Marvin, Julian Price, Jennifer Field and Kendra Osbourne whom were Pamela Jenkins' original Freelancers.

In order to save them Pamela must endure four injuries by setting off four things around the room which upon her enduring the injury will dispense her the key needed to unlock the padlocks upon the hooks holding up the four people.

She is warned however any entering unnecessary areas or trying to simply tear the hooks away will cause the emergency sprinklers above to dispense acid rain upon her.

She gets Kendra, Julian and Peter off the Closeline and as she goes to get off Jennifer off Peter stumbles off into a marked X area and is killed by dispensed acid rain.

Julian tries to kill Pamela apologizing whilest attacking claiming her that Jigsaw wants him too.

He is however killed by Kendra who claims she was asked to do the same thing doesn't mean it needs to be done.

Pamela panicks upon hearing this and stabs Kendra to death.

She then heads over to the still suspended on the closeline Jennifer and asks wether the same thing was asked of her.

Jennifer sobs on and refuses to answer and Pamela then slits Jennifer throat with the same glass shard she used to stab Kendra to death and then pulls her hooks off the closeline setting off the acid rain which she bolts away from escaping the area.

The Fire Buzzers

Pamela's third test involves an Umbrella High graduate who once served as her helper and even secret occasional lover. He is trapped in a large outset of three rooms walled by cages with eight button looking micro-chips attached to him which will deplete fire and once all are set off he will be set alight unless Pamela can guide him towards the buttons needed and helped him press in the hot plate buttons.

She fails however with the last one as time comes down to the last three seconds and she tells him she is sorry but she can't waste any more time she needs to get out.

The man Llewis then is set ablaze and Pamela flees through the door out.

The Water Tunnel

Pamela's fourth and second last test comes to be that of her old helper and Umbrella high graduate Lillian Hardgrave whom is stuck in a large water tunnel which will fill with water within a period of two minutes unless Pamela intervenes and shuts off the eight required water valves which will severely steam burn his hands. Pamela gives up on the second last valve and returns to watch as the water tunnel fills to the top and Lillian drowns as she outstretches her hand to where Pamela is resting her hand. Pamela has a breakdown following this and busts out in tears and saying to herself I Want This To Be Over.

The Acid Fall-Down

The final test of Pamela and Roston's where Brent Abbott is in the position William Easton was in Saw VI and Pamela and Roston taking up the positions of being the ones who decide wether he lives or dies.

Ultimately Pamela manipulates Roston into pulling the lever and both end killing Brent Abbott.

The Head-Phones

The trap to which Olivia Samuels is in and the first test Roston Bridges must face. Olivia is strapped by arms into a chair and has head phones nail jammed onto her head by through an electrical current machine will be overplaying bombastic music until first she goes deaf and then ultimately is killed.

Roston saves her from death but not from going deaf.

The Lowering Chain

The trap to which Roston's girlfriend Diane is in. Second test of Roston's in which despite Diane having cheated on him as revealed he has the choice to save her or not from being lowered by a large chain suspended from an auditorium roof into a revolving blade machine. He saves her but almost loses her as through arguing doesn't realize Diane had ultimately almost been lowered into the blade machine.

The Large Crossbow

The trap to which Roston's bestfriend Justin Markman and friend Whitney Malice are entrapped in.

They are both suspended upside down within a small boiler like room threatened by a large crossbow on a gear mechanism which will dispense a large silver crossbow arrow at both of them killing them together unless Roston having saved Olivia and Diane can get all three of them to insert one of their hands into a glass shard shoot and cut up their arm in the process off pulling a lever which will lower the Crossbow.

Ultimately Olivia who is deaf can't understand the sign language given as instruction and is almost forced into putting her hand in by Roston until she place it in and then attempts to withdraw her hand ultimately not pulling the lever. Roston pulls the lever but Diane doesn't either and the arrow is spiralled at Justin and Whitney killing them both.

