I want to play a game.
~ Jigsaw

Saw is a reboot of the horror/thriller horror franchise of the same name featuring HD.


Two men named Adam Stanheight, a freelance photographer tested for spying people especially Dr. Gordon, and Lawrence Gordon, a surgeon who was cold, unfaithful and uncaring to his wife, Allison Gordon, were trapped in an abandoned industrial bathroom. It was revealed by two tapes that Gordon has been tasked with killing Adam until 6 o'clock while Adam just has to escape. Their game takes place in the Bathroom with a corpse around poisoned blood.

Meanwhile, it is discovered that the psychopath who locked Adam and Lawrence up is known as the Jigsaw Killer who was also responsible for the kidnappings of Amanda Young, Paul Leahy and Mark Rodriguez Wilson with Amanda being the only survivor of Jigsaw's games while Paul Leahy was found dead on razor wire in the Razor Wire Maze and Mark Wilson was found dead with his skin extremely burned in the Flammable Jelly trap.

A discharged detective then reveals a story of how he nearly actually caught Jigsaw. He and his partner, Steven Sing, infiltrated a warehouse which was one of the serial killer's lairs. They found various Jigsaw contraptions as well as Billy the Puppet and his pig mask. They then find a living victim named "Jeff Ridenhour" who has been gagged and restrained in a trap. As Jigsaw walks into the open, Tapp and Sing attempt to arrest Jigsaw but after Steven cheats and shoots Jeff's activated trap, it stops, causing Jigsaw to injure Tapp by slicing his foot with his hidden blade, and then run away. While Tapp is downed, Sing pursues Jigsaw and Tapp gave him his shotgun. While running down a hallway, Sing fires the shotgun and Jigsaw collapses on the floor. To see his body, Sing moves there but accidentally triggers a booby trap, causing four shotguns to go off and instantly kill Sing by blowing his head off. Tapp is then discharged from the force but has an obsession of closing the Jigsaw case.

In the ending, Zep Hindle, who took Lawrence's wife and daughter hostage and was tasked by Jigsaw to kill them if Lawrence failed, arrived at the Bathroom to kill Gordon but did not manage to kill his family and was jumped by David Tapp who he injured. Zep points his gun at Lawrence and prepares to kill him with his gun, but Adam then does a surprise attack and blindslides him, causing his head to smash into a sink. Zep and Adam then wrestled for the gun, to which Adam punches Zep in the face and manages to shoot him in the head with the handgun. Lawrence then crawls away while promising to get help for him. Adam then finds and gets Zep's tape which reveals his just a victim in the game. Jigsaw then gets up and is revealed to be John Kramer, Adam attempts to shoot him with the gun but it has no bullets left. Jigsaw then walks away and leaves Adam to die.

Saw II

John Kramer, while walking away from the Bathroom, finds Tapp's body and decides to nurse him back to health and prepare him for his own game to test his obsession with catching him. Also Jigsaw has Tapp's son, Michael, kidnapped and placed in a chamber set to gas him to death in 1 hour, as well as Amanda Young being in a trap beside him which his trap was connected to her's. Tapp awakens in his apartment and is informed about his test and has 1 hour to save his son. 

His first game involves Jennings Foster, a police officer who committed a hit and run and was responsible for framing an innocent man for the crime, he was placed in a trap and Tapp managed to rescue him. Though Jennings then attempted to kill Tapp because he didn't trust Tapp with knowing of his crime, so Tapp was forced to kill him in self-defense. 

Tapp's second game involves Melissa Sing who was saved by Tapp and so fleed from Tapp. Oswald McGullicuty was Tapp's third game but Tapp failed to save him and he was killed. Eventually Tapp reached the end of his game where he had to confront Jigsaw in his lair. Jigsaw gave Tapp the choice to either exact his revenge on Jigsaw or go rescue his son and Amanda. Tapp, too obsessed and wanting to finally stop Jigsaw despite his son's danger, flipped the table over and began beating down Jigsaw. 

Amanda then released herself from her bindings and went to knock out Tapp. Amanda then proceeded to place Tapp in the Bathroom where his unknowing of his son's fate. Though it is revealed Jigsaw released Michael and left Tapp to die.


Troy and Allison Kerry are placed in traps but were killed since their traps were inescapable. Jigsaw went to target Jeff Denlon and Lynn Denlon after their relationship was strained after the death of their son. Amanda Young went to kidnap Lynn while another apprentice went to kidnap Jeff and his and Lynn's daughter, Corbett, as well as Danica Scott (only witness who ignored the murder), Judge Halden (gave Timothy a light sentence) and Timothy Young (son's killer). A shotgun collar was placed on Lynn which would trigger if Lynn moved out of range, incorrectly removed or if Jigsaw died. So Lynn was tasked with keeping Jigsaw alive long enough to see Jeff's tests complete. 

Jeff was forced to complete a series of tests throughout the Gideon Meatpacking Plant. In his final test, Jeff confronted Jigsaw and Amanda but saw Amanda shooting Lynn in the back. So Jeff managed to shoot Amanda in her neck, slowly killing her and Jigsaw told her of how she failed her own test. Amanda died and Lynn layed dying, so Jigsaw gave Jeff the ultimate choice to either kill him or forgive him. Jeff claimed to forgive Jeff, but couldn't truly, and instead used a chainsaw to kill him. Before dying, Jigsaw played a tape recorder which informed Jeff his daughter has been locked away and Lynn was killed by her trap.

Saw IV

During Jigsaw's autopsy, a tape is found in Jigsaw's stomach and so Mark Hoffman is called in. Special FBI Agent Peter Strahm and Lindsay Perez are later called in to the scene but Hoffman hides the tape. Art Blank, a criminal defense lawyer, has been abducted for his job and an poison has been administered to him slowly killing him. The antidote will be given to him if he completes a series of tests which involves Brenda, Ivan Landsness and Rex along with Morgan.

Meanwhile, Strahm and Perez follow the grisly deaths and eventually discover the person they are following is Art. In his final test, Art finds the antidote which is inside a trap and Art needs to put his arm through a series of blades to gain the antidote. Art did so and managed to cure himself. Strahm and Perez eventually found a room with the corpses of Jigsaw, Lynn and Amanda, but Jeff awakens and shoots Perez in the stomach, then prepares to shoot Strahm with the belief they're working for Jigsaw but is shot in the head by Strahm and killed. Strahm gets medical attention for her and leaves the plant. Strahm eventually attempts to enter the plant, but it is locked up.

Saw V

Mark Hoffman disappears and so Strahm continues his journey of searching for the one continuing the Jigsaw murders as well as Hoffman. Strahm goes to the site of the plant while stealing some equipment to break into it, Strahm then searches through the plant but plays a tape which warns him not to further continue but Strahm ignored the warning and continued through the plant until he was captured by a pig mask wearing figure.

Strahm then awakens in a trap which is a box on his head slowly filling with water and finds a pen in his pocket, so he uses it to give himself an emergency tracheotomy in order to sustain his breathing and ultimately survive when help arrived. Strahm was sent to hospital and still wished to continue the case, becoming obsessed with it. FBI Agent Dan Erickson then talked to Strahm, ordering him his off the case but Strahm still continued the case.

The police and FBI finding more clues and bodies in brutal devices and rooms, with Strahm following unknowing to them. Strahm eventually came up with the location of the new Jigsaw successor's lair and arrived there, finding a tape recorder upon his arrival intended for Strahm as a planned trap but the Jigsaw successor entered the room so Strahm hid; it is revealed Mark Hoffman is the successor. Strahm surprises him and throws him into a glass box filled with broken glass, believing he finally ended the murders. But it is revealed the tape recorder informed Strahm on how to escape the trap was going inside the glass box, so he was crushed to death by the closing walls while Hoffman escaped.

Saw VI

Eddie and Simone were placed in a trap with Eddie dying and Simone surviving.

The Umbrella health insurance company was targeted by Hoffman as Jigsaw's final request for their refusal to give everyone a fair chance. William Easton, it's executive, was forced through a series of tests where he would have to face a number of traps involving his subordinates. 

After completing his tests, he attempts to escape the zoo but is caged up with his sister, Pamela Jenkins, on the one side and Tara Abbott and Brent Abbott on the other side. Tara and Brent were given the choice to whether decide William lives or dies as William is largely responsible for the death of Harold Abbott, Tara's husband and Brent's father. In the end, Brent angrily decides his fate and kills him.

Meanwhile, Hoffman is called in to a scene where they found a television with a recorded videotape of Billy the Puppet with a different voice changer compared to the original Jigsaw killer. They eventually unscramble the voice, it is revealed to be Hoffman's voice, so Hoffman kills everyone in the area including Dan Erickson.

Jill Tuck, Jigsaw's ex-wife, was tasked by a videotape of Jigsaw to do his final will which is to test Hoffman. Though she made the trap inescapable for Hoffman, having him locked in a room, strapped to a chair and a Reverse Beartrap 2.0 placed on his head. Though Hoffman manages to survive.


After Jill managed to escape, Hoffman becomes furious and fueled with vengeance and anger to the point of planning to kill her and then leave the city with the belief of completing John's work. Many victims in different traps were occuring until Hoffman had decided to message Matt Gibson, the police officer providing Jill with immunity to prosecution and police protection and in return he gets everything she knows about the Jigsaw case. 