As all their hands are then released Roston charges at Diane demanding to know why she didn't pull the lever either she claims she knows that he too cheated with Whitney and who she cheated with was Justin.

The Three Chairs

Needle Chair, Spike Chair & Suffocation Chair

The first of Hoffman's tests. It involves the individuals Mina Larken, Julianne Tatum & Tanya Burton all strapped to three different chairs in one rooms with different threatening dilemmas which only Hoffman can save them from.

Mina is strapped to a chair with needles directed at her which will be deployed into her within a period of a minute, Julianne is strapped to a chair with spikes directed at her which will be deployed into her within a period of two minutes and within a period of three minutes Tanya whom is straight-jacketed into a chair will have her straight jacket close in till it breaks her ribcage and suffocate her in her own blood.

Hoffman ultimately only saves Tanya.

The Skinner Appliance

Detective Fisk is suspended by chain upside down in an Aquarium like room with a metal appliace on his chest and back which will within a time period of a minute skin him from front to back unless Hoffman intervenes.

Hoffman fails to intervene and even though Tanya attempts to help she fails.

Hoffman attempts to strangle Tanya then and believes to have killed her in the room and abandons her however she has only been rendered unconscious.

The Glass Fall

Detective Lovitt is held in place by a cage much similar to the one that Bobby Dagen was in from the previous Saw Instalment. Beneath the cage and him is a spikey floor which he is destined to fall into within a period of 60 seconds unless Hoffman can hook hand himself with the hook hand switches at the corners of the room and pull out to move the cage to his position so when the cage gives way at the end of 60 seconds Detective Lovitt meets a safe fall. Hoffman interested in what Detective Lovitt knows about his still living sister attempts to save him but at the last minute meets failure as Tanya enters and leaps upon him. Hoffman is able to swing Tanya over his shoulders and onto the spikey floor finally killing her via impalement but the cage gives way into the danger zone and Detective Lovitt falls to his death via smashing through a glass window structure and onto the spikes meeting impalement also.

The Brazen Bull Reprise

Identical to the Brazen Bull Trap of the previous Saw in almost every way.

It serves as Hoffman's final test in which he must pectoral muscle hoist himself to the extension cord in order to release his sister Angelina from the Brazen Bull Fate.

However the trap is revealed to be rigged and that she was in no apparent danger.

Hoffman giving up though strikes off anger in his sister who renders him to the ground with a statue object.

She is from there though pursued and throat slashed by her brother.

The Question Room

The first room the Umbrella High staff enters in which the teachers must head over to a wall embedded computer and answer a question within a period of 60 seconds and should they not large saw blades will take over the room and endanger the whole group unless they get to the door which will only open with all Seven Questions answered.

Ultimately Miss Porter answers her question wrong and the room enters that danger and Helena meets her end as she is cut in half by the saw blades whilest all the others escape the room.

Rigg & Tapp

David Tapp of Saw I and Daniel Rigg of Saw II, III and IV are revealed to be alive and the pigmasked assistants of Lawrence Gordon in Saw: The Final Chapter who assisted in the capture of Mark Hoffman.

David Tapp however much like Amanda Young and Mark Hoffman has come out a bad apprentice of John's as losing his son and partner has left him in a violent mind outset and plans to take the life of Umbrella High Faculty Member Survivour Katelyn Patterson who survives her set of tests.

Daniel Rigg however pulls through and saves Katelyn by shooting down and killing David Tapp.

This action however then leads him in high remorse and guilt to take his own life.


  1. Promises- Nero
  2. Midnight Midnight- The Potbeleez
  3. Rope- Foo Fighters
  4. Stereo Hearts- Gym Class Heroes
  5. We Like To Party (Vengabus)- Vengaboys
  6. The Game- Charlie Clouser
  7. Umbrella High- Charlie Clouser
  8. Pamela Jenkins Trials- Charlie Clouser
  9. Twist of Surprise- Charlie Clouser
  10. Trap Uncovery- Charlie Clouser
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