Hoffman starts placing random police officers in traps and then kidnaps Matt's wife, Joyce Gibson, sending him a message and a photograph of Joyce bound and gagged. Matt, determined to save his wife, uses Jill as bait to get Hoffman so Matt can rescue his wife and possibly kill or even arrest Hoffman. Matt was ordered to come with Jill unarmed and without anyone following also survelliance will not be tolerated. Hoffman meets them at the docks, where Hoffman engages Matt in a fight which ends with Matt getting shot in the chest and killed while his wife watches him die who is gagged and bound to a chair. Jill then attempts to escape the handcuffs Matt restrained her to, but Hoffman knocks her out and brings her to his lair while leaving Joyce emotionally harmed with the corpse of her dead husband.

Jill is placed in the original Reverse Beartrap and watches her get her mouth ripped out, instantly killing her. After destroying his hideout, Hoffman attempts to leave the city but is attacked by two pig mask wearing figures. After Hoffman knocks one to the ground, he grabs their nightstick and attempts to hit the second one, but a third appears and knocks Hoffman out by drugging him. Hoffman wakes up chained to the bathroom and Lawrence Gordon enters it, it is revealed that Lawrence is Jigsaw's third apprentice and was ordered to kill Hoffman if he killed Jill. It is also revealed Lawrence also helped nursing Tapp back to health, placing the wax-coated tape in John's body, suggesting the Denlon family as targets and surgically placing the key in William Easton's body. Hoffman attempted to reach for Lawrence but fails and is left to die by him, with Lawrence saying "Game Over". 

When the screen blacks out, Hoffman finds a tape recorder and plays it, revealing it to be John Kramer's tape recorder who informs Hoffman he had failed his game and must pay the price for his failure.

Saw: Origins 

John Kramer was a civil engineer who ventured into property development and lived a good life with his wife, Jill Tuck, as a devoted husband. Jill ran a health clinic for drug addicts and users to help them, with John helping and supporting her. Though once, an angry drug addict named Cecil Adams who waited for 3 hours there, became furious and pulled a knife on Jill however he was subsequently stopped by John, forcing him to leave. John and Jill were also expecting a child named Gideon Kramer.

John then did some work with his business partner, Art Blank, where Art reveals John's work is really helping the city and his new book about his work has been finally published which made John happy. Until one night, Cecil Adams returned to the clinic when Jill was closing up and was ordered by his girlfriend, Amanda Young, to rob the clinic for drugs. Cecil robbed it and assaulted Jill, causing Gideon to die, Cecil then fled so John went inside the clinic and took Jill to the hospital, where they were informed that Gideon didn't make it.

John then went to the doctor's office for a checkup where Dr. Lawrence Gordon informed him he had colon cancer and an inoperable brain tumor. Utterly depressed, John attempted to commit suicide by driving his car off a cliff. Though much to John's surprise, he had survived the suicide and so realized how much he began to value his own life. So he was determined to spend his remaining days on Earth helping people who lack appreciation and deserving of life value their own lives by putting them in near death situations. John first targeted Cecil, mostly because he was responsible for the death of Gideon, and because he was a drug addict and a thief. He was placed in the Knife Chair where he escaped but attempted to kill John with one of the fallen kitchen knives, only to die in a box of razor wire.

Afterwards, Jill went to John's workshop to see what he had done with Cecil. Though John tells her he attempted to help him but he failed to help himself, John told her to leave and so divorced her, and Art then entered the workshop where John told him to leave and claim his business activities with him are done. John then captured Mark Rodriguez Wilson for faking his illness and placed him a trap where he had failed and died. 

A murderer named Seth Baxter responsible for the death of Mark Hoffman's sister was released from prison and so Hoffman, angered, uses an inescapable Jigsaw trap to kill him. John then kidnaps Hoffman and informs he knows what he had done so he gave him two choices: kill John and evidence of his murder will be released to ruin his career and life or he can "redeem himself" by becoming John's first apprentice. Working together, Hoffman first helped John set up a trap for Paul Leahy, the two then kidnapped him, and watched his game play out where he died. Hoffman then provided John with the crucial files of the lives, jobs and convictions of cops and criminals. John then tasked Hoffman with planting a penlight at Mark's death place for the police to suspect a target named Lawrence Gordon.

He did so, so then John kidnapped Amanda Young and Donnie Greco to watch their game play out, with Amanda escaping and Donnie dying. John then eventually recruited her as his second apprentice and John then planned to continue his games.




Hello, Cecil. I want to play a game. Your life is a lie, but I can show you the truth. As a drug addict and a thief, you've preyed on the kindness of others to fuel your addiction. Tonight, we shall bring the ugliness inside of you out into the open. Now, in order to carry on living, you're going to have to match your face with the ugliness of your soul. Lean forward and press hard. The knives can guarantee your freedom. Pressing against them will release your binds. Or you can sit idly and bleed out. Live or die, Cecil. Make your choice.
~ Cecil Adams' message

Hello, Mark. I want to play a game.
~ Mark Rodriguez Wilson's message


